The Best Elden Ring Straight Swords

By Anni K

In the treacherous realm of Elden Ring, possessing powerful swords is crucial, with weapons like the Sword of Night and Flame being essential tools. Offering a diverse array of combat styles, from warriors to astrologers, players can approach battles from different angles. Straight swords, favored by those who prefer close combat, are invaluable weapons in Elden Ring.

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The journey typically begins with the humble Short Sword, providing decent physical attack power and reliable guarding capabilities. As players progress, the reliable Broadsword, boasting the highest base physical attack among straight swords, becomes a sought-after upgrade. The Regalia of Eochaid, discovered in Limgrave, offers high physical and moderate magic attack damage, enhancing its utility through a unique throwing sword technique and scaling benefits for arcane enthusiasts.

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The Warhawk’s Talon, obtained by defeating a Warhawk, caters to agile players, scaling primarily with dexterity and featuring a Spinning Slash unique skill. Meanwhile, the Ornamental Straight Sword, found at the Chapel of Anticipation, introduces the option for dual-wielding and offers a powerful physical attack and effective guarding.

The Carian Knight’s Sword, preferred by the Carian royalty, deals an equal split of magical and physical damage and can unleash a powerful magic attack, Carian Grandeur, upon charging. In contrast, the Coded Sword, notable for its unique design composed of glowing glyphs, deals holy damage and can penetrate shields with its Unblockable Blade ability.

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The Lazuli Glintstone Sword, favored by the Lazuli Conspectus scholars, delivers a blend of magic and physical damage, with a preference for magical attacks. It integrates glintstone sorcery, providing players an advantage in combat. The Sword of St. Trina, with the power to induce sleep and deliver substantial physical and magic damage, remains a mysterious relic left behind by the enigmatic figure of St. Trina.
Finally, the legendary Sword of Night and Flame, recognized as one of Elden Ring’s most potent weapons, inflicts physical, magical, and fire damage, making it a formidable tool for skilled players. Capable of unleashing a wave of fire and performing Night Comet Sorcery, this sword is a testament to the epic nature of Elden Ring’s weaponry.

In Elden Ring, mastering the art of these straight swords proves crucial in navigating the game’s challenging terrain, offering players various strategies and combat techniques to conquer the perils that await them.