The 3 Most Underrated Magical Items In D&D 5e

By Francis Tunwase

Every campaign’s use of magic items will be different, although certain favorites seem to reappear repeatedly in D&D. While the Bag of Holding and the Vorpal Sword are household names, there are numerous lesser-known magical objects that have wonderful applications, whether for increasing fighting powers or helping exploration.

1. Figurines Of Wondrous Power

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Small, movable statues known as the Figurines of Wondrous Power range in rarity from the extremely uncommon silver raven to the more common obsidian horse. An animated figurine comes to life and responds to commands given by the user by speaking its command word. The living state of each creature lasts for a different amount of time, although they all return to statues at some point.

2. Nature’s Mantle

With the introduction of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, a druid or ranger can now attune the Nature’s Mantle, a new addition to the 5e magic item repertoire. Cloak wearers can make a Hide check as a bonus action in weakly concealed regions even if they are being directly observed, as the cloak blends into their surroundings.

3. Gloves Of Thievery

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An uncommon item, the Gloves of Thievery are virtually undetectable when worn, making them an excellent choice for enhancing a Rogue’s inherent ability. Bonuses to Sleight of Hand and Dexterity tests when picking locks are given to the wearer. Even though they are the most obvious choice for a Rogue, these gloves can be utilized by characters of any class and may be most effective in parties that lack a Rogue or those with criminal backgrounds.