Enchanted Ink: 35+ Captivating Harry Potter-Themed Tattoos

By Sachin P

Nowadays, getting a tattoo has become something that is quite commonplace, and it’s no longer surprising to learn that a friend or coworker has a tattoo. The only downside is that, with so many amazing tattoos, it can be hard to find one that’s unique. But it’s not impossible.

With some creativity and the hand of a skilled tattoo artist, nerds everywhere have been able to show off their one-of-a-kind tats that proudly display their fandoms. And for Harry Potter fans, the possibilities are endless. The world of Harry Potter is rich with fantastic characters, unbelievable places, and magical objects, so Potterheads have plenty of inspiration to work with.

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your own tattoo or just like to browse cool designs, you’ve come to the right place. We put together a list of stunning Harry Potter-themed tattoos Potterheads everywhere will surely appreciate.

Y’all better hide your valuables!

Check your fingers, ears, and neck because there’s a Niffler on the loose! What an adorable tattoo concept this is. Sure, you will have to be on alert, but if you happen to be a master thief who’s also a wizard, this is like a calling card.

ink.traveler / IG

Also, he could be a fan of Quidditch, too. Just look at the Snitch. You wouldn’t have this tat you if you’re not passionate about Quidditch like Harry, Ginny, and Ron. Plus, we love the subtle Slytherin reference. All in all, a perfect tattoo.

Trauma is incoming!

You can’t do this to us! You can’t just casually throw in a cute Hedwig tattoo like this. What made you think that people are okay with such a reminder? Okay, we’ll calm down. But this tattoo really is something else.

sofiaspiral / IG

Sure, Hedwig wasn’t the one that delivered Harry the acceptance letter. But for a moment, imagine that everyone’s favorite owl showed up at the Dursley’s place. We could imagine him looking this cute and proud. That thought makes this tattoo that much more emotional.

Who’s Harry Potter, you say?

Tattoos don’t need to be big, bright, or detailed to be stunning. Take this minimalist tattoo, for example. Let’s go through it, shall we? From left to right, we have Platform 9 3/4, a Snitch because Harry was a daredevil seeker…

liditattoo / IG

Then there’s Harry’s signature glasses and scar, the Sorting Hat in a grumpy mood, and the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, all finished with a minimalist take on Harry’s beloved owl, Hedwig. This basically sums up a version of Harry Potter we have come to love.

“Here lies Dobby, a free elf.”

Okay, first Hedwig and now Dobby? Wow, y’all really know where to hit to get the maximum feels, don’t you? Anything related to Dobby is guaranteed to evoke the feelings of anyone who is a die-hard Potterhead. Scratch that; any Harry Potter fan would start to tear up.

alazneandres / IG

Dobby was a guardian angel of sorts for Harry from the very beginning. Starting from the Chamber of Secrets to Deathly Hallows, we have grown quite fond of and with him—which is why this was among the most painful deaths in the series.

Mischief managed!

Who can forget the Marauder’s Map by messers. Padfoot, Prongs, Moony, and Wormtail? We daresay that we would list the Marauder’s Map as crucial to Harry as was the Cloak of Invisibility. Those two magical items helped him out a lot.

bloodyhe**hptattoos / Tumblr

Like, anyone can tell the significance of that small tattoo of two feet. That’s how people are denoted in the Marauder’s Map. But the real magic comes when you shine a black light! When you do that, along comes the incantation to use the map!

We can’t believe that it’s not embroidery

Now at first glance, if this made you scratch your head. We know that we’re looking at a tattoo. We know that the tattoo is on a real arm. Still, our brains are telling us that it’s a patch resting on someone’s arm.

findyoursmile / IG

This is the work of a really talented tattoo artist. It requires precision, an eye for detail, and the ability to utilize shading to give it the appearance of an embroidered patch. This looks identical to a monogram you’d find on a Hufflepuff student’s uniform.

I solemnly swear that this tattoo is rad!

Cool! Another Marauder’s Map-themed tattoo. This one has the phrase “mischief managed” with footsteps that gradually fade away—exactly like how the real map would function. Plus, the artist managed to get the font on point, too; that’s a nice touch.

abovetheskintattoos / IG

We wish Rowling would do a small short story of sorts to show us what the twins managed to do with this map. Or maybe a short story on what absolute mischief the original four managed to accomplish with this. That would have been awesome!

What’s connecting these three?

This is stunning; the design and its use of color are amazing. But there is something that we can’t wrap our heads around. “Always” is quite famously attributed to Severus Snape when Dumbledore saw that his patronus was a doe, just like Lily’s.

sanninolello / IG

That definitely looks like Sirius Black’s animagus. We all know that Sirius and Snape never got along, and their only common denominator was Harry, the last master of the Deathly Hallows. So, it might indicate the connection that Snape and Sirius are working on saving Harry.

150 points!

Ahh, the Golden Snitch! A magical item that is synonymous with the boy who lived, as his scar. What Potterhead could ever forget how Harry managed to capture his first Snitch as a seeker? He swallowed it, which makes the save quite legendary.

lalo.vm / IG

This is the kind of tattoo you would expect on a seeker or a fan of Quidditch. We mean no disrespect to beaters and chasers, but there is a certain panache in having a Snitch tattooed rather than a bludger.

Harry Potter: Already Famous!

This tattoo kind of reminds us of the movie Almost Famous. You know, the one starring Kate Hudson? Remember the movie poster where a scene from the movie is reflected on Kate’s character’s sunglasses? This has that exact vibe of that movie poster.

gopsi_art / IG

Kind of poetic, isn’t it? The first thing Harry sees after crossing that lake are the spires of Hogwarts—his true home and the one place where he found his calling. It’s where he fulfilled his destiny and rid the world of evil.

Don’t stop believing!

Ohh! Here is our beloved Luna Lovegood! The one person who stood true to herself even though the world was against her. A person of indomitable will, spirit, and love. Luna’s explanation on blibbering humdingers might be the outlet one needs on a stressful day.

zelenskaya.tattoo / IG

Here we see her in all her glory. Clutching onto a publication of the Quibbler. If the thestral made you wonder, well, she could see them because she saw her own mother die. A harrowing detail on an otherwise brilliant tattoo.


Here we see another rendition of the Deathly Hallows. But in this case, the artist has managed to flesh out the details a bit more than the previous tattoo ideas that we have seen so far. This looks pretty nice, actually.

frvnk_gvrciv / IG

Here we have an elder wand, detailed down to its spherical notches, a resurrection stone that feels like a real gemstone, and sitting atop the Deathly Hallows is the Sorting Hat. Around it all, various items from Harry’s life are also highlighted.

Harry’s second home

Ahhhh! A very pastel-themed rendition of Hogwarts Castle. Kind of like a version you would expect Fischer-Price would make. It feels warm and whimsical. If this was a real play set, it would be really fun setting this thing up!

redliptattoo / IG

But one thing is for sure! The artist behind this amazing tattoo had some real fun when it came to filling this with ink. A very vibrant interpretation of a place that looks quite grim in its appearance. We love the little Snitch that’s detailed here.

Mastery over death, you say?

Another rendition of the Deathly Hallows! Boy, do people love tattooing this on themselves. Mostly it has to do with how simple it looks but how deep it sounds when you start unraveling the lore behind it. Mastery over death is sure to intrigue people.

newtattoo_demi / IG

The artist has gone for a rather metallic finish and has done a phenomenal job with it. Plus, the wisp of colored smoke (at least, that’s what it looks like to us) seems to complement the whole tattoo design really well. All in all, wonderful work.

Vistas of Hogwarts

Wow! We guess we underestimated the popularity of the Deathly Hallows in the previous post! But wait, there is a catch in these three tattoos! They depict three different sceneries of Hogwarts inside the resurrection stone. How cool is that?

erin_heartless_tattoo / IG

So, the one in the middle depicts a part of the castle with the infamous Whomping Willow. One on the bottom shows the aqueduct the train passes over to get to Hogwarts. One on the right shows the three hoops used in Quidditch!

The tale of the three brothers

What a beautiful tattoo this is! This is an exact rendition of the tale of the three brothers! Remember the animation that followed when Hermione was telling the story? Well, this is where the three brothers duel with the personification of death!

prewardogmeat / Reddit

Antioch, Cadmus, and Ignotus Peverell put on a show against death. Vanity and grief took the better of two, while the youngest managed to outsmart death until it was time for him to go. It truly is a wonderful story, when you think about it.

There’s nothing like luck

Liquid luck! Wouldn’t mind having a bit of that in this day and age, eh? We know that nearly every one of you would agree with us. Even though it is desperately tricky to make and disastrous if you get it wrong, it can be worth the risk.

inkflow_akiwong / IG

Pretty ingenious and thoughtful of Harry to dupe Ron into thinking that he had some Felix Felicis. It made his day perfect, now, didn’t it? We love how the artist has managed to capture the liquid gold color of this potion quite so well!

Black is back!

We love this tattoo, but we’re not sure what exactly happened with Voldemort. He looks more like a disfigured Red Skull than one of the most powerful dark wizards of all time. But all that is offset by Sirius Black.

adamblakeytattoos / IG

This is truly one beautiful tattoo. The details on this thing are next level. It actually looks like Gary Oldman is looking at you, like some sort of a magical photograph. Now this is what we call talent. Kudos to the artist!

Nope! That’s not Mrs. Norris!

Just like how we raved about Sirius Black in the previous post, we can’t hold back the squee upon seeing this tat. Just look how the artist managed to capture the very essence of Dame Maggie Smith. This looks truly magical in all regards!

ismonkah / IG

Like Sirius, Minerva was an excellent animagus herself. This is referenced quite nicely in the books. Also, she’s such a strong role model. We absolutely love the split effect that the artist has chosen here, to highlight the dual nature of Minerva McGonagall!

McGonagall FTW

Another McGonagall tattoo! Well, one can’t get enough of Minerva. She might look stern and act strict, but there’s a reason. For starters, working with adolescents who are both coming into their own as young adults and wizards takes a lot of patience and restraint.

belasdi.tt / IG

Though she does have a soft side, this tattoo actually highlights her no-nonsense nature. She commands the respect she deserves without having the need to raise her voice. She is a truly remarkable woman and a witch for the ages.

Chubby cheeks ‘Mione

Now would you look at this adorable tattoo of our beloved Hermione! How cute is this? She’s an excellent witch and the most trustworthy friend that anyone could ever hope for. We’re forever glad for Rowling for creating her character.

rizostattoo / IG

And then there’s Emma Watson. She really fleshed out the character to the best of her abilities. She lived in it, if we are being honest. Sure, Emma’s portrayal of the character wasn’t book-accurate, but she did manage to win the hearts of millions.

House mascots unite!

Now would you look at this! Someone got a tat of the mascots of the four houses as little babies! Somebody, please dial down the adorable meter because these actually stole our hearts. Just look at the cute Gryffindor lion.

tattoosdamari / IG

And he’s not alone. There’s the snake of Slytherin, the badger of Hufflepuff, and the eagle of Ravenclaw. Yeah, you read that right! The official house mascot is an eagle, not a raven, as one might infer from the name.

Gryffindor, please!

Now that’s a perfect Sorting Hat tattoo if we ever saw one! We can almost hear it yelling “Ravenclaw!” If we had to guess, this might be inspired by the moment the hat was placed on Luna Lovegood’s head. She was born to be in Ravenclaw.

johnnycarrara_tattoo / IG

We actually like how in certain cases, like Harry’s for example, the hat actually considers all aspects before yelling out the house. It sensed the connection Harry had with Voldemort. Maybe that’s why it tried to sort him to Slytherin in the first place.

Soul Suckers Inc.

Well, we were wrong about one thing, it seems. We seriously underestimated how many Deathly Hallows symbols we would find in these tattoos. And this excellent rendition to add to that list. The artist has done a great job with the castle.

zelenskaya.tattoo / IG

Also, look at the Dementors circling above the castle. The proportions are a bit off as they seem gigantic when compared with the castle. But this might reference the seventh book where dementors were actively involved with the Death Eaters.

Hogwarts all the way

You guys might remember that we came across a Hogwarts tattoo earlier. You know, the one that was more vibrant and pastel-colored. Now, this is quite detailed as it can possibly be. Just look at the main tower. The shading alone is stuning!

jankyjake_tattoos / IG

Even the large rock the castle is built over is depicted quite realistically. This artist should have done maps; they have real talent when it comes to detailed drawings. Like with the previous tattoo, we love the addition of the Snitch.

Niffler alert!

It seems that people tend to gravitate toward certain magical creatures and symbols when getting a Harry Potter-themed tattoo. Given their importance, we understand why the Deathly Hallows keep making an appearance. And when it comes to Nifflers, we can understand the appeal.

anna.tattoos / IG

They are basically thieving hedgehogs. They kind of look like a fluffy platypus with an adorable snout. The artist who did this managed to capture that particular cuteness quite well. Just look at its shiny, wide googly eyes! It’s adorable!

Shall I compare thee to a Golden Snitch?

Even though they can’t talk, we can’t help but wonder what catchphrase the Snitch would have. We think it’d be something like, “Somebody stop me!” Who would have thought that Jim Carrey’s persona in The Mask would be relatable to Harry Potter.

pomaluje_tuszem / IG

As far as Snitches go, this looks quite visually pleasing. A beautiful blend of roses and blues accentuates the golden hues of the Snitch. Along with it, you can find other things that are flying, like Harry’s acceptance letter and his glasses.

Where’s our acceptance letter?

There’s no shame in admitting that we all waited to receive our Hogwarts acceptance letters. Ever since we read The Philosopher’s Stone and watched the movie, it has been in our minds. We grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

jadequailart / IG

That’s why the Potterverse will continue to be in our lives. That nostalgia manages to take the wheel when we see this tattoo. Absolutely lovely. It looks just like the prop that was seen in the movie. Ahh, the memories this manages to bring up! Priceless.

The Monster Book of Monsters

Ahh yes! The monster book of monsters! Talk about product placement. This ranks among the top book props that we want on our nerd shelves, alongside the Book of the Dead from The Mummy and the Handbook for the Recently Deceased from Beetlejuice.

jimburton_tattoos / IG

Now we do know that the original book was greyish in color, but this brownish-red approach seems so right. It really makes the fur feel more chaotic and menacing. We actually kind of like it this way more than the actual prop in the movie.

Where’s my Hippogriff?

If you thought Quidditch made you sad, can you even begin to comprehend what this made you feel? Harry managing to gain the respect of Buckbeak and riding him through Hogwarts is something that we fans will never forget. Even through our screens, we could feel how free Harry felt.

gokceozaslan / IG

And as adults, watching that scene again makes us yearn for that level of freedom. That’s why we absolutely love this tattoo because the artist managed to capture the feeling of freedom quite well in this rendition. Well done, indeed!

Nooo Hedwig!

Ahh, poor Hedwig. Rowling really managed to capture Harry’s grief over losing Hedwig to a stray death curse. Hedwig was the one thing that connected him to the wizarding world when he was with the Dursleys. It was gut-wrenching to read about his untimely demise.

iyamaleah / IG

Hedwig is not alone in this tattoo. We can see a piece of mail as well as something quite special—a Time Turner! The background is Hogwarts, as it should be, where another owl makes a cameo, delivering mail. This is a truly sad yet beautiful tattoo.

Little Harry

Aww! Now how cute does this look? It looks absolutely adorable. If Voldemort wasn’t such a no-nose wretch. If he had let the Potters be, this could have happened. We’d love to see a bubbly little Harry, minus the scar, of course.

hugotattooer / IG

This tattoo perfectly captures what little Harry could have been like if he had Lily and James in his life. He’d have been showered with love and made to play dress up like this. Even though it didn’t happen, we’re content to just imagine it with this chibi tattoo.

Rest in Peace, Hagrid.

Seeing Hagrid’s cottage after the passing of Robbie Coltrane really hits you right in the feels. Robbie really managed to bring his A-game to this franchise. He gave his everything to Hagrid, and as fans, we loved every single bit of it.

zelenskaya.tattoo / IG

This artist managed to do a spectacular job with this particular tattoo. The large pumpkins and a tethered Buckbeak all remind us of The Prisoner of Azkaban—a movie that is universally accepted as one of the very best in the franchise.

Harry’s IG filter

Going after the old Kodak reel effect, eh? Well, it sure made for a wonderful tattoo, we have to admit. The whole thing manages to give off a certain vintage vibe. When you consider that most of the story took place in the ’90s, it adds up.

studio_jaw / IG

They also thought of adding the school motto to this tattoo. “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.” It means, “Do not tickle a sleeping dragon.” It’s the magic folks’ way of saying let sleeping dogs lie. All in all, this is a pretty well-executed tattoo.

The Ravenclaw coat of arms

You guys might remember that we discussed the Ravenclaw house mascot in a previous picture. Well, here you have your proof if you found that hard to believe. A very beautiful rendition of what seems to be the Ravenclaw coat of arms.

geek_in_thepink / IG

Ahh, but if you look closely, we think that the tattoo artist managed to sneak in a raven. Look at the helm of the knight’s helmet. That kind of looks like a raven, does it not? Love the scrollwork and the level of detail that went into this tat!

The Greatest

Hermione was the cement that held the golden trio together. Sure, Harry and Ron were inseparable, but they were stereotypical teenagers. This means there was space for rifts, and we all saw this happening quite a few times in the books.

raycorson / IG

Luckily for them, Hermione was there to maintain the bond between the three. She grew up to be a witch who was in a league of her own, which is why this tattoo deserves to be on this list. She’s an absolute icon!

The Face-off

What a tattoo! It’s the culmination of a saga that spanned seven books and created millions of fans worldwide. The duel between good and evil. The fight we all waited for, for all those years. Ahh, the memories this brings back.

kozo_tattoo / IG

The greatest thing here is Harry realizing a crucial bit of wand lore. The wand chooses the wizard and the elder wand knew this. That’s why it didn’t perform well for Voldemort. Anyhow, you can really feel the talent of the artist. It’s amazing!

It’s leviosa not leviosar

What a beautiful tattoo! Kudos to the artist for coming up with such a cool concept! So the stick-like thing in the middle is obviously Harry’s phoenix core wand. But what are the sigils or symbols around the wand, you might ask?

haratattooart / IG

Well, those are wand movements! We can make out the movements for wingardium leviosa, revelio, and incendio! Now how cool is that! All complemented with what seems like a newspaper cutting from the Daily Prophet. And we can’t ignore the sneaky little Snitch there, too.

Lestrange, much?

The book series was a hit, but we doubt Harry Potter would have been as successful if they’d gone with different actors. When you use acclaimed British thespians, you get world-class acting. That is why, even after so long, the movies have a special place in our hearts.

noireinkfrance / IG

Casting Helena to play Bellatrix was a masterstroke. She really captured the unhinged, maniacal devotion she had for her master’s cause, which is also depicted in this tattoo. Just look at the overall appearance of this tattoo. It’s really amazing.


We went through a Hufflepuff crest and a Ravenclaw crest. All that’s left are Gryffindor and Slytherin. And here we have it! A masterfully done tattoo of the Slytherin crest. Even at a glance, you can tell it has a very regal air to it.

jent_tattoo / IG

The artist really blended the background details perfectly with the snake in the crest. Also, the scroll on top with the name of the house is a really nice touch. You could expect this from a past pupil of the house.

Luck favors the bold

Another Felix Felicis! This time around, the artist has focused more on its apparent effects rather than its physical appearance. By “apparent effects” we obviously mean luck. When you’re lucky, nearly everything feels like sunshine and rainbows, doesn’t it? That’s the theme here.

jools13_tattooart / IG

We particularly like the font selection on this tattoo. Adds a very retro vibe to it and the overall design of the vial it is shown in adds to it. Well, you can call this tattoo as a lucky charm of sorts!

What do we have here?

Suffering succotash! It’s Sylvester the cat! What’s Sylvester doing in a Harry Potter tattoo? More than that, why’s Donald Duck going all bonkers? Shouldn’t it be Daffy because Looney Tunes and Harry Potter are proprietary to Warner Bros.? Bit of a head-scratcher we have here.

tinto_tlv / IG

But we do love the overall vibrant aesthetic that this tattoo has going for it. The primary-colored backgrounds really make the character posters pop. The tattoo artist has done a very commendable job when it came to designing these tattoos.

No habla Muggle!

What an absolute banger of a tattoo! We daresay that this is one of the best that we have seen so far in this collection. Just look at the colors and the depth of this tattoo. This person picked the right artist for their tat.

pirojenko_tattoo / IG

Also, we have a very triumphant-looking Dobby, too! Dobby is happy that his friend is thriving, trying to rid the world of the menace that is Voldemort. This could have been a wall art for all we know. It looks that good!

Dumbledore the Complex

There is no denying the fact that Albus really prepped Harry for slaughter from the very beginning. But one thing cannot be ignored. He was kind to Harry. However, if he truly cared for Harry, he wouldn’t put the poor boy through all these trials.

yusufkurtkaya / IG

But he did exercise a certain behavior that we have come to admire. Maybe that’s the reason Harry named his son Albus. This is a particularly heartwarming tattoo. Including Harry levitating on his broom in the foreground was a brilliant idea.

Petrificus Totalus!

Ahh, the golden trio! Also, we think we remember where we saw this scene! This is where Neville sticks up to the three and where Hermione hits him with a full body-bind curse. Goes to show how talented Hermione really is.

luca_arancio / IG

Since she took the blame to save the duo from detention, we think this is where the respect Harry and Ron had for Hermione really grew. Like how can you not be impressed? The tattoo does a really good job at conveying all that emotion.