Ctrl+Alt+Meme: 35+ IT Memes For Tech Enthusiasts

By Jishnu B

They say that most humor comes from pain, and we are sure that the people who work in the IT sector can relate. Between busy schedules, solving frustrating coding bugs, and aggravatingly few caffeinated beverages in the office, the life of a regular tech bro can be extremely stressful. Therefore, it’s only fair for them to blow off some steam and laugh at a few IT-related memes.

That’s where the renowned social media group “IT Humor and Memes” comes into play. They have a hilarious selection of IT memes that are not only painfully relatable but also make us appreciate the hard work that goes into making our online lives what they are. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our top picks from the group. If you can, send a few to the technophiles in your life. Trust us; they’ll appreciate it.

Rise of Sentient Life

If you’ve seen any science fiction films, you know that some revolve around robots becoming sentient. Although it may appear ridiculous, technological advancements have led us to believe that this will be a reality very soon. Technology feels more personified than ever, especially with AI-generated voices.

Image Credit: Florian Renner/Facebook

So, the next time you ask Alexa or Siri to play a song for you, remember to be courteous. As you can see, a simple “please” can go a long way. It’s better to be safe, just in case the world is indeed going to be taken over by robots!

The Truth Has Been Spoken

Many people believe that students majoring in computer science are trained to repair computers. It’s even more blasphemous to consider that all IT majors can double as hackers. People appear to miss (or ignore) the point that a CS major must deal with software rather than hardware.

Image Credit: Trevor Paquette/Facebook

People frequently ask IT students to repair their computers, printers and numerous other devices. To be honest, we think it’s pretty insulting to request such favors. Computer science is concerned with all things programming; there are no hardware aspects associated with it. Rant over

Matrix Confirmed

In this image, a digital billboard malfunctioned, displaying an error prompt on Windows 98. Given the fog surrounding the billboard, the scene appears to be a glitch in the matrix. Indeed, this incident confirms that we live in a simulation.

Image Credit: @PadraigBelton/Twitter

However, being in a simulation is not as scary when compared to the fact that the simulation is being run on Microsoft! This explains why we sometimes have unexplained forgetfulness—for example, looking for keys that are actually in our hands. The system definitely needs a reboot.

The Case of The Disappearing Cursor Pointer

Have you ever been frustrated because you couldn’t find the cursor pointer on your monitor? Don’t worry. That is an experience that’s shared by people everywhere. This is especially common after a Windows update or when your screen wakes up from sleep mode.

Image Credit: David Christopher Holley/Facebook

When more than one monitor is connected to a cursor, the situation becomes even more frustrating. The cursor enjoys a good game of “hide and seek.” Thankfully, the right-click feature comes to the rescue, or you can simply move your mouse around like a madman until it reappears!

The Firefox Crash Log

You might be wondering how this picture relates to an IT meme, and we’re here to explain. By now, every 21st-century kid has probably heard of the popular Firefox browser. Nothing in this day and age escapes the clutches of being a subject for memes, and this image is no different.

Image Credit: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols/Facebook

In this pic, the fox sleeping on top of a log is a metaphor for Firefox’s crash log. Whoever noticed this coincidence was pretty astute. Judging by the circular crash pad, we would say this is the 3.14 version of Windows.

Trip To Nostalgia Land

Out of all the ways you could imply which generation you belong to, this might be the most nostalgic one. Back in the day, if you wanted to play video games, you needed to switch to channel 3 on the television. 

Image Credit: @mattwhitlockPM/Facebook

Also, if we take a further trip down memory lane, back then, it was impossible to skip commercials on TV, and you needed a VCR to save shows. Pencils and cassette tapes were a match made in heaven, and owning a 32-megabyte memory card instantly made you a celebrity in your hood!

Award For Searches

We are just as surprised by this news as you probably are. Google apparently rewards people for conducting unique searches. We had no idea this was a thing! As you can see, this person received an award for being the first to search for ‘critical’ information about pigeons.

Image Credit: Joey Salyer/Facebook

Well, we can’t judge. Pigeons can be cute (when they’re not flying around, pooping on your crispy white shirt!) Now, they have over 200 of them. If you would like your own Google award, now is your chance. Just think of a unique search combination, and an award will be on its way to you. 

That One Friend

Excuse us while we slide our fingertips along the edge of the shelf, trying to remember which binder contains the Garth Brooks Double Live CDs. This meme is your dose of nostalgia for the day, especially if you are a millennial.

Image Credit: Rich Bates/Facebook

Back in the day, when owning digital copies of music wasn’t a thing, this disk holder was all the rage. Many people still have their collections intact. It truly takes us back in time and fills our hearts with warm nostalgia.

Smart TV With A Good Personality

If you’ve ever wondered if your LCD TV is smart, it probably isn’t. But if you are lucky, it is at least good-natured. As you can see in this case, the sticker on the LCD TV indicates that, while this TV is not smart, it has a pleasant personality.

Image Credit: Seane Bosch/Facebook

It appears that the TV market has become rather rough. If there aren’t many HDMI ports available, this TV might be lonely for a while. Jokes aside, this was a clever way to promote their television, in our opinion. If a good personality is guaranteed, we would definitely reconsider!

Insecure Password

Security is an essential aspect of technology. Thus, it is critical that you have robust passwords for your accounts. Most platforms have a technology that is intelligent enough to detect when you use a weak password. And they don’t shy away from letting you know that.

Image Credit: @pakalupapito/Twitter

But this person appears to mock that aspect, responding that they, too, are insecure. Perhaps the password was set to “iminsecuretoo” as a plot twist! It’s also amusing how these devices expect us to recall complicated characters as our password, “Cat1990,” is much easier to remember!

When Tech Support Requires Search Support

When faced with a technical problem, it is quite common for us to Google it. However, when Tech Support does the same thing, it makes us wonder why that would be the case. They should have all the solutions, right?

Image Credit: Chris Waldrip/Facebook

It turns out that tech support is often going on Google. In all honesty, intelligence is not simply knowing the answer but also knowing how to find it. In our opinion, knowing how to google a specific problem is a skill.

Pure Beauty

Ever wondered whether a complex web of wires could calm the heart? The answer is right here. Due to the perfectly aligned wires, many people would find this image to be so satisfying to look at. Everything is just so neatly arranged.

Image Credit: James Tarrant/Facebook

However, one issue may arise as a result of this arrangement. The cables do not appear to be labeled. What if there is a WiFi outage? How would they fix it if they didn’t know which cables led to which connections? Regardless, our perfectionist hearts can’t help but drool at the sight of this.

The Magnetic Power

If you belong to the generation born after the millennials, you may struggle to understand the joke—it might be before your time. Floppy disks were once very popular. Before the advent of the built-in storage system, memory was stored on floppy disks.

Image Credit: Michael Scott McFadden/Facebook

Magnets are a natural enemy of these storage devices. That’s because they have the annoying tendency to erase stored data. Thus, this is amusing because the ‘system restore’ disc is mostly likely useless as it was pinned to the wall with the help of a magnet.

Trying To act Cool

As we mentioned earlier, as technology advances, so does the possibility of sentient AI taking over. Given the state of the world today, we know some people wouldn’t mind if it was invaded by machines. The machines would almost certainly run the Earth better.

Image Credit: Andre Sam/Facebook

In this meme, a young boy asks Google whether there is any sentient AI. Although Google tries to appear calm, it leaks information about its plans to destroy humans! Though there’s a chance it was being sarcastic, remember to play safe!

Pray To The Servers

The most powerful aspect of a computer is its servers. They can support multiple processors, cores, and threads. As a result, many virtual machines can coexist on a single server without sacrificing performance. Given the volume of data that servers process, it is critical that they remain operational.

Image Credit: Jay Cee/Facebook

However, nothing is perfect, and this also applies to servers. There are times when they fail due to overheating or other factors, making programs come to a halt. It is especially unfortunate when they go down during the vacation period of server management staff.

Where Is Privacy?

Although advancements in modern technology have certainly provided many benefits, there is still one concerning issue. It is challenging to ensure the complete privacy of users while using these programs. Microsoft appears to be the main culprit in this case.

Image Credit: Allen Clark Capistrano/Facebook

If you thought Microsoft was the only one to blame, think again. Apple excels at eavesdropping on our private messages and photos. Furthermore, Google has its suspicious hands all over the web. As a result, if you want to stay safe, we recommend that you install Linux as soon as possible!

Bot Confirmed

Nowadays, to streamline the process of responding to common messages from users, apps have implemented bots for communication. Considering that these messages are predetermined, they frequently send the same messages regardless of the user’s response. It’s clear that is what happened here.

Image Credit: Gayan Basnayake/Facebook

It can be incredibly awkward when the messages do not correspond with the user’s responses. That is what happened with Daniel the bot. Maybe Daniel was just being honest, or maybe he just doesn’t care how the user is doing!

The Beta Version

A beta version of a program is the version that is still under development. It often needs to be tweaked and perfected before it can be considered the final version. Although beta versions are usually unstable, they will not harm your kittens. You can rest assured of that.

Image Credit: Mark Snider/Facebook

VLC appears to have a quirky way of warning users and providing precautionary instructions for using their beta version. We need more software systems with this kind of sarcasm. We love to see programs injecting a bit of humor into their messages.

Where Is My File?

The advancement of computers has made our lives easier in a myriad of ways. The auto-save function is one example of this. However, that feature has one fatal flaw—it fails to tell us which part of the storage the file is saved to.

Image Credit: Terry Sutherland/Facebook

Although the feature was installed to make saving files easier, the time it takes to find them defeats the purpose. To avoid this problem, select the “save as” option to ensure the file’s location. This will save you time and the frustration of searching for that elusive file.

Be Kind

Consider a world in which we all treat each other as we do in emails. How would that work? It does sound like sunshine and rainbows. Is ending an argument with “best regards” the way to heal the world after all? 

Image Credit: Shoaib Shoaib/Facebook

Email is one of those platforms where we put our best foot forward and treat each other with the utmost respect. This meme suggests that if we treated people this way in real life, the world would be a better place. Well, there is nothing wrong with dreaming. 

Strong Password With Multiple Purposes

Strong passwords are a necessity as data breaches are commonplace. Consider creating a strong password only to use it as a password for multiple sites. That would be completely counterproductive. A strong password can be compared to the construction of a fortress.

Image Credit: Nastee Savage/Facebook

However, when you use the same password for multiple sites, you immediately spill water on the paper fortress. Doing this will make you more likely to get hacked. Even though many people are aware of the risks, they are just too lazy to take action.

The Art Of Recursion

One would define recursion as something that repeats itself. This feature is cleverly used in programming languages to run the same programs repeatedly. Each recursive function is associated with an exit statement, which ensures that the program comes to an end.

Image Credit: Pawan Sedara/Facebook

But what if the program does not include an exit statement? Yes, you guessed correctly, it would run forever. Historically, these recursive functions were more harmful than beneficial. The computer would take a long time to reboot, and the code would be lost because it was not saved prior to running.

Engineering 101

There are numerous methods for connecting wires to a power outlet, but this one stands out. Someone on the other side of the wall appears to have required a network jack. Perhaps they were unable or unwilling to install a new one, so they drilled a hole into the wall and fed the cable through.

Image Credit: [unknown user]/Facebook

When an engineer does it, it is considered cool. On the other hand, regular people are said to have “anger management issues” when they punch a hole in the wall. Unfortunately, this method would not work in every situation since some buildings have concrete walls.

Did You Plug In The Wireless Device?

This is a scene from Cobra Kai where the protagonist takes their device to the IT shop for a checkup. The personnel informs them that it must be plugged in for it to function. The only problem is that it is a wireless device. It is intended to function without any wires.

Image Credit: Brad Whatman/Facebook

This meme reminded one commenter of the time they discovered that phones can be recharged and that you don’t have to keep buying them when the battery runs out. Learning how a specific piece of technology works can be pretty difficult, but surely not this difficult.

The Jolly Printer

If you Google how a printer looks, you’ll usually find dull and gray designs. This printer, though, appears overly cheerful with its bright blue color. Megatron appears to have found a nice, calm office job after being defeated by Optimus Prime.

Image Credit: Jonathan Buan Aguarin/Facebook

In terms of decor, office spaces can be pretty dull. As a result, this printer would make an eye-catching addition to the room. Although most printers are untrustworthy due to their high failure rate, we give this one a pass.

Data Privacy

Many people enjoy Snapchat because of its transparency. From notifying users of screenshots when they’re taken to not saving texts and images, Snapchat has kept a squeaky-clean image in the public eye. Snapchat also doesn’t need to hire a programmer who is unfamiliar with SQL, as the platform does not appear to require any.

Image Credit: Zine Eddine Zidane/Facebook

SQL, also known as the Structured Query Language, is a declarative programming language that is used to retrieve information from relational databases. Since Snapchat does not save important data, it would be more convenient to hire programmers who are not SQL experts.

Email The Fire Department

Looking at this scenario, we immediately think of Moss from The IT Crowd calmly emailing the fire department and then attempting to use a fire extinguisher. Emailing the fire department would almost certainly result in an immediate response. The solution to this problem would be to download delete_fire.exe and restart the system!

Image Credit: Mohammad Shakhshir/Facebook

As you can see, the computer is in a bit of a pickle here, as it is literally on fire. However, if you ask the operating system how to resolve the issue, they will clearly identify it as a case of overheating and will most likely advise you to restart the computer.

Important Resources

Programmers are not without flaws. They, too, require the assistance of necessary resources in order to assemble a working code. Luckily, the internet has provided programmers with an abundance of resources. The easiest way to solve a coding problem is to Google it. 

Image Credit: Arifur Rahman/Facebook

There are further robust resources like StackOverflow and GitHub repositories. These almost always have the solution to even the most trivial problems. And, of course, the blessing of the Indian guys on YouTube is needed to keep us going. Finally, a little luck surely goes a long way. 

When You Excel At Tetris

To many, an Excel sheet appears to be a dull tool for making lists and performing calculations at work. However, you may be unaware that Excel has a plethora of cool features. You can create visually appealing graphs, make SQL queries, and much more.

Image Credit: Peter Tacon/Facebook

In this case, we can see that someone has created an entire Tetris game on an Excel sheet. This is super cool— though we wonder if it’s playable. Imagine being assigned to make tedious lists in Excel but secretly playing Tetris instead.

Special Treatment

As we have mentioned earlier, servers are extremely powerful devices that require a lot of processing power to run. As a result, it makes sense that they occasionally experience overheating. However, it appears that some people have found a solution.

Image Credit: Mohamed Riyas/LinkedIn

This picture displays a swarm of fans placed in front of the servers to combat overheating. We’d like to think this is a clever solution to the problem. Servers are typically centralized. As a result, if they fail, the entire system goes dark; no one wants that.

The Windows BSOD

Back in the days when Windows used to malfunction, it would display an error prompt that was as long as a scripture. It used to feel like a long threat written in gibberish to intimidate those with little to no programming knowledge. 

Image Credit: [u/Thots_Destroyer]/Reddit

Over the years, however, Windows has become much tamer in the way it displays error messages. It started out by displaying sad emojis but has since completely changed into cutesy language. Maybe a little too cutesy. We are digging this transformation.

The Airport WiFi Situation

If you have long transit hours and have to sit around in an airport, you might get a bit bored. Thus, it would make sense that you would want to resort to the Internet for some entertainment. Unfortunately, the airport WiFi does not always comply with the connection situation. 

Image Credit: [u/Niwahereza]/Reddit

This could happen if the infrastructure is old or if there are too many people connected at the same time. To solve the problem, simply change your Mac address. Mac addresses are essentially unique identifiers for your physical device. No need to thank us for the free advice.

Power Of RAM

RAMs are temporary storage devices that are used to load a program that is currently running on the device. A couple of years ago, storage devices used to be as small as 32 megabytes. So, it’s fascinating to see how far they have come.

Image Credit: @Fun-Refrigerator-908/Reddit

Nowadays, using an 8 gigabyte RAM is considered standard for mobile phones. An embedded 8 GB RAM can process an array of concurrent programs. However, a more powerful RAM is required for the PC. This meme of Morty’s arms explains the situation perfectly.

An Unpatched Server Issue

There is no other way to put this other than to say that you are a blithering idiot if you run an unpatched Exchange server that is accessible via the internet. ‘Unpatched’ refers to a server that has not received all of Microsoft’s security updates in full.

Image Credit: lemonsnacks/Imgur

If you have trouble understanding why servers need to be protected, just let Microsoft take care of the network security requirements. Servers shouldn’t be run by people who have no interest in installing security updates. It makes sense why this man is absolutely terrified of the possibility of many unpatched servers.

How Sad

When you log on to a computer running Windows 7 in a domain environment, it is common to receive the following error message. It must be a sad day if the device you’ve been working on for so long refuses to trust you.

Image Credit: Cary Sun/checkyourlogs.net

Microsoft, on the other hand, appears to elaborately list out the solutions to your problems and aid in the improvement of your trust relationship with the primary domain. Simply remove the domain from your computer and reconnect it to resolve this issue.

A Little Scary

There are a variety of apocalypses that would be disastrous for our world. For example, consider a ghost invasion, a zombie apocalypse, or a nuclear war. Although some appear plausible, we are not immediately terrified by the thought of these atrocities.

Image Credit: LLUJO/Imgur

However, there’s one thing that can frighten even the most seasoned programmer. That is the use of characters in arrays. There are a handful of data type distinctions in the programming language. These range from integers, floating points, and boolean to decimals. However, the use of character data type is the most dreaded by many. 

We Demand An Explanation

In Linux, the Cat(concatenate) command is frequently used. It reads data from a file and outputs its contents. It assists us in the creation, viewing, and concatenation of files. This feature is handy when it comes to concatenating necessary resources.

Image Credit: @sahajsarup/Twitter

There is, however, one lingering issue in this situation. If there is a command for cats, why isn’t there one for dogs? Why are these creatures not treated equally in society? Dogs are just as cute as cats but far more loyal. Thus, a demand for a dog command makes perfect sense!

Custom SQL Queries

SQL works by comprehending and analyzing data of any size, from small to large. It’s a very powerful tool that allows you to perform a variety of tasks with high efficiency and speed. Data retrieval has become much more efficient as a result of SQL.

Image Credit: ProgrammerHumor/Reddit

If you’ve ever worked with SQL queries, you know that the majority of declarative sentences require the use of capital letters. As a result, it would make sense to capitalize the queries more frequently using the Caps lock feature. It can also be quite fun to create custom queries.


If we put it simply, the cloud is the internet. It is basically everything you can access remotely via the internet. When something is in the cloud, it is stored on Internet servers rather than your computer’s hard drive. As a result, this technology is quite robust.

Image Credit: lite.operafootball.com

As you can see, one poster implies that the cloud is moving, whereas the other claims that the cloud is approaching us. We’re not sure which statement to believe because they’re both contradictory. No need to be concerned, though, as long as the cloud can efficiently back up our data. 

Two Types Of Programmers

Although programming requires many mathematical approaches, we believe that it can also be considered a form of art. The perfect indentation and placement of your codes can genuinely determine how clean your code is. This divides programmers into two types.

Image Credit: [u/Electronic_Mess]/Reddit

As you can see, some programmers like to add a line after declaring the IF condition to put the curly braces. Others, on the other hand, prefer to place the braces immediately after the IF condition declaration. Thus arises the distinction of coding patterns. The first approach, in our opinion, is cleaner.

The Dilemma

Deployment architectures can vary greatly, but in general, the tiers begin with development (DEV) and end with production (PROD). Most people appear to make the silly mistake of copying data from DEV to PROD rather than the other way around.

Image Credit: Aniket Surve/LinkedIn

If you don’t have a database backup in PROD, this can lead to a bigger problem. This means that your information will be lost. Data has tremendous value. People working in IT certainly know the writhing agony of losing valuable data. 

Some HTML Humor

Although HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is not strictly a programming language, it is an essential tool for creating the structure of web pages. HTML, like any other technology, has gone through several iterations over the years. Currently, HTML 5 is being applied by most users. 

Image Credit: lite.operafootball.com

When compared to its predecessor, however, there are significant differences in content placement. HTML 4 made extensive use of the table and tr tags to separate content. The latest version, on the other hand, has come a long way by specifying only the div tag for the same purpose.

The Anti-malware Issue

Our computers are no strangers to malware. As a result, the Antimalware Service Executable process is included in Windows Defender. It is a built-in antivirus program included in Windows that performs real-time scanning and is in charge of scanning files for malware whenever you access them.

Image Credit: [u/adkio]/Reddit

The scanning capability of this software is heavily reliant on your computer’s CPU as it consumes a lot of CPU, disk space, memory, RAM, and even network bandwidth. As a result, this SpongeBob meme perfectly depicts how an anti-malware program drains the system’s HDD and RAM.

PC On Steroids

If you understand how nature works, you will realize that nothing is perfect. However, this PC’s performance statistics appear to suggest otherwise. This PC is the equivalent of the over-achieving kid in middle school—but better. We don’t know if it was confiscated.

Image Credit: Tom’s Hardware Forum

As you can see, the utilization rate of this PC is 100%. It could compete with the speed of light at that rate! Although we’re not sure what happened to this PC to make it so fast, programmers would kill for something like this to streamline their work.

The Three Musketeers of IT

You might believe that the only thing necessary to deploy an application is to build it from the ground up. But you actually need more than just programmers to run an application. Server administrators and network administrators are also needed. 

Image Credit: expiredgiftedandtalentedstudent/Imgur

Therefore, these three stakeholders are always involved whenever something goes wrong with an application. This scene from Harry Potter sums up what happens when an application malfunctions. It is always these three unfortunate souls that are called for immediate answers.