Action Figure Superheroes: What Do They Do When Not Saving The World?

By Sachin P

This article was originally published on BetterManly

In general, there are two types of people who own action figures. The first are collectors, who leave the figurines in the packages and display them proudly on their shelves. The second type is those who like to play with the toys they paid for. Usually, we associate this with kids, but adults can have just as much fun playing with their “toys.” David Cubero is proof of this! The Spanish artist is a VFX and motion graphics designer by profession, but in his spare time, he creates photographic masterpieces with action figures. For over a decade now, Cubero has been posting these snapshots of superheroes’ lives when the camera isn’t rolling. You can check out his work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr as SuppaDuppa666. Scroll on to see what your favorite characters from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and more, get up to when they’re not fighting crime.

All images in this article are courtesy of suppaduppa666 on Instagram.


Everybody loves Deadpool, and we have one person to thank for that: Ryan Reynolds. Ryan was born to play the Merc With a Mouth, and he played it with finesse and such comedic timing, we can’t ever imagine anyone else taking on that mantle.

Not only did he star in the film, but Reynolds was a producer for the first one, and co-wrote the sequel. It takes a skilled actor to merge the comedy and violence that makes Deadpool such a beloved character, and Reynolds nailed it!

“I Didn’t Do It”

Black Panther was a breakout hit when it came out in 2018. The film was a sensation, and most of the credit must be given to the extremely talented cast. Out of that, Chadwick Boseman really shone like the star he is.

The Black Panther is the protector of Wakanda and as the name implies, his persona is modeled after that of a big cat. Although the character never showed any real cat-like behaviors, this imagining of life with the Avengers is on point.

“My panther sense is tingling”

Here we have T’Challa, King of Wakanda trying to get some R&R time after a busy day. He has to look after a kingdom that has the technology to rival Star Industries. On top of his royal duties, he is a gosh darn superhero!

This doesn’t leave a lot of free time for T’Challa, but his duty to his people and the world outweighs most things. Now when he is trying to curl up with a book, there’s a puppy disturbing his peace. Must be the handiwork of Shuri, no doubt!

“Come on, Your Highness!”

Cats groom themselves pretty effectively with their tongues. A cat’s tongue has these barbs made out of keratin which is really effective in cleaning out loose fur, dirt, and many other things. But how a cat cleans itself isn’t the question here…

Does the Black Panther have these barbs on his tongue? Considering he’s personifying the traits of a panther, we can’t help but wonder. Well, probably not. He may have the traits but not the physical modifications. If this was a scene like that of the Man-Bat, we would understand.

Bros before accords

The Civil War storyline in the MCU was as awesome as it could have gotten. All those heroes in one place, duking it out in an airport hangar was, well, crazy. Plus, it introduced us all to the magnificence that is T’Challa.

Who knew the Sokovia Accords would drive such a wedge among heroes that were inseparable? That probably drove Tony down a path he really didn’t want to take. How can one forget the friendship with one Captain America that easily?


Now, what do we have here? If we had to guess, Tony looks like he’s wearing his Iron Man 3-era suit. But even with all those upgrades, it can’t be comfortable to lounge in all day. What is the trio reading?

Steve is chilling, munching on a sandwich while reading the Civil War series. We can’t see what Tony is reading, but it seems like the three are doing some homework and researching key battles in Marvel history. Is this how they prepare for the movies?


So in the comics, Civil War was caused by a supervillain. Technically, that’s how it happened in the movie, but it was different. While some fans are upset at the plot divergence, you have to admit that it’s a good way to keep fans on their toes.

Now in the movies, it was the Sokovia Accords. Because Ultron tried to drop a city and in the process, it killed Baron Zemo’s family, which drove him on a path of vengeance. But hogging the sheets also could pave the way for an incursion!

“Maybe, don’t squeeze too hard?”

Bucky, aka the Winter Soldier, was put in rehab with the Wakandans, after the events of the Civil War. There he underwent treatment and was even given a new name by the Wakandans — The White Wolf, a title he wears proudly.

When Infinity War came knocking on the door, the Dora Milaje presented him with a spanking new Vibranium arm that was far superior to the soviet made cybernetic arm. Maybe this happened when he was still trying to process the workings of his new arm.

What in the…

Well, this is something we never ever knew we ever wanted. Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, with Han Solo and Chewbacca. With the current obsession with the Disney multiverse, there is a high possibility that this could actually happen. Somewhere, somehow.

This is seriously impressive considering the sole fact that Chewie is totally on board to be this funky. He could literally tear Deadpool limb from limb if he’s mad at the mercenary. Maybe that’s why he’s so chill. Deadpool can take any punishment Chewie can dish at him, though.

“Come here, you womp rat!”

Darth Vader has made his comeback! Yeah, yeah, we know he died in the Return of the Jedi. We are talking about the excellent TV series that is Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Master and his apprentice are back, after almost 20 years!

Also, us being fans of Rocket Raccoon, we are totally convinced that this could and would happen. Instead of the mask, Rocket will totally steal the arms off of Darth Vader. Maybe add the lightsaber to that list as well.


Iron Man is totally on board to do this Jacka**-inspired stunt. He just wants to tap into that inner child of his, whenever he can. When you are off saving the world nearly every single week or so, you need a break.

Now, we’d normally assume that Captain America would be the level head, possibly putting an end to such antics. But, despite his serious face, we think Cap is on board with this whole thing. Of course, he’d never admit it.

“I am Groot!”

There are only two characters in the MCU that understand Groot: Rocket Raccoon and Thor. But we don’t need a translator to know we love him! The kind-hearted Flora colossus was a fan favorite in the first film, but Baby Groot had everyone’s hearts melting.

Even though Vin Diesel had a five-word vocabulary, he gave the audience a full range of emotions. Part of this can be attributed to director James Gunn, who gave the actor his own “Groot” script. No wonder we could understand him!

Beat it, Rogers!

So that’s why he grew a beard in the events of Infinity War! It’s certainly not what we expect. It wasn’t because he wanted to be this brooding, serious version of Captain America. He just wanted to join the “exclusive” club with Tony and Stephen.

Look at him! Like a sad golden retriever. We can’t bear to see that man in low spirits. Hey, wait! Didn’t Thor compliment him about his beard in Infinity War? Well, there you go, buddy. You have all the validation you need!

“C-c-c-combo breaker!!”

Hulk is totally on board with this arcade game. Why? Because, after Thanos defeated him with ease, the Hulk was having a bit of a tough time. It had major issues on his self-confidence and they had to sideline Hulk for a good bit in the movies.

Rogers is pissed because Thanos sliced his Vibranium shield like it was made out of plywood. T’Challa has a bone to pick with him because he was snapped. It’s all on you, Tony! You have to make sure you win!

Ant-Man, Away!

Our money is on the fact that some of these are Duplo®, based on the apparent size. If that’s the case, then it is a perfect setting to show how small Scott Lang is when he is in Ant-Man mode.

Ingenious, really. To use forced perspective to make it look like this is happening in Ant-Man mode. Creative ideas like these things are what attract us to content like this. You can really see by the overall setup, that he’s really talented guy!

“Embrace the dark side, Stark!”

Stark has one plan — attack! At least, according to Tony in the first Avengers movie. Remember him just diving after Thor who took Loki captive? He changed over the years, but that cocksure impulse stayed with him, at least a little while longer.

He would be beaten after his encounter with one of the most powerful users of the force that ever lived. But if he manages to survive, you are pretty dang sure that he will find something to counter the effects of the force.

Shaking that money tree

Well, the most logical thing to do in the event you need money is to turn towards Stark. Nobody else in the team happens to be a “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, and Philanthropist.” He’s not just all talk, either. He’s the guy that bankrolls everything.

From the QuinJet to the Avengers Tower to their suits to Captain’s shield — nearly everything has the Stark sponsorship sticker. This scene kind of reminds us of Scrooge McDuck with all the gold coins. We’re sure that if the Hulk asked, Tony would have spotted him some change.


Before we delve into how awesome this setup is, we have to appreciate the range of the toys. There is so much detail in each figurine, and they are all so amazing. Just look at Tony. It’s like somebody shrunk Downey Jr. into an action figure.

He’s trimming Baby Groot. Now isn’t that cute? But the thing with Bonsai is that it doesn’t hinder the growth, but restricts the overall size. So does this mean that Tony doesn’t want Baby Groot to become a normal-sized Groot?

No Mercy!

We would have loved to see this exchange unfold. It was in Infinity War that Tony and Quill met for the first time, and it was nothing short of comic magic. Of course, this reminds us of the slip-up from Quill’s end.

But that led to another movie, so you won’t find us complaining. This scene seems plausible. Rocket would totally disassemble the Hulk buster. Which would send Tony into a seizure because who can just watch their life’s work being torn apart like that?

Avengers! Party up!

Now, this is the kind of party we have to be a part of! Somehow! Has someone perfected a way to break the dimensional barriers, or to rip a portal in spacetime so that we can hit this party up?

We’re pretty sure this is in a universe where Tony is still the party animal he is. It seems like the Avengers have got together without the help of Fury. Or is Fury in this too? There’s only one way to find out…let’s go party!

“What are these?”

Batman and Black Panther may not have a lot in common — one is a king, and one is a billionaire playboy — but they do share similar outfits. Both superheros prefer to don an all-black outfit when they go out to fight crime. And, as T’Challa noticed, they both have ears!

The points on the Dark Knight’s cowl vary in their height, depending on the master artist. The trend is that the grittier the Batman is, the shorter the ears. More troubled the Batman is longer the ears. Just look at the Batman from Red Rain! Those are practically horns!

The Incredible Christmas

Thdre’s so much going on in this one picture, we don’t know where to start! The Hulk does’t seem to be enjoying his new role as a Christmas tree, but he’s tall and green, which fits the bill. And what better star is there than the one on Cap’s shield?

T’Challa better have control over his cat instincts, or that tree is going down. But look at how much effort everyone is putting into making the Hulk presentable. We are sure that once She-Hulk makes her appearance, the ladies will get together and give her the same treatment that Bruce is now getting.

“Let’s get you patched up in no time!”

Oh, Tony will be totally on board! This T-800 model Terminator will be one of Tony’s closest allies and friends. We are sure of it. We assume that this happened in a universe where John Connor manages to thwart the plans of Skynet.

Also, a universe where the T-800 doesn’t have to die for the umpteenth time. It’s kind of a tired trope; seeing him die. Imagine the potential upgrades the T-800 would receive and the knowledge Tony would receive from the time-traveling cyborg.

Iron Groot

Now, how about that? An Iron Groot! He would be the first plant-based organism to receive the honor of putting on an Ironman suit. Plus, look how happy baby Groot looks as he gears up. A bit too manic, to be honest.

We all saw how Tony loves the charges under his care. How caring he was of Peter, and how distraught he was when Peter was snapped. So no wonder that he would take to baby Groot in an instant. How cute is this?

Playtime Avengers

If we had to guess, we think that these figures are from the Egg Attack! Line by the company Beast Kingdom. These are not bobbleheads, if you are wondering, but actually, they are articulated figures with small proportions and large heads.

Aww! Look at all of them joining forces together to build a sandcastle that looks like the Avengers Tower. Now, if that is not adorable, we don’t know what is. Bucky is obviously mad about something, and Steve tells him to hold it together.

Milk Lovers Society

If this setting were to get any darker, we wouldn’t be able to see anything in this image. We have Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange, the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise, and Lord Darth Vader from Star Wars, all hanging out with Thanos.

The entire couch is a personification of the ultimate evil. In a way, that might help these guys to bond over a glass of milk — Alex’s preferred beverage. Just look how chill Thanos looks. He could be on a vacation for all we know.

“Would you stop!!”

Technically, Howard Stark was the one who developed the iconic shield for Captain America. Well, using stolen Vibranium, that is. But that’s a story for another day. There was a way to spice this up further if you come to think of it.

Have T’Challa snag the shield and run, since all stolen Vibranium is rightfully his property. Then have Tony Stark run after him because the shield was his father’s before it was given to Steve. Cap will be at the back, trying to get his favorite piece of equipment.

Self-care Thanos

Self-care Thanos has blessed your day, in a virtual medium that is, but he had blessed it nonetheless. Just look at how chill this guy is. He wiped out half the population of the entire universe and ticked off Earth’s mightiest heroes, but you wouldn’t guess that from this image.

Look how chill he is, with his gelato. Why do we tell it’s a gelato but not an ice cream? Because self-care Thanos is all about that vibe, dudes. He won’t settle for ice cream when he has a spanking new Vespa!

(Bro)cerer Supreme

Lookee here boys! The good doctor, the Bleeker Street Magician (bless Tony’s heart) is here with some ‘za! Now that’s what we call a bro! A bro who brings pizza to a superhero gathering like this so they can party up!

We can’t help but wonder where the pizzas came from. Strange is a powerful magician; did he summon them out of thin air? Or, did the former surgeon need to wait in line at a pizza parlor? We’d love to see that vignette!

OP Combo

How cool will this iteration be? The venom symbiote bonding with the already ridiculously overpowered Hulk? That would be just bananas. The symbiote grants its host superhuman strength and abilities usually. With the green rage monster’s rep, this combo would be insane.

We think the symbiote would be overjoyed to have the Hulk as the host. All it needs to do is to shut down the rational “Banner” in the Hulk’s mind and let the guy wreak unimaginable amounts of havoc. Overpowered much?

Confused Son Goku

Dragon Ball. Wow, that really takes us back. We wish we had our own Flying Nimbus to take us to work or even grocery shopping. After all, there’s no traffic up in the air. It looks like Steve is having fun riding along…

Only the pure of heart can ride the Flying Nimbus. Tony has good intentions and a pure heart, but apparently not enough for the Nimbus. This is Thor’s hammer all over again! Don’t worry, Tony, you’re worthy in our hearts.

“I’ll smack the sense out of you two if you don’t behave!”

Seeing how things turn out in the Marvel universe (cinematic or comic it doesn’t make a big difference) there is a possibility that this could have happened. If the Incredible Hulk was a part of the Civil War movie, that is.

Nope. He wasn’t actually. The QuinJet took him to Sakaar of all places, where he became a gladiator. It seemed wild, but Taika made it happen in such a way that it became the best Thor movie out of the three. Now that’s talent.

Steal – E

WALL•E was simultaneously a cute and sad story. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the little helper robot when he made his debut in 2008. His determination to clean up all of the trash one cube at a time is something that just warms our hearts.

He’s somewhat lonesome, but he’s really inquisitive and observant. That inquisitive nature is what made him steal Tony’s suit. We are pretty sure that these two met during and after, the events of Iron Man 3, if you look at the state of the suit(s).

Forward, Avengers!

Good choice of comics here. Seems like it is issue 205 of Avengers, where Vision duked it out with the Yellow Claw. It’s lovely to see Captain America and the Black Panther using it as a magic carpet of sorts.

They are not alone! Surrounded by the talented Doctor Strange, Natasha hitching a ride with Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Basically, if you discount Thor and the Hulk, you have the total Civil War roster here.

Vitamin Sea

They might look like they are at odds, but these two can’t fool us fans. They are on a couple’s vacation at the beachside after all the saving the world shenanigans. When do superheroes ever have a chance to rest and recuperate?

That’s right, almost never. What’s the point of being a billionaire and a playboy if you don’t know how to party? “Come Cap, let me show you how we Starks party up in here!” Well, that’s how we think the exchange went. Not too far-fetched, is it?

Fly like a (supersonic) bird

Look, everyone wants to be Iron Man because he is ridiculously smart and he is uber-rich. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have their own suit? Just think of all the possible things that could be done with technology like that!

First and foremost, it would be the ability to travel anywhere you want in the world. You just have to tell JARVIS or FRIDAY where you want to go, and they will take you there. Free as a bird, as it should be.


There was a reason why Marvel didn’t debut the likes of Doctor Strange until the events of Age of Ultron. We are pretty sure that the entirety of the movie wouldn’t even span two hours if the Avengers sought his help.

He isn’t called the Sorcerer Supreme for no reason (well, in the comics, anyway) and this setup is as a good indication as to why as any. He just needs to evoke the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to hold Ultron. Good luck breaking free from those, tin man!

Good posture matters!

Hulk might be the strongest Avenger, but he really ought to adopt some good postures. Superhero or not, a good posture is worth its weight in gold when it comes to doing day-to-day functions with ease and safety. We hope that he at least knows to stretch those muscles regularly.

Taking care of yourself is all that should matter. Tony and Steve, based on their upbringing, maintain very good postures when reading, which is another very valued and effective way of spending free time. It looks like Bruce got his posture ideas from Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park.


A showdown between Venom and Thanos? Well that would be AWESOME! It totally is; just imagine! An overpowered symbiote duking it out with the Mad Titan. It kind of reminds us of a no holds barred match in WWE. The last man standing wins!

We bet people would actually pay good money to see these two fight like there is no tomorrow. Instead of tables, ladders, and chairs, these two would use cars, buildings, and anything weighing at least a ton to hurt each other!

Chimichanga time!

Oh, you thought we were done with Deadpool? No way! He’s to awesome to ignore. As we said before, Ryan Reynolds brought the character to life in a way that few actors could. The chimichanga-loving assassin had us laughing for hours.

He was a force to be reckoned with before he got a mutant upgrade. Now, he’s unstoppable. And we don’t want to see anyone try. Sure, he’s not your typical superhero, but life isn’t interesting without a little chaos in it, right?

“Enough! enough!!”

Remember that one skit in Brooklyn Nine-Nine where Jake Peralta tries to annoy a suspect to confess? He just grabs a guitar and strums it while screaming at the top of his lungs. The perp looks quite annoyed. Simple but peak humor!

Well, we can argue that the same is happening here. Tony might be one of the smartest men around but we don’t know if he’s a good singer. We know Thor is since Chris Hemsworth can carry a tune. A fact attested by the castmates of the 2016 Ghostbusters film.

Pizza Bros!

Spider-Man and Venom might have one of the most popular hero vs. villain relationships known in comics. Every comic book enthusiast knows the history between Venom and Spider-Man. They may fight but there are times when they have worked as allies.

For example, they teamed up to take down Cletus Cassady aka “Carnage” when he went on one of his rampages. Who knows if this would happen? Both are from New York and it would be a crime to not have some pizza while they have a slight rest in between!

Roman(off) Holiday

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of complicated relationships. We know all about the bromance between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, but the connection between Natasha and Bruce was a bit unexpected. And, it seems that the writers agreed, since that plot seemed to go nowhere.

Still, even as friends, they can go out and have adventures together. A trip around the city doesn’t need to be a romantic affair. Look at how much of a gentleman the Hulk is. Not that Natasha would mind getting her hair wet, but it’s the thought that counts.

Learn to get along!

The Avengers’ lifeblood is the unstoppable duo of Iron Man and Captain America. Their partnership has never really been perfect, yet the world relies on them to set their egos aside and cooperate. The Avengers face a major hurdle that isn’t posed by any of the films’ villains.

It’s because our heroes aren’t getting along. That’s what Baron Helmut Zemo managed to manipulate, driving a wedge between them to create a superhuman civil war. In a sense. Black Panther was the one who truly understood this and said, he was done letting vengeance consume him.

Puny Bat!

The biggest question we have is this: how on Earth did Batman manage to stick a Batarang on the Hulk, out of all people? Isn’t his skin impenetrable? Kind of like Luke Cage’s skin, but more powerful. Though he doesn’t seem all that bothered by it.

So, in a way, this is a pretty impressive feat in itself. Like he knows the weakness of every single member of the Justice League, we are pretty sure he has the number of the Hulk sorted as well. He’s the Batman, after all.