Pac-Man: The Possibility Of A New Movie Isn’t Far-Fetched

By Kanyi M

Rumors of a Pac-Man film have been swirling for years, with various producers and screenwriters attached to the project. It was previously reported that Pac-Man would appear in a Super Mario Bros. movie, which the Ghostbusters: Answer the Call director is still developing.

The news of an incoming live-action Sonic film won’t surprise fans of the world’s most famous hedgehog, given that Sonic has starred in four cartoon series (with another on its way) and six feature films – so a movie adaptation was inevitable.

Credit: @kshar2 / Unsplash

Pac-Man is one of the most recognizable video game icons out there, with countless fans of his cute but challenging gameplay. If the rumors are true, the new movie will be produced by the same team behind 2015’s live-action Super Mario Bros. film, which critics panned as an “unfunny mess” and even a “violent and bizarre” reimagining of the classic franchise.

This latest report suggests that Namco Bandai Games has thrown its hat into the ring to get one of its most recognizable gaming characters – Pac-Man – onto the big screen.

In other words, the studio has joined forces with the same company that produced 2017’s Super Mario Bros. movie after a report emerged that Marc E. Platt and Jeremy Coon were working on a live-action remake of the title.

Credit: @jaymantri / Pexels

And while it’s not been confirmed yet, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that famous Pac-Man villain The Ghost will also be making its way into the movie. After all, we’ve already seen Mario, Kirby, and Sonic star in a number of video game adaptations over the years – so it’s about time that America’s favorite yellow dot-muncher made his big screen debut.

The only thing left now is to wait for an official release date – though even then, you might want to take this one with a pinch of salt for now…