Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Most Popular Rock-Type Pokémon

By Victor O

Despite mixed reviews for Pokémon: Scarlet & Violet due to technical issues, the game’s core gameplay remains strong, and the new Pokémon are exciting to experiment with. Rock types are popular for their defensive capabilities and can be powerful in combination with the proper secondary type.

Source: @shugo88/Unsplash

Among the new and returning rock types in the game, some stand out among the crowd. For instance, the Stonjourner is a Pokémon easily identified by its unique silhouette. It is a goofy-looking creature.

Despite its silly appearance, Stonjourner can boast impressive stats, particularly in Attack and Defense, making it a tough Pokémon to defeat. It has one ability, Powerspot, which boosts the power of its allies by 30 percent, making it valuable in double battles.

As for Coalossal, it is a unique Pokémon with some niche uses. Coalossal has all the attributes of a great Pokémon with decent stats. Its major drawback is its multiple weaknesses due to Fire/Rock typing.

Source: @introspectivedsgn/Pexels

But with the new Terastallization mechanic, it can now transform into a water or steel-type, making it a much more resilient and durable Pokémon. Another Pokémon that captured fans’ hearts was Klawf. It is not just a cute creature – it also packs a powerful punch. Klawf boasts a solid combination of Attack and Defense stats and possesses the dependable ability Regenerator.

Introduced in the previous generation, Drednaw presented a variety of functional abilities, such as Strong Jaw, Shell Armor, and Swift Swim, which have benefits in different situations. Its Terstilization ability increases its versatility, making it an excellent choice for any team.

Source: @branden_skeli/Unsplash

Lastly, Lycanroc is a rock-type Pokémon with low-Speed stats, focusing more on durability and power. However, it offers both speed and strength, making it a great surprise attacker. Lycanroc’s dusk form is a formidable force, as evidenced by its inclusion in Ash’s first championship team.

Which one of these adorable and powerful rock-type Pokémon do you like most?