What Players Should Expect In The Next Sims 4 Kits

By Anthony K

Sims 4 Kits received mixed reactions from players, with the past four being graded as disappointments by most gamers. Some players enjoy the new clothing and items available through the bite-sized DLCs, while others blame it for lacking interactive items. Kits are the tiniest DLCs for the Sims 4, containing themed furniture and clothing.

TURBODRIVER, a popular modder in the community, tweeted via SimsCommunity, revealing multiple images of upcoming Sims 4 Kits, respective names being Pastel Pop and Everyday Clutter. The tweet also contained images of a room full of jewelry, books, and desk supplies for Everyday Clutter and a room of purple, light pink, and blue hues for the Pastel Pop.

EA is yet to give official confirmations of the Kits.

Photo Credits: TURBODRIVER/ Twitter.com

Kits serve their purpose by providing specific sets of items needed by players but may come up short in some areas. Unfortunately, some items in the kits are cosmetic products limiting players to aesthetic uses.

Kits are unlikely to undergo rapid change as they are common Sims 4 DLCs and are easy for EA to produce without the need to craft new animations. The developers are working on more sizeable updates and updated life stages for in-game infants for a better experience.

Photo Credits: TURBODRIVER/ Twitter

TURBODRIVER is a reliable source in the Sims community and has featured credible images accompanying new kits. Unfortunately, you should wait for The Sims 4 team’s official announcement about the kits before getting your hopes too high.

Photo Credits: TURBODRIVER/ Twitter.com

The expected kits may not appeal to all players. The DLC releases might be your best shot at venturing into unexplored territory, especially if you came to The Sims 4 after it became free. Most Sims 4 players are eagerly awaiting 2023 for the upcoming landmark releases.