Hilarious Parodies: Exploring 3 Of Anime’s Wackiest Game Console Parodies

By Martin B

Anime has a knack for parodying various aspects of pop culture, and video games are no exception. In the realm of anime, we can find a plethora of hilariously funny knockoff video game consoles that add a comedic touch to the storytelling.

Here are three instances showcasing the most hilarious imitation consoles in the genre.

Source: @graciadharmaa/Unsplash


In the world of One Punch Man, the PlayBox is a clear parody of the real-life gaming consoles PlayStation and Xbox. The PlayBox combines the design elements and naming conventions of both consoles into one absurd device.

It’s a clever nod to the ongoing rivalry between the two gaming giants, serving as a comical representation of the console wars that fans are all too familiar with.

WcDonalds GameStation

Haganai introduces us to the WcDonalds GameStation, a playful take on the fast-food chain McDonald’s and popular gaming consoles. The WcDonalds GameStation appears as a cheap knockoff console with a burger-shaped controller.

The absurdity lies in its association with a fast-food chain and the unlikely combination of gaming and hamburgers, resulting in a hilariously amusing concept.

Source: @kseverin/Unsplash


In the anime K-On!, the Piii console stands as a humorous parody of the real-life Wii console by Nintendo. The Piii shares a similar name and design, emphasizing the exaggerated motion controls and family-friendly image associated with the Wii.

It’s a lighthearted representation of the gaming industry’s pursuit of innovation, taking the Wii’s motion-sensing gameplay to absurd levels for comedic effect.

These knockoff video game consoles in anime serve as comedic devices, adding a layer of amusement and satire to the storytelling. They highlight the influence and cultural significance of gaming consoles while playfully poking fun at their real-life counterparts.