Nobuo Uematsu Agrees to Compose Final Fantasy 7 Remake Final Trilogy Game’s Theme

By Iulia P June 25, 2024

Renowned for his exceptional musical compositions within the Final Fantasy series, Nobuo Uematsu has recently reaffirmed his dedication to crafting the central theme for the third entry in the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy. With an illustrious career spanning the initial nine Final Fantasy installations, Uematsu’s musical prowess remains cherished by fans globally.

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Despite the diverse array of composers contributing to the soundtracks of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Uematsu willingly undertook the task of composing the main themes for both games, including the memorable pieces ‘Hollow’ and ‘No Promises to Keep.’ Engaging in an open conversation broadcasted on the Square Enix Music Channel, Uematsu delved into dialogue with the creative luminaries behind Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Following a discussion on the creation process behind ‘No Promises to Keep,’ Nomura playfully prodded Uematsu about his willingness to compose the theme for the trilogy’s third game. While not yet officially confirmed, Nomura expressed his anticipation of Uematsu’s return for the upcoming title, to which Uematsu warmly affirmed his willingness to contribute.

Acknowledging the daunting task of surpassing Uematsu’s previous compositions, Nomura queried how he intended to approach the endeavor. In good humor, Uematsu mentioned taking a vacation before embarking on the project. Reflecting on his career in a prior interview, Uematsu voiced reservations about composing an entire game soundtrack again due to the physical and mental toll it exacts.

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Nevertheless, he remains dedicated to crafting the main themes for Final Fantasy games, a role he finds deeply fulfilling. During the exchange, Uematsu expressed a sense of fulfillment regarding the composition of ‘No Promises to Keep,’ indicating his satisfaction with the outcome. He emphasized the significance of contributing to the series and conveyed gratitude for the opportunity.

Looking ahead, Uematsu acknowledged the inevitable passage of time and expressed a poignant sentiment about the enduring impact of his contributions to the Final Fantasy legacy.