40+ VR Games That Narrow The “Rift” Between Digital And Human Experiences

By Jishnu B

The concept of Virtual Reality (VR) is not new to us. However, when the genre first gained popularity, the price of admission was prohibitively high, and the options were limited. Sega announced its first VR headset in 1991, and while the product never saw the light of day, it gave us a taste of what an enticing experience it could offer. Fast forward three decades later, and the technology has advanced so much that we can now access affordable and powerful VR headsets right in our own homes. And there is no shortage of games to play. Developers are building first-person point-of-view games that take full advantage of this one-of-a-kind medium.

Whether you’ve just purchased a new VR headset or are looking for your next immersive VR adventure, we’ve compiled a list of Virtual Reality games for you. 

Beat Saber

Virtual Reality rhythm game Beat Saber takes you to a surrealistic and entrancing neon environment. The gameplay is unique as you have to slash blocks representing musical beats using a pair of lightsabers. The name of the game accurately reflects the gameplay.

Image source: Oculus via cnet.com

The most exciting part is that the game contains several original songs by top-tier artists and bands such as Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Green Day, Lady Gaga, and BTS. All you have to do is turn up your headphones, wield the glowing saber, and slice those beats.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

The 3D platform game Astro Bot Rescue Mission is both fun and endearing. Through the game, you can take control of Astro Bot, a cute and petite robot a mission to rescue his crew, who are scattered all across the world.

Image source: Sony via theverge.com

Through the bot, you can jump, punch, and hover. Like many VR games, the camera is controlled by the movements of the player’s head rather than the analog stick. The game has a total of 20 levels and each level has eight lost robots that the player must search for.

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is the perfect mix of virtual reality and the zombie apocalypse. In a world overrun by zombies, this game immerses you in an untethered experience powered by 360-degree freedom of gameplay. In the blistering heat of the post-apocalyptic world, armed with a scarce ammo supply, you need to scavenge for other survivors.

Image source: viveport.com

The zombie apocalypse is one of the most classic modern video game genres. Through Arizona Sunshine, you get to experience the journey of a survivor stranded inside a cave in a river valley in Arizona. You need to strategize on how to fight off zombies and look for other survivors and supplies.

Elite Dangerous

This space flight simulation game is a fantastic space epic. Developed and published by Frontier Developments, the game takes you on a world adventure through the stunning recreation of the entire Milky Way galaxy. The game encapsulates aspects such as battle rages, government falls, and humanity frontier expansions.

Image source: frontier.co.uk

The game is one of the first to offer players amazing VR support, as well as a fully immersive and engaging platform. It was also the first game in the series to include online multiplayer and access to Open Play, a massively multiplayer persistent world.

Batman: Arkham VR

If you want to experience the notorious Gotham City through the eyes of DC’s greatest detective/vigilante, then Batman: Arkham VR should be your first pick. The game is played from a first-person perspective as you follow Batman on a quest to solve a new Arkham mystery.

Image source: theverge.com

Unlike previous renditions of Arkham games, this version has a more “true detective” style as it features no combat. The game focuses more on the clue-finding and puzzle-solving aspects of the Dark Knight’s escapades. The game makes a great companion piece to the DC films.

I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die takes a spin on the “James Bond-esque” spy genre by having the player solve puzzles to advance through each level. In the game, you take on the role of a telekinetic secret agent on a mission to stop the evil company Zoraxis.

Image source: theverge.com

This game not only gives you an escape-the-room puzzle situation but also tests your problem-solving skills. The scenarios could involve anything from driving your car out of an airplane to surfacing an underwater escape pod. It’s a perfect game for lovers of James Bond spy escapades.

Half-Life: Alyx

The first-person shooter game Half-Life: Alyx is set five years before Half-Life 2. The gameplay lets players control Alyx Vance, who is on a mission to find a superweapon that belongs to the alien Combine. This game incorporates everything from combat, to exploration to survival.

Image source: Valve Corporation via global.techradar.com

While the game is first-person shooter focused, it adds the element of survival horror genre as health and ammo supplies are scarce. Additionally, players can both physically move around the room to move Alyx in the game or use the analog stick.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The name of the game gives away what players can expect with this unique VR experience. This game is another puzzle video game published by Canadian studio Steel Crate Games. It tasks a pair of players with disarming a ticking bomb.

Image source: Steel Crate Games via popularmechanics.com

The game is meant to be played by at least two people. One is the “Defuser,” while the other takes on the role of the “Expert.” The two must coordinate, with the latter reading the bomb defusal manual and relaying the instructions to the Defuser.


Incorporating a blend of first-person and third-person perspectives, Moss is a puzzle-solving adventure game. The game starts in a library. From there, the player gets transported to a fantasy land as they flip through the pages of an old book.

Image source: PlayStation/Twitter

While in the fantasy land, the reader meets a young mouse, Quill, and the adventurous journey starts. The player can control Quill and navigate environments and battle enemies. Unlike most games, the controlled android is aware of the player and communicates with sign language.

Lone Echo 2

Lone Echo 2 is an adventure game and, unsurprisingly, a sequel to Lone Echo. Like its predecessor, it follows the story of Liv and Jack, two player-controlled androids. The pair find themselves 400 years in the future aboard a mysterious, abandoned space station.

Image source: Ready at Dawn via forbes.com

Liv and Jack are tasked with solving the mystery if they want to find their way back home. The gameplay is also similar to the previous rendition as they can locomote using the zero gravity feature. Additionally, players can access full mobility through the thrusters and boosters in the zero gravity environment.

Lost Recipes

If cooking in reality no longer satiates your hunger for culinary adventures, then Lost Recipes should be your top pick. In the game, you embody a ghost chef in training. You will be tasked to cook for three different ghosts belonging to distinct cultures.

Image source: Meta Quest/YouTube

To advance to the next level, you must satisfy the appetites of the ghosts. This relaxing cooking simulator will aid you in mastering recipes from authentic kitchens throughout history. The game also helps you discover unique ingredients and cooking techniques that you can apply in real life.

No Man’s Sky VR

If you’re all about exocrafts, dogfighting, building colonies, exploration, trade, fighting, and survival, you shouldn’t wait any longer and give No Man’s Sky a try. The action-adventure survival game is built on five pillars: exploration, survival, combat, base building, and trading.

Image source: nomanssky.com

The game provides a deterministic open-world universe with a massive amount of planets and their own ecosystem and civilizations. The players advance through each level by mining for resources. Additionally, they can buy and sell these resources using credits earned by documenting the flora and fauna of the planet’s ecosystem.

Minecraft VR

The global sensation Minecraft is now available in virtual reality as well. The exceptional open-world sandbox game has garnered immense popularity over the years, and rightfully so. It has the perfect mixture of crafting, exploration, combat, and survival, creating the most versatile platform.

Image source: steamgameguides.com

Whether you want a hardcore survivalist experience, to create majestic cities, or partake in wacky and impulsive minigames, the Minecraft world has the ability to be transformed into anything. Because the game is so adaptable, you can make it into any kind of adventure.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Whether you want to battle ancient dragons or explore rugged mountains, Skyrim VR has got you covered. This epic fantasy masterpiece is filled with an unparalleled sense of depth and adventure. In addition, it provides you with a complete open-world experience.

Image source: nexus.gg

The game takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. It follows the story of a protagonist, Dragonborn, on his quest to defeat Alduin, who is prophesied to destroy the world. The player gets to control the Dragonborn and save the world.

Resident Evil 4 VR

US government agent Leon S. Kennedy is tasked on a mission to rescue the US President’s daughter from the clenches of a mysterious cult. Resident Evil 4 falls into the survival horror genre and is played in a third-person perspective.

Image source: gamerspack.co.il

The player controls Kennedy, the protagonist, from a third-person perspective. Unlike the previous renditions, players have more options for shooting rather than just up or down. The environment is also quite interactive as you can jump out of a window, kick down a ladder, etc.

Star Wars: Squadrons

If you’re a Star Wars fanatic, then behold this space combat game. With multiple ways to play, you can play alone or with friends. The game is set in the same universe and the premise is that it’s set after Return of the Jedi.

Image source: vrscout.com

Players can take control of starfighters from the New Republic Navy or the Galactic Empire. Additionally, they can use various functions of the ships, such as weapons, shields, and engines, to fight off the enemies. The game also offers two online modes: Dogfight and Fleet Battles.

Superhot VR

Independent first-person shooter game (FPS) Superhot follows the traditional FPS gameplay mechanics. The player mostly battles enemies using provided weapons such as guns and swords. However, when the player moves, they are only able to assess the situation in slow motion.

Image source: playstation.com

The game follows a minimalistic art style. The enemies are in red with black weapons in contrast to the grey and white background. The full release of the game even has an “endless” mode wherein the player can continue playing as long as they want against an endless array of enemies.

Trover Saves The Universe

If you loved the wacky adventures of Rick and Morty, you can give Trover Saves The Universe a try since the game is from the same co-creators. The action platform game also follows a comedic genre and has received quite positive reviews.

Image source: Squanch Games via popularmechanics.com

The game follows the story of Glorkon, the antagonist, who has kidnapped the dogs of the protagonist. The player takes control of a Chairorpian, a race of aliens confined to chairs, who is on a mission to rescue the dogs. They are also accompanied by a purple alien monster called Trover.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall is a first-person shooter game built exclusively for Oculus. The action-packed game follows the story of agent 34, who is tasked with recalling rogue robots and removing them from circulation. The player acts as the agent, an employee of RoboReady, a corporation that manufactures the robots.

Image source: unrealengine.com

A virus attack causes the RoboReady robots to go rogue, and now the Recaller must go on a mission to disable all the defective ones. The gameplay allows the player to access weapons such as a pistol, a revolver, a shotgun, and a plasma rifle.

Tetris Effect

If you’re looking for a game that is both soothing and stimulating, then Tetris Effect is the ideal pick. This block-dropping arcade-styled puzzle video game takes you on an addictive and innovative journey. It’s also perfect for newbies, as the premise is familiar…

Image source: uploadvr.com

Just like the earlier iterations, this VR version of Tetris requires the players to place the tetrominos into the playfield to create complete lines. The game also adds different music and themes across each stage. And the gameplay is actually tied to the beat of the music.

The Climb

The Climb takes you on a thrilling rock climbing experience filled with excitement and plenty of adrenaline rush, even if it’s just VR. The player can access stunning views as they can climb cliffs from various locations around the world.

Image source: Crytek via popularmechanics.com

The game incorporates three different environments: Canyon, Bay, and Alps. The players can climb using motion controllers by moving their hands to grab the next support line. If a gap is way too huge to climb, they can push off and take a jump.

Tokyo Chronos

If you’re an anime fan, then this game is for you. Tokyo Chronos takes you on a roller coaster of emotions between happy, sad, upset, and even confused at one point. Although the VR design is not well-developed, the game is really proficient at making you feel like you belong in a part of the world.

Image source: store.steampowered.com

This visual novel gives you a very beautiful story building and explores each character and their arc in a delicate manner. It highlights both the strengths and the weaknesses of the characters as well, making them more relatable to the audience.

Blair Witch

The survival horror game Blair Witch is a story-driven psychological saga. Unsurprisingly, the lore is also based on the titular Blair Witch series. The game follows the story of Ellis Lynch, a former police officer, as he joins the search in Black Hills Forest for a missing boy.

Image source: uploadvr.com

The game applies survival horror mechanics. The players can use tools such as a camera, cell phone, and flashlight to track the missing nine-year-old boy. Furthermore, the game also incorporates puzzle-solving tasks along the way through strange wooden dolls, photographs, and cassette tapes.

VR Chat

When it comes to a social VR experience, the 2014 game VR Chat comes first in line. This unique game is their leap toward the metaverse by creating a community where users can interact with each other through 3D-generated avatars and worlds.

Image source: store.steampowered.com

The gameplay allows players to create their own worlds for interactions. Additionally, they can create or import character models. The platform also supports a complete range of humanlike motions such as lip syncing, eye tracking, blinking, etc. It’s a calm yet engaging VR experience.

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series

When it comes to an immersive VR experience from a well-known universe in pop culture, the Star Wars series emerges as the winner. The lore building of the movie franchise is so enticing that it makes for a great VR experience.

Image source: store.playstation.com

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series follows a three-part series adventure saga. The game is composed of three chapters and follows the story of a smuggler abducted by Darth Vader. The smuggler is also force-sensitive and can use it as ammunition throughout the game.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room VR: A Dark Matter by Fireproof games is their fifth installment in The Room series. The game has received favorable reviews on Metacritic and earned a score of 78/100. The story follows The Detective, the protagonist, who is investigating the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Rupert Montgomery.

Image source: store.steampowered.com

Players navigate London in the 1900s. While reviewing the case of Dr. Montgomery, The Detective received strange assistance from an old man later revealed as the Craftsman. Overall, the game follows an interesting setup with mysterious dimensions, witches, and rituals.

Wands Alliances

Complete with VR wizardry, Wands Alliances is a spell-based action game. The competitive game allows players to customize their load-outs and face off with opponents. The game also offers matches up to 3v3. This wand dueling game takes you on a wondrous and mystical adventure.

Image source: wandsalliances.com

Paired with steampunk-inspired wands, players will enter the arena known as the Beyond. Each wand can be loaded with a maximum of two spells, and the players will be able to access six characters, each with a unique set of spells.

Wipeout Omega Collection

Futuristic racing game Wipeout Omega Collection first came out as a traditional video game and then upgraded to VR. If driving extremely fast while listening to techno music is your vibe, then this game will give you the perfect adrenaline rush.

Image source: store.playstation.com

If you’re looking for a reason to buy a PSVR, then this game might just be in your queue to buy one. The game is absolutely stunning and runs like a dream. Additionally, the head motion and depth perception to judge corners are highly captivating.

Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality

If you want to make horrible mistakes with dire consequences, the adventures of Rick and Morty are what await you and you are now available to do it in virtual reality. From stepping through portals into strange dimensions, and fighting aliens to getting yelled at by Rick, you get to experience the cutting-edge VR adventure from your living room.

Image source: store.steampowered.com

The plot follows Rick, the mad scientist and the most genius across the infinite universe, creating a clone of his grandson Morty. The clone was created to help the duo in menial tasks such as laundry and repair of their spaceship.

Werewolves Within

The multiplayer game Werewolves Within takes you on a medieval fantasy journey. The premise surrounds a town set in medieval times that is plagued by frequent werewolf attacks. The task of the players is to guess which of the townsfolk is the werewolf in disguise.

Image source: ign.com

Additionally, the game follows a mafia-style format. The game was a big hit and was developed as a feature film written by Mishna Wolff — no pun intended. Although the game is quite popular, the movie could not make its name in the box office.

Fallout 4

The action role-playing game Fallout was developed by Bethesda Game Studios. It is the fourth installment in the famously popular Fallout series and was released in November 2015. The environment of the game is set within an open post-apocalyptic world.

Image source: uploadvr.com

Players wander this post-apocalyptic Massachusetts region, known as “The Commonwealth.” Throughout the game, you’ll come across a number of local landmarks such as Old North Bridge, Bunker Hill, Fort Independence, etc. With a franchise as popular as Fallout, it’s unsurprising that they branched into VR, too.

Eve: Valkyrie

The multiplayer dogfighting shooter game Eve: Valkyrie takes you on a journey to an immersive universe known as the Eve Online. The game has two modes: Chronicles and Combat. Although the game has limited plots, it still succeeds in serving you the “arcade experience.”

Image source: IGN/YouTube

In the game, the players take control of a cloned ace pilot, who can remember previous deaths and failures. The Chronicles mode can be played by a single player while the Combat mode allows users to play through eight-by-eight PvP missions.


The rhythm game Thumper takes you on a classic rhythm action with blistering speed and brutal physicality. The game guides a beetle-like creature along a series of worlds through tracks. The player has to tackle a series of obstacles while also keeping the “notes” on the track in time.

Image source: Drool via popularmechanics.com

The game is played in a third-person perspective and is extremely fast in speed. Each level is divided into segments. Following each segment, the player is given a score and a rating indicating how well they performed in the game.

Space Pirate Trainer

If you want to be a space pirate in virtual reality, then Space Pirate Trainer is the official trainer for you. This first-person shooter game is developed by i-illusions and is one of the earliest wave shooters in the VR environment.

Image source: I-Illusions via popularmechanics.com

The players are put on a platform in space while the robots try their best to attack. To fight the robots, the player can use a pistol, laser, shotgun, machine gun, laser sword, or grenade launcher. Overall, it’s a pretty decent VR experience.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a very nostalgic game that most of us enjoyed playing in the early era of touch-screen games. Now this satisfying and accessible party game is also available in virtual reality. You can now play the original fruit-slicing action game in a whole new way.

Image source: halfbrick.com

All you have to do is attack fruit being flung from all angles as you try to slice them through. The game also rewards extra points for slicing multiple fruits with one swipe. But be careful not to slice anything that isn’t food, aka the bombs.


If you want to experience your entire music collection in VR, then you should opt for Audioshield. This rhythm game sets up levels using the player’s provided music. With a shield of the corresponding color, the player deflects approaching “notes.”

Image source: store.steampowered.com

The game supplies two shields, colored blue and orange, and are operated by motion-sensing controls. Furthermore, these shields are used to block incoming orbs of the corresponding color. Additionally, the songs can be stored in a local space and streamed as well.

Rez: Infinite

This musical rail shooter game was developed by United Game Artists. To create a sense of synesthesia, the game has vibration feedback for different controllers. Additionally, the plot is told using little description and thematic references to the journey of life and technology.

Image source: List via popularmechanics.com

The game combines both the aspects of music and rail shooting. The players are tasked to take control of a hacker infiltrating a malfunctioning artificial intelligence system. As a result, they have to fight off viruses and corrupted security programs.


Originally released by Atari inc in 1980, the first-person shooter tank combat game Battlezone is a cult favorite. The original arcade game received an update in 2016 and was released in virtual reality form. The game follows first-person tank combat against an enemy force that is AI-controlled.

Image source: genesisgames.co.il

The entire game is played within a tank cockpit. The player starts a campaign by selecting a difficulty level and length. Each player gets to choose a tank, each of which comes with an initial weapon load-out. The players have to travel across the hex-map to defeat the enemies.


If you’re on the lookout for a gladiator-esque game that enables you to fight opponents to death in an arena, then Gorn is what you’re looking for. This 2019 virtual reality game is developed by Free Lives and got published by Devolver Digital.

Image source: store.playstation.com

The players can choose the warrior they want to play, and each warrior comes with a distinguished set of strengths. To progress levels, the player has to clear the arena of enemies. Furthermore, you can use weapons such as sledgehammers, spears, and crab claws to dispatch opponents.

A Township Tale

Delivering a remarkable virtual reality experience, A Township Tale is a free multiplayer VR game that also happens to be an open-world RPG. As literal as the name of the game sounds, Township Tale offers every necessity to build a town and create a community.

Image source: townshiptale.com

From food supplies, tools, crafting, and carpentry recipes, as well as fire ignition lessons and combat, this open-world experience has it all. There are various types of avatars in the game including warriors, merchants, woodcutters, farmers, cooks, blacksmiths, and more.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience

This game allows you to see the world through the eyes of Spider-Man, one of the world’s most beloved superheroes. Put on your suit and you’ll feel like you’re a part of the Spider-verse. The visuals in this virtual reality game are excellent.

Image source: PlayStation DACH/YouTube

Once you gain Spider-Man-like abilities, you will be ready to face the most iconic Spiderman villain, the Vulture. The Vulture has escaped and is hell-bent on coming after Spider-Man. Before chasing after Spidey’s deadliest foe, sling high above the city in a dramatic showdown.

Rec Room

Rec Room is a social game enjoyed by gaming enthusiasts of all ages, particularly children. The cartoony graphics are quite vibrant and especially eye-catching. The room is filled with various games such as Disc Golf, Paintball, and Dodgeball. The game truly allows the old-timers to relive their days of glory.

Image source: recroom.com

The game is entirely free and cross-plays on everything from phones to VR headsets. You can customize your avatars, discover various games by the creators, and try the Maker Pen, which enables creators to build everything from puppies, and helicopters to the entire universe.