Sorcery Or Technology?: 35 Images of Harry Potter Characters According To AI

By Jhoana C

This article was originally published on WhyThese

Potterheads everywhere rejoice because, today, we are talking about your favorite Harry Potter characters. They’ve made their marks in the movies and books — if you’ve read the books and watched the movies, you know there are differences between the two. Movies have to deal with time constraints, so they often have to cut a few scenes. Lord knows no one wants to sit through an 8-hour movie.

How characters are described in a book and how they appear in movies can also be very different, and that’s exactly why this Vietnamese artist called Msbananaanna decided to work her magic and recreate the characters exactly as how the books described. With the use of artificial intelligence called Artbreeder, she has come up with these images. Let’s take a look!

#1 Let’s start with the meanest of them all, Lord Voldemort

Of course, we have to start strong, so here’s the greatest villain in the franchise for you, Lord Voldemort. Harry’s nemesis didn’t have any facial hair…or anywhere. He was completely bald. He wasn’t warm or friendly, in fact, he was fiendish.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

He had only one goal: to kill the boy who lived. This version of Lord Voldemort is unnerving as it demonstrates just how evil he was and how hell-bent he was on his mission. We might just have nightmares tonight and may need to keep the light on when we sleep.

#2 From sinister to hunky with Cedric Diggory

Now let’s move on to someone who’s a sight for sore eyes, Cedric Diggory. He is someone we’d love to just stare at the whole day. We wouldn’t mind spending the entire day with him, too — even if it’s just to help him with his groceries.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Described as someone who’s silent but strong, he looks determined to do all the things he set out to. This is how technology sees him. Is this also how he looked in your dreams? Come on, don’t be shy. We won’t judge.

#3 Fleur Delacour is quite the looker

With this image of Fleur Delacour, it’s easy to see why everyone was so smitten by her. She looks like the epitome of femininity; with just one look, she could set hearts ablaze. She’s quite the catch and that Bill Weasley guy clearly hit the jackpot.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

We like this version of her better than the one we saw on screen because, here, she really glows and is even ethereal. Just imagine this face with that cute French accent talking to you. Any guy would go crazy for her.

#4 Cho Chang, another looker

From one looker to another, here we have Cho Chang. This image makes it easy to see why Harry Potter fancied her. Not only did the two share so many likes, but Cho is stunning! Just imagine that face with long and shiny black hair.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Ask any guy and they’d tell you that she has the face that makes people take a second look. No wonder a handful of Hogwarts students had crushes on her, including Roger Davies, Cedric Diggory, and Michael Corner. Cho, you’re a beauty!

#5 Hermione Granger wasn’t as good-looking as Emma Watson

Nowadays, Emma Watson is not only known for her acting prowess and advocacy, but her beauty as well (pun intended). She grew up to be a lovely young lady, both inside and out. However, her character in the franchise, Hermione, wasn’t as lucky as her in the looks department.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Aside from her unruly, dry, and frizzy hair, Hermione also had BIG teeth. Yes, all caps for emphasis! It took her four Harry Potter books to look better and more palatable, so to say. This image is a pretty accurate representation of Hermione.

#6 Bellatrix not only seemed strange, she looked the part too

Helena Bonham Carter will always be one of our favorite actresses of all time. Not only does she love quirky and offbeat roles, she’s one heck of an actress too, which explains why she was perfect for the part of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

She embodied the strangeness of Bellatrix, not only in how she was made up in the film but also in her acting. However, this AI version of Bellatrix is something we didn’t expect. Yes, she always had that kind of darkness around her, but Carter looked better than this.

#7 Wow, Ginny!

Ginny Weasley went from a gloomy character to one that’s perennially happy. Everyone knows Harry ended up with Ginny Weasley in the books and movies, and we can agree with Harry’s choice, especially if this is how she truly looked.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

The darling of the Weasley family, not only does Ginny have a pretty face, she is a person with conviction and always stands for the truth. This image of her is exactly as author J.K. Rowling envisioned her and we daresay she’s prettier than the actress who played her part.

#8 Enough of the girls, let’s feast our eyes on Gilderoy Lockhart

Now, this is a seriously charming man! This is the kind of blue-eyed prince charming who sweeps ladies off their feet in romance novels. Played by the dashing Kenneth Branagh in the movies, this AI image is much younger than the actor.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Just like the book says, he has wavy golden hair, piercing blue eyes, and a megawatt smile. Too bad that it turned out he was just pretending and wasn’t the real deal. With looks like these, there’s no need to pretend to be a great wizard. Just one smolder, and the ladies will swoon!

#9 This is not how we envisioned Remus to look like

In this rendition, Remus looks the worse for wear. Perhaps he’s been working too hard and he’s forgotten to take a rest. Or perhaps he’s only been sleeping 4 hours a night? Whatever it is, he looks like he needs a vacation ASAP!

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Remus was the best friend of Harry’s parents, but what’s more interesting is that he’s a werewolf in the franchise, but a good one. He will do anything needed to protect his friends. This image has managed to capture his serious countenance and his eyes that are full of mystery.

#10 Lucius Malfoy is one dark guy

Considered one of the bad guys in the Harry Potter books, Lucius Malfoy is a pure-blood wizard and the father of Draco. Aside from being part of the Malfoy clan, Lucius was educated at Hogwarts where he was also the prefect of the Slytherin House.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

He is also a member of the death eaters, and because of his associations with He Who Must Not Be Named, he spent some time in prison. Perhaps that’s the reason why he looks exhausted in this photo. We like the cold blue eyes, though, because it’s spot-on with the description.

#11 We always thought Viktor Krum was better looking than this

A foreign wizard who flew from Europe to participate in the Quidditch competition, Viktor Krum was a dashing foreigner who caught the eye of Hermione Granger. In the movie, he was portrayed by actor Stanislav Ianevski, someone who’s undeniably handsome.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

However, in the book when you read his description, it is less than flattering. Clearly, J.K. Rowling didn’t see him as someone who was going to make the ladies’ hearts flutter. Guess we’re just used to Viktor in the movie — he was swoon-worthy.

#12 Why does Draco look so gaunt?

Draco is proof that children imitate their parents. The son of a husband and wife who had associations with the Dark Lord, it was no surprise that he decided to follow in their footsteps. He was a bully at Hogwarts and he disliked Harry from the start.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

This AI image is the closest visage that is based on the author’s description of Draco, but we can’t help but think that he looks scarier here, and dare we say, gaunt. He looks like he hasn’t eaten in weeks and is badly in need of a sandwich.

#13 Oops, from one ugly guy to another

Sorry to be blunt, but Peter Pettigrew was never described as a handsome man. We’ve all seen him in the movie — not only did he betray his friends, but he was also unlucky in the look’s department. In addition, he was vermin in most of the story.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Here he is as reimagined by AI, something we would rather not see. The way he looks is exactly as he was described in the book and yet it’s a sight we could go our whole lives without seeing. His appearance in the movie was already bad enough.

#14 We still dislike Uncle Vernon

According to AI, this is what the real Uncle Vernon looked like. We’re not surprised he doesn’t look good because he also had a bad attitude, and sometimes they go together. According to the book, his face changes color if he’s angry.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

He was plump, hence the chubby face you see here, and he had a trademark mustache. We don’t know about you, but we still dislike him. This AI thingy is really like sorcery and we know how much Uncle Vernon hates that S word.

#15 Professor Minerva is quite young here

Professor Minerva was suspected to be a Death Eater and a top one at that — just check fan sites and you’ll understand what we’re saying. Anyway, actress Maggie Smith did her character justice. She was very good at portraying the well-loved teacher in Hogwarts.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

This image is very different from the Professor McGonagall we have all come to know and love in the movies. Not only does she look younger, but she has a different look too, but if you read how she was described in the book, you’d agree that this version is closer.

#16 Another ginger

Another well-loved ginger character in the book and the eldest of the Weasley brood is Bill. The book describes him as someone who has fiery red hair like his siblings, except that his locks are kept in a ponytail. Of course, he also had to have the signature freckles.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

It seems that AI isn’t so intelligent after all because it came up with a rough Weasley who looks like the schoolyard bully. Well, that’s just the impression that this image is giving us. We’d rather stick to the Bill Weasley we’ve come to love in the movie. 

#17 An aunt we don’t want to spend time with

Petunia Dursley is as despicable as her husband, Uncle Vernon. They were never kind to Harry and they devoted all of their attention to their only child, Dudley. While they were growing up, she was extremely jealous of her sister’s magical abilities.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

No wonder she took out all her jealousy on her sister’s son. According to the book, Petunia was blond and had blue eyes, very different from what she was portrayed in the movie. However, there’s one thing that the AI missed and that’s her abundant neck — if we could call it that.

#18 James Potter was a good-looking man

It’s such a shame that Harry didn’t even get to see his father because his dad was one good-looking guy. Thankfully, the book gave readers an idea of what he looked like. Just like his son he also wore glasses and he had hazel eyes.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

From this image, you can tell that Harry took after his father as they look a lot alike. James was a man who had a kind face and someone with whom you could confide your problems without fear of judgment.

#19 Let’s talk about Lily

After talking about Harry, it’s only natural that we talk about his wife, Lily, next. Lily was Harry’s mother and just like James, she was also killed when Harry was just a baby. If we were Harry and grew up without knowing our mother, we’d be excited to see her photograph.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Without a doubt, Lily was a beauty, she had a kind face, and Harry has her eyes. We wonder what she would have looked like in her old age. For sure, she would still be lovely and there would be more joy on her face while she spends time with her grandchildren.

#20 Severus looked a lot like the character in the movies

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Alan Rickman being given the part of Severus Snape was a stroke of genius. There was nobody else better to play the character, bless the late actor’s soul. Rickman was perfection.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Severus in the movies also looked a lot like how AI imagined him. They could pass off as twins. He may not be the most beloved character in the franchise but he was true to his best friends up until the very end of his life.

#21 Eccentric Nymphadora

Played by actress Natalia Tena in the movies, Nymphadora Tonks was one of the quirkiest characters, and that’s saying a lot considering that there are many quirky characters in the Harry Potter universe. The pink-haired lady was certainly a woman on a mission.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Here is what Nymphadora looked like according to AI. It’s different from the face audiences are familiar with but this is closer to the description according to the book and if you’ve read the book, you’ll agree with AI. She is pretty, in a quirky kind of way.

#22 Tom Riddle

If you’re curious about how Voldemort looked before he became a villainous wizard, here he is. Feast your eyes on young Tom Riddle! Yes, we’ve all seen him in the movies but we also wanted to know what AI thought of him.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

From his looks as a young person, you would never have guessed that one day he’d go on a killing spree. But, yeah, people’s looks can’t predict how they will act later on in life. Nothing from this image would tell you that he is or will be a bad person.

#23 The unfortunate Argus Filch

Argus Filch was an unfortunate man, not only because he couldn’t perform magic but because he also looked, to put it bluntly, quite bad. People would understand why no one was attracted to him so he spent most of his time enforcing rules in the school.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

We already saw what he looked like in the movies but what did AI think of him? Here he is according to technology. He always looks serious, as if nothing in this world is ever funny enough for him. How sad it must be to live like that.

#24 Ron was in a perpetually awkward stage

Ron, Harry’s best friend, looked as if he was on a perpetually awkward stage. He inherited the Weasley genes and from his looks, you can tell that he was a member of the family. He had an abundance of freckles on his face, red hair on his head, blue eyes, and a long nose.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

The description doesn’t seem very attractive and truth be told, neither was Ron. But he was a lucky guy because, in the end, he still got the girl. Do you agree with this image of Ron, or do you look the Ron in the movies better?

#25 The boy who lived

After Ron, let’s move on to his best friend, the boy who lived and the boy who put an end to Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter. From his appearance, you can see that he took after his parents. He’s got his looks from both his parents.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

He has vibrant, green eyes, his hair is disheveled and he looks as if he could gain some more weight. Well, that’s how the book described him — small for his age…probably because Dudley ate all the food in the house.

#26 Let’s move on to Harry’s favorite cousin

Of course, we must also talk about Harry’s, err, favorite cousin, Dudley. He made it his life’s mission to bully Harry whenever the opportunity presented itself. He acted like a tyrant and got all the attention in the home and all the good things money can buy.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Here you will see Dudley looking like the bully that he is. From here you can tell that he is overweight and although eventually, he started getting into shape, we still remember him as the cumbersome kid who took out all his frustrations on his cousin.

#27 This is the Neville Longbottom we all want

After seeing this AI version of Neville Longbottom, we’d like to get an explanation from the people behind the movies as to why they had to make him look like a cliche dork. We understand that he’s a bit of a geek but he wasn’t ugly.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Yes, in the beginning, he was described as someone chubby with buck teeth, but he eventually grew out of that awkward phase. This is the Neville we all deserved, however, it wasn’t the Neville we got. Never mind, he’s still got a special place in our hearts.

#28 Do you see the resemblance between Voldemort and his mother?

We wonder what it feels like to give birth to a person who would become synonymous with the devil later in life. If you’re wondering what Tom Riddle’s mother looks like, here she is. She didn’t have a happy childhood and spent most of her years in an abusive home.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

In addition, she also died shortly after giving birth to Tom Riddle. Oh, her name is Merope, we know most people won’t remember her so there you go. She’s not pretty by all accounts and this AI version drives that point home.

#29 Here are the twins

Played by real-life twins James and Oliver Phelps, Fred and George Weasley have got to be one of the most popular sets of twins in the fictional world. The identical twins had flaming red hair like the rest of the Weasley family, and also had their fair share of freckles.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

This AI version of the twins isn’t that bad. We’d even dare say that they are good-looking. What do you think? Do you agree with us or are we going crazy? It wouldn’t be unusual for some girls to fancy them if they looked like this.

#30 Delirious Dolores

Well, it goes without saying that one of the teachers in the Harry Potter universe that people dislike the most was Dolores Umbridge. She just didn’t look right in the head, as if there were a few screws loose inside.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

This AI image convinces us even more that she is one crazy lady. Look at that manic smile. We’d be unnerved if we were roaming the halls in the early morning and came across her looking like that. She’s a nightmare!

#31 Well, Pansy isn’t happy

Described as pug-faced in the book, we give the AI ten out of ten because this image of Pansy is 100% correct. A witch in the Slytherin House and a character we would rather not be friends with, she wanted to hand over Harry to Voldemort.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

We don’t care if you’re in the world of humans or the world of wizards, being described as pug-faced is something we don’t want. Sorry, Pansy, you already looked bad enough, why did you have to make your attitude match your face?

#32 Luna, the looney

Luna Lovegood is another eccentric character from the book. The only child of Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood, she made her debut in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix where she was described as someone who had a dazed and dreamy look.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

Her hair was also described as waist-length and dirty blond. Her description isn’t flattering, you can ask anyone and they will agree but we like Luna in the movies better than this one, even though it’s a more accurate representation.

#33 Sirius is seriously suave

Sirius Black, the person who swore to protect Harry, was another friend of Lily and James. In the movies, he was played by the incomparable Gary Oldman and we’re not saying that he wasn’t great in the films but his looks were a little off.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

He looked rough and he had a beard — probably because he was constantly on the move — but this version of Sirius is suave and we’d be lying if we don’t say we like this more. We admit we have a serious crush on him now.

#34 We wouldn’t want Narcissa looking at us

Draco Malfoy was blond so it figures that his mother and father were also fair-haired. It also seems that being lunatics and loyal Death Eaters run in the family. Here is the family matriarch looking every inch the evil person that she is.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

She was tall, blond, thin, and had blue eyes that were empty, just like Draco and Lucius. She also looks like she’s constantly smelling something foul and this image looks about right. Look at that dead-eyed expression on her face.

#35 Here’s Charlie Weasley!

It’s hard to keep track of all the Weasley children — there are too many of them. It boggles our minds how their parents were able to handle all of them without losing their heads. Having two kids is already a handful.

Image courtesy of Msbananaanna/Imgur

But they’re not simple muggles, they are talented wizards and perhaps that explains why they have a better grip on things. Anyway, there isn’t much to say about Charlie, he’s got the trademark Weasley look like the rest of the family.