Tips For Building Naruto In Dungeons And Dragons 

By Francis Tunwase

Naruto is one of the most iconic manga/anime franchises to make it to the Western world. Fans have been watching and reading about the energetic ninja for almost two decades. And, as with any fandom, people have expressed their regret at not being able to live in that fictional world. But with Dungeons & Dragons, players can get a glimpse of life in Konoha with a special character build that lets them play as Naruto. Here’s how to do it.

D&D does not have a direct shinobi class; however, it has several options and categories that can help players create a character that is very similar to Naruto. Naruto is a truly complex character with multiple abilities, therefore, to create him players must draw from different classes and categories. Here are a few tips that will help:

“Faction Agent” Background:

Faction agent will give him the expertise in Insight as well as one Charisma, Wisdom, or Intelligence skill depending on what you want to use your Naruto for. Furthermore, this background receives an emblem of the faction, which can serve as the popular Konoha headband. 

Human Race:

Yes, we know that Naruto has a nine-tailed demon inside of him, however, that only made him more compassionate. Therefore, the human race is the best when “building” Naruto. Moreover, as a human, Naruto has a +1 boost on all abilities, which helps him achieve greater balance when it comes to class stats.

Warlock Class

Naruto wouldn’t be complete without his Jutsu, especially his Rasengan, so you should build him as a spellcaster.

Stats To Focus On: Strength, Charisma & Constitution

The fact that he is a fighter and warlock means that he will need STR to be damaging as a fighter, and CHA to power his spells. Lastly, CON makes him durable.