Work Hard, Play Hard: Getting Gold In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

By Kanyi M

Many Nintendo Switch games feature multiple currencies, allowing you to craft items and powerful equipment over the course of your adventure. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, gold is not one of those currencies. However, it is still very useful for making purchases for items and leveling up the many classes available to you.

Coins should be prioritized over everything else in this game due to their scarcity and high cost if you want to power up any class or purchase items from vendors. Here’s how to get it!

Credit: Nintendo / YouTube

1. Defeating monsters will reward you with gold.

Various monsters are scattered throughout each of the regions you explore, and defeating them will reward you with gold. However, make sure you try to defeat rarer and more powerful variants of monsters if you want to get a good deal.

Higher-tiered rare and unique monsters also offer more gold than normal or standard ones. As you level up ranks, you will be able to take on more challenging and more powerful monsters, allowing you to reap more rewards in the long run.

Credit: Nintendo / YouTube

2. Participate in Skirmishes to win money.

Skirmishes are optional story missions you can participate in that have you battle against groups of enemies for a specific objective. In exchange for your assistance, participating in Skirmishes will award you gold if you select the bonus EXP and gold choice at the end of the mission.

That being said, we highly recommend choosing bonus EXP over gold as meals from colony canteens are much harder to come by than the latter.

3. Open Supply Drops to get resources.

Opening supply drops in specific regions of Aionios will reward you with resources and gold, and some even give you accessories if you choose to open them.

Make sure to explore the areas in which these supply drops are located so you can obtain more resources and gold.

4. Sell Materials To Commissaries, Caravans, And Vendors.

If you have materials, ingredients, gems, or even accessories that are at a max limit and the game has no intention of letting you get any further, sell them to commissaries or caravans found at Colonies and Ferronis Hulks.

Credit: Nintendo / YouTube