Top Ships Showing How Weird Fans Can Be

By Anthony K

A book, movie, song, or show that sweeps an audience off their feet will likely get a fanart or fanfiction exploring familiar or new possibilities. Shipping allows creators to expound fictitious content or deliver real-life content. Superstars are more vulnerable to shipping.

Image courtesy of @bts.bighitofficial / Instagram

Writing about real-life characters can warrant positive or negative reactions from the victim or their fans. A writer should set aside time for research to ensure they don’t deliver misinformation or misrepresent the events in a celebrity’s life at the time or before.

One Direction and BTS have won the hearts of both male and female fans across the continents as fans try figuring out the groups parading as lovers and friends. The boy groups have been on the receiving end as more people try figuring out what they do when not on stage or on a live feed.

Image courtesy of @kohn-nz / DeviantArt

Fans and content creators may also step the line to deliver notoriously fictional content that may not add up entirely. An example is the pairing of Anna and Elsa of Frozen as guilty of incest, with some fans convinced that the sisters are doing more than building the snowman.

Fanfiction allows creators and fans to explore dream relationships they wish could come true on screen. The involved parties need to tell each story in a safe place without stepping on toes. Fans may grow defensive of their favorite pairings despite some being outright unethical, illegal, and unacceptable in most cultures worldwide.

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AO3 (Archive of Our Own) is filled with fiction rivaling the original masterpieces disobeying the conventional approach to life. We hope that creators and fans may take a more conservative approach and spare us the pain of pairing characters like Ronald Reagan and John Cena till we learn to make the latter visible.