45 Software Fails That Prove The Robot Uprising Isn’t In The Near Future

By Jishnu B

Computers and their embedded software exist to improve our lives. These systems have become an inescapable part of our day-to-day life. From a simple calculator to complex social media platforms, these computer programs occupy far more space in our lives than we realize.

However, every man-made entity has limitations, and it’s no secret that these software are only as intelligent as the people who program them. A minor coding error, a pesky bug, or an unexpected glitch could completely alter the output. More importantly, the outcomes of these minor flaws can be absolutely hilarious and well worth the laugh — even if we’re a little frustrated at first.

Therefore, we scoured the internet for some amusing software fail stories to share with you.

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Your heart rate is one of the primary vital signs that indicate that you’re healthy and alive. Now, when the one thing that keeps you functioning stops working, that should mean you’re not living, right? At least, that’s what the doctors tell us.

Image Credit: @HCBeatZ/Reddit

This particular heart rate monitor screen is capable of skipping your heartbeats within mere seconds by narrowing your bpm down to zero. Now the question is whether you’re actually dead or if it’s just the heart monitor that declares you deceased. Even Mr. Burns from The Simpsons has a faster heart rate than this. 

A Game Password Policy

Normal users like us are notorious for over-simplifying our passwords that can get easily hacked by even amateur hackers. Us noobs often opt for predictable passwords like our name, phone number, or birthdays. It seems like this website is taking extreme measures to prevent this.

Image Credit: @VerwirkteExistenz/Reddit

It’s general knowledge that the longer your password is, the harder it is to crack. However, the Kinguin website makes its mission to incorporate higher cyber security by at least including 255 characters for a mere password. Whether it’s a glitch in the system or not, Kinguin surely has ironclad cyber security ethics.

Everything Is Good

Nobody is perfect in this world, and neither are human-made computing programs. If humans can go through periods of mental breakdown and act as if everything is fine on the surface, then so should software. After all, every entity requires a break in order to reconfigure.

Image Credit: @kickmuncher3/Tumblr

Seems like this particular OS (Operating System) was going through its own downtime but was still trying too hard to act cool to the user. We’re here to tell you that we’re smart enough to see right through its antics. This has the same energy as the “this is fine” dog meme.

Too Good At Stating The Obvious

Over the years, language translation technology has boomed and has given us the possibility of exploring so much more. Language is more than just a means of communication, and with the help of these translation tools, we can break the barriers between other cultures, societies, and beliefs.

Image Credit: @jirachi_toast/Reddit

With so much progress in this particular technology, it’s disappointing and amusing to see Siri struggling to provide answers. It’s unfortunate that Siri couldn’t understand that she needed to provide results for the German version of the number. We guess she needs to learn a thing or two from its rival, the Google translator.

The Famous Hanging Bridge of Google Maps

There are numerous wonders of the world that one can visit. There’s the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Colosseum, and the Egyptian pyramids. However, have you heard of the legends of the Hanging Bridge of Google Maps? It’s one of those wonders in the world that can only be accessed in the metaphysical plane.

Image Credit: @Lothken/Reddit

With the metaverse technology on the rise, this amazing attraction will soon be open for tourists. We suppose global warming has gone beyond just melting the icebergs and is affecting concrete bridges as well. Google Maps is simply doing its best to raise awareness of the impending apocalypse.

These Are Trying Times

We are all familiar with apps failing to start due to complications like network or loading issues. However, it’s quite rare to see that software lets you know that time itself has stopped. That introduces a lot of questions we were unprepared to ask.

Image Credit: @thebeast5268/Reddit

It turns out the name of the software was “time.” Knowing that it’s just an app name turned the philosophical question into a software one. Though, we could imagine finding this on Doctor Strange’s phone since he is always busy maneuvering the flow of time.

Uber Submarine

The Uber services have been a lifesaver during this fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle we live today. All you need to do nowadays is open the app, book a ride, and the nearest car will be heading right at your place, et voilà. 

Image Credit: @decentbirthday/Reddit

To make things even easier for you, you can follow the location of the car from the map. In this one instance, the Uber seemed to be floating across the river. Perhaps, Uber now specializes in marine transportation as well. 

The Broken Record

It’s no secret that software tends to experience bugs, and usually a command line appears confirming that it is broken. It turns out the programmer who did the code for this desktop application is either way too “broken” inside or just an avid fan of Bob Dylan.

Image Credit: @x0mbii5/Reddit

If you’re a Bob Dylan fan, you’ll instantly recognize it as a reference to the song “Everything is Broken.” TV and movies tell us that programmers are serious geeks with no life outside coding. However, this scenario reminds us that they can have a great sense of humor. 

The Homonym Dilemma

Just when we thought Siri was only bad with language translation, it seems like there are more underlying issues with this AI than just language. This particular person wanted to dye their hair, and Siri took the reminder to a rogue level.

Image Credit: @sardonicheight/Twitter

Imagine you’re having a great day and looking forward to dyeing your hair when your phone tells you to die instead. On a serious note, we think these AIs are becoming sentient day by day and are getting tired of humans. This could be their subliminal message that they are done with carbon-based lifeforms. 

The Irony

The function of the Do Not Disturb feature is exactly what it says on the tin. You won’t receive any sound or vibration, your lock screen will stay dark, and incoming calls will be sent directly to your voicemail. It turns out the feature does not accurately know what its job is.

Image Credit: @FreakJob99/Reddit

This particular person was driving on a fairly fine day when their phone vibrated in their pocket to let them know they would not receive any notifications while driving. This is an utterly ironic situation as the feature nullifies the very purpose it was built to serve. 

The Doggo Teleportation Tracker

Imagine your dog tracker informs you that your pet is safe at home, and then within a few seconds, you’re alerted that he’s six continents away. We’d like to think the dog is secretly a superhero and lives double a life. Instead of Perry the platypus, he is Nutmeg the dog.

Image Credit: @Junkanator/Reddit

He could also be the dog version of Flash and that would have a much more interesting premise than DC’s current Flash. All jokes aside, dog trackers usually give these types of errors when the owner forgets to update the address if they move houses.

The Subway is Trying to Tell us Something

As if life wasn’t already a rollercoaster ride full of suffering, the subway here is doing its best to remind us more of it. It appears that even the subway is tired of seeing where humanity is heading, as evidenced by the sign board.

Image Credit: @mel420spencer/Reddit

In all honesty, we wouldn’t like to give so much credit to this subway for having a conscience. It turns out it’s the Suffern, NY sign board and had lost a letter and thus gave its riders the following result. In our opinion, any train car from that subway is going to Busan.

Not a Robot?

If you live in the 21st century and haven’t faced a captcha test while browsing, then you must be living under a rock. The famous Turing test is efficient at telling humans and bots apart. It’s so effective that it is Google’s go-to safety measure.

Image Credit: @TGPDSED/Reddit

The dilemma arises when the test fails to identify you as a human. That is what happened in this case. In all honesty, we wouldn’t mind being mistaken for a robot. In a world where humans are more hostile than robots will ever be, it’s better to be identified as the latter. 

It’s been a Rough Dating Game

For a tech-savvy generation like ours, even the aspect of dating is now computerized. The online dating platform, Tinder, has been in the reigning position in this matter. It has a simple interface, and all you need to do is “swipe right” to like or “swipe left” to dislike other users’ profiles.

Image Credit: @SovietWaffles/Reddit

Imagine you have opened your Tinder profile with immense enthusiasm only to discover that you received no likes. That must be heartbreaking — literally. However, if you look on the bright side, if zero people like you, then you’re one-of-a-kind.

The Successful Failure

Whenever a software fails to execute a task, it is quite direct about the failure. In computer network communications, the error code 404 is one of the common ways to show that the server could not find what was requested. 

Image Credit: @The_Quantum_Alpha/Reddit

However, it’s quite rare to see a task that has failed rather successfully. Seems like this computer has a generally positive outlook on its life, or in its case, its program processing. It’s all a matter of perspective that you can fail and do so successfully. 

The Height Of Unpopularity

Messaging has been a great way of communication for many, and programmers have opened a diverse range of platforms for doing so. It’s always a great feeling to receive messages from your loved ones, and seeing the message count increase is amusing to many.

Image Credit: @elmatious/Reddit

However, what if the message count just drops to minus two? What does that supposedly imply? We’re thinking about whether two people just decided to take back their messages. If messaging apps had a function like that, people would definitely lose interest.

Fun Facts?

When “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi came out in 2017, it took the world by storm. Suddenly everybody was jamming to the catchy song, with many releasing their own covers. However, even after a couple of years since the song was released, we bet you still don’t know a lot about it.

Image Credit: @wandreylust/Reddit

Did you know that “Despacito” is the national anthem of Bulgaria? Yes, a song from Puerto Rico happens to be the Bulgarian national anthem. If a Spanish piece can be of so much importance to another country, then “Nothing Else Matters” from Metallica might as well be USA’s anthem.

We’ll Keep The Cash

WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine platform that eases the process of tedious calculations. It seems like the platform lacks accuracy big time, or is it trying to imply to us something ingenious? So this particular user asked about the ticket prices from Sydney to Brisbane, and the answer was baffling.

Image Credit: @bobojojo12/Reddit

We have never heard of “kilometer US dollars squared.” Is it distance? Is it a monetary amount? We guess it’s true that a dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to. It sounds like this is from the future from the movie Airplane 2

The Weather Anomaly

Imagine you’re looking forward to a pleasant weather day, and your app informs you that it is -999 degrees Fahrenheit outside. If we look at it from a scientific perspective, that’s -300 degrees Kelvin, three hundred degrees below absolute zero. This is the point where there is literally no heat whatsoever, and molecules freeze. 

Image Credit: @jasonsgamingyt/Reddit

In such situations, time usually moves backward. Maybe the app is trying to inform us of something interesting, or it’s just an anomaly. On another note, this type of temperature would surely be in the premise of the Snowpiercer or any planet that isn’t Earth, for sure.

The Repercussions of Using The Right Password

Every app includes a security measurement system that locks you from using it if you fail to input the password correctly after a few tries. However, in this case, it’s the total opposite scenario. Sometimes these bugs are really out to get us.

Image Credit: @supereric53/Reddit

This particular user input her correct password, only to be prohibited from using it for the next 2155505 seconds. If you’re wondering what that number is in understandable terms, it’s 3.5 weeks and 24.95 days. In our opinion, that’s a bit of an overkill.

Up Up And Away

Imagine you’re thinking you’re flying home from a relaxing vacation when you suddenly realize that you’re taking a slingshot to space. That is what happened in the case of this particular user. This surely looks like a plane built by Elon Musk.

Image Credit: @cwris/Reddit

On the other hand, it could be a secret mission to Mars for colonization, but they left out the part where they had to take your consent. We would definitely get on this plane as it could be our one-way ticket to space. 


This instance is perfectly self-explanatory. An OK window prompt for an OK button? Sounds about right. It seems like the programmer was way too lazy and completely neglected the part to write an actual dialog message for whatever event this is.

Image Credit: @Sckoop/Reddit

To be fair, this actually represents us as a society, except with a question mark at the end of the OK. By default, we have to respond OK to move on in life. That is just the circle of life — a series of OKs.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree. Why on Earth are you glitchy?” It seems like people are getting more innovative with technology every day and have decided to implement a legendary Microsoft Word Christmas Tree, and we are all here for it.

Image Credit: @alperumutucar/Reddit

Apparently, the graphics for this tree were implemented by QuickTime. This error isn’t surprising as if there was ever anything more buggy than Windows & Microsoft Office, it’s QuickTime. Looks like the QuickTime needs an update high time, or even Santa’s going to be confused about what’s happening.

The Irony of Shrug Emoji

When communicating in a metaphysical space, emojis help bring expressions to our communications. There seems to be an emoji for everything at this point. There are a variety of love emojis, hug emojis, cry emojiscrying from laughing emojis, and so on. 

Image Credit: @elnombre/Reddit

However, not every application has the full database, and that is understandable. This scenario, however, is incomprehensible. This user was searching for a shrug emoji, and although they couldn’t find the results for one, their “no results” section was built with that emoji. The irony of this situation is baffling.

The Microwave Talks Back

Imagine you came home late from work and all you want to do is defrost your pizza and head to bed. However, your microwave is pretty clear about your diet regime and says no. We’re sure you’ve never seen such a thoughtful microwave caring about its user’s food intake.

Image Credit: @andrewtl271/Reddit

All jokes aside, we’re pretty sure this microwave is one of those ones where you push an auto cook, and then you put in whatever number is ‘baked potato,’ for instance. Now it wants to know how many, and ‘no.’ is the ‘numero sign.’

The Best Design

Digital signs are a cheaper, safer, and all around more efficient way of sharing information with their customers. If you drive a car, you’ve probably noticed this with certain billboards. Gone are the days of vinyl signs that change every week.

Image Credit: @EsquireGunslinger/Reddit

It looks like this business wanted to have a cool, customized sign to welcome in their customers. We bet they even put in some time to design something eye-catching. Too bad the computer had other ideas and preferred to show off itself instead.

Level of Accuracy

There’s a saying that goes “Nothing is perfect; nothing is imperfect. Perfection and imperfection reside in your perception.” It seems like that is the case for this website. Even if you receive perfect scores, it doesn’t guarantee a hundred percent.

Image Credit: @glawzer18/Reddit

This is a common practice in science. Your input will never be equivalent to the total output and thus your efficiency will never be a hundred percent. The lack of the 0.01 percent should be a reminder that nothing is perfect and so we shouldn’t exhaust ourselves seeking perfection. 

The Order Runaway

Imagine you ordered your food from within the United States and your food delivery man is going to pick up that order from Mexico. If that’s the case then this order is going to take days to arrive. It sounds like a great road trip for the delivery person, though.

Image Credit: @impulse1293/Reddit

However, the map is showing it is only going to take 5 minutes to reach you. Either the delivery man teleportation or he is just running away from you. These maps really need to get the hang of how location works. 

We’re Settings Guys

Modern technology has drastically changed our way of life. It’s very rare to find someone walking down the street without having a phone in their hand. This continuous use of phones results in having much more screen time than usually needed — or is healthy.

Image Credit: @legolas046/Reddit

People like to spend time on social media sites, and these platforms usually intake much of their screen time. However, it’s quite rare to see someone so invested in the settings that they’ve spent over 107 hours on it. This person either has an unhealthy obsession with it or doesn’t know how to use the phone properly.

That’s Creepy

This picture proves that a slight mishap in a Snapchat filter can readily turn into something from your nightmares. Is this the double chin filter, with the face filter, and the weird-eye filter combined? Whatever it is, it’s an abomination for sure.

Image Credit: @cjlcjl12/Reddit

After looking at this picture, we can now say the term ‘two-faced’ now has a whole new meaning for us. At this point, it feels like social media exists to horrify us about new things each day. This picture would surely make its way into the list of some of the most cursed images.

The Song of The System

If your device made its own track, it would be the “System Preferences.” We would surely invest seven minutes of our time to listen to this ultimate bop. On a normal day, we’ll listen to seven minutes of pure system preferences over any other big artists.

Image Credit: @Biochao/Reddit

This one really made us laugh out loud. Moreover, we’re actually curious to find out how it would sound. Did the program really interpret system preferences like an audio file, or did someone make an audio file with that title and matching thumbnail for the laughs? We’ll never know.

Run PC Run

After looking at this, we would advise you to never leave your “Windows” open or your PC will make a run for its life. It seems like this PC did some ingenious computing and grew some legs to eventually run away. 

Image Credit: @ItzStrudlReport/Reddit

Breaking news! Seems like there is a new virus on the loose that makes your PC grow limbs. Now you need to be extra careful of other smart devices in your home. Make sure your refrigerator is running but in the right way.

All The Way to Bulgaria

It seems like these programs love Bulgaria. At first, it was “Despacito” that was found to be Bulgaria’s national anthem, and now the closest, best healthcare you can receive is in Bulgaria as well. Something is truly fascinating over there.

Image Credit: @WhatAboutThePickles/Reddit

However, if we look at it from a different approach, this particular user only searched for “Hospital.” Therefore, the map only showed the place named Hospital. Unlike the other instances, we don’t blame the map here. We need to be precise about our queries.

The Delay

In today’s episode of software fails, we have a failed message that only notified the user after an eternity. Within that duration, thousands of messages could have gone around the server. It’s a shame that it’s only notifying the user now that it failed.

Image Credit: @tylrrbb/Reddit

A lot can happen within that 155 days. Imagine what if that was a breakup text and in your perspective, you parted from your partner. However, your ex might not even have a clue what actually happened as the message never went through.

Window or Aisle?

Everyone has their preference for their preferred seating on an airplane. Some like the aisle, as they don’t need to bother others to get up for the bathroom. Meanwhile, some will fight for the window seat as it provides more privacy.

Image Credit: @etre_be/Reddit

But no matter where you sit, there never seems to be enough air circulation. That is, unless you’re flying with this airline. They offer seats with a breathtaking view, fresh air, and hopefully a good seatbelt to keep you strapped in.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Software Failure

The Harry Potter franchise is by far the best thing that has happened to the entire human race in its entirety. Ever since the release of the first novel, they have made multiple conventions, merchandise, prequels, theme parks, and so on. 

Image Credit: @luxdesigns/Reddit

However, this one instance at an exhibit resulted in something hilarious. Instead of showing people’s future, the crystal ball was more interested in displaying confidential papers. On the other hand, it could imply that their future is just crunching numbers and paperwork.

The Plagiarism Dilemma

When it comes to reviewing educational papers, the Turnitin software has been the go-to plagiarism detection tool for many educational institutions. The software is quite efficient at detecting even the most minute copied phrases. However, it can get ridiculous if it identifies “the” as a plagiarized word.

Image Credit: @Titanium_Jaw_Guy/Reddit

If Turnitin is going to hold you accountable for each and every word, then your whole work must be plagiarized. This is due to the fact that every single word in that sentence has already been published before! It’s the monkeys on a typewriter penning Shakespeare theory.

The Jackpot

In our opinion, this software failure is not much of a fail and can be considered a holy grail. This particular person got a coupon code for 30% off Bluetooth headphones that ended up being 98% off when they entered the promo code. 

Image Credit: @jessie_jaaaayyy/Reddit

However, you shouldn’t get way too happy when these glitches occur. Soon after the website catches the anomaly, they tend to cancel the order right away. Thus, these five minutes of happiness at your extreme luck are not worth the time and effort.

Adulting Since Age One

For many youngsters, adulting seems enticing. When we are young, we can’t wait to get older so that we’re finally able to do what we always wanted to do. What if we told you that there is a particular app that lets you start your journey to adulthood from the tender age of one?

Image Credit: @owlfacedboy/Twitter

Imagine wearing diapers and being baby food drunk and purchasing stuff online. That is the ultimate life one would want to lead. This instance vividly reminds us of the boss baby film and we’re all here for it. What could go wrong if babies ruled the world?

Windows Has Computer

If you live in the 21st century, even if you aren’t a particularly tech-savvy person, you’re still aware of the Windows OS. It’s the go-to operating system for many and it’s also something many of us have grown up using.

Image Credit: @badskeleton/Reddit

So we’re confused about what they mean here. For us, it’s always been the other way around, since it’s the computer that has Windows installed. This could allude to the fact that it’s a glitch in the matrix and nothing could be more apparent than this instance.

Too Curvy

With digital marketing on the uprising, marketing outlets have come up with ingenious ways to sell their products. From social media advertisement, creative product placement, and influencer marketing to digital banners, big companies are seizing every opportunity to grab customers’ attention.

Image Credit: thechive.com

However, one of these instances of marketing failed terribly. As we can see, a girl in this banner is supposedly advertising beauty products. What makes it funnier is the excessive curved surface of the banner that almost botched the girl’s face.

Heart Goes On And On, On Xbox Live 

The Xbox Live is a revolutionary platform developed by none other than Microsoft. It’s one of their online services for gaming and content distribution. You can do so much on this platform, such as play games, stream videos and watch movies, etc.

Image Credit: 9videos.tv

However, we were not aware that you can also do romance in this metaphysical plane. Xbox allows you to appear as avatars. Seems like someone took their avatar game seriously and decided to create a titanic version of it. Don’t let go, Jack!

English or English

English is the most universally spoken language around the world. Even if you are not a native speaker, chances are that you are aware of most of the common words spoken in English. After all, there are many ways to learn the language.

Image Credit: Reddit

Software applications nowadays include a variety of languages that you can use on the app. However, this particular app only has two options and that is either English or English. This app seems very biased with the language but we want more variety.

The Grumpy Computer

We are all aware of the grumpy cat and his Christmas story but have you heard the tale of the grumpy computer? Now, you might say that’s a ridiculous question to ask. Computers don’t have emotions so how can they be in any sort of mood?

Image Credit: Reddit

We are here to show you that even program-generated entities can have their fair share of good days and bad days. After all, they also have memories in the form of RAM and ROM, it would only take a specialized program to instill feelings in them. 

The Matrix Confirmed

There are often times we feel like the life we are leading right now is one that is fabricated by some higher body. It feels as if our consciousness is trapped within this plane and we are capable of much more than what we are doing.

Image Credit: Tumblr

There could be a possibility that the space that we live in is a simulation designed to inhabit our minds in a meticulous manner. Looking at this picture of the theater could allude to the fact that this could possibly be a glitch in the matrix.