35+ Cosplaying Kitties That Are Absolutely Purrrfect

By Aileen D

This article was originally published on FunCatz

If you’ve never heard of anime conventions, you’re seriously missing out. From New York to San Diego Comic Cons, and dozens of smaller ones in between, you’ll find hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people dressed up as your favorite characters from across the board. Best of all, you’ll see people from all walks of life dressing up.

Sadly, there’s one group missing from conventions and cosplays: our furry friends. It’s a rare treat to find an actual animal sidekick dressing up alongside their human. Or rather, it’s rare in the US, but if you live in Japan, this might be an everyday occurrence. For several years, Twitter user YagyouNEKO has been uploading pictures of his cats rocking the handmade cosplays he made for them. From Studio Ghibli to Demon Slayer, here are 45 kitties that are sure to win the cosplay costume contest.

Prrrrincess Mononoke

This darling beauty can pack a punch. She’s an agile hunter that no human should mess with. In the 1997 classic Miyazaki film, the wolf-goddess Moro adopted an abandoned child and raised her to be a powerful warrior. The other spirits can kiss her butt; San is a powerful warrior.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

We’re not sure if Moro would’ve been so altruistic if San was a cat, though. We didn’t see the wolves interact with anyone other than the humans and boars, so we can’t be too sure. Hopefully she’d make an exception for this fluffy feline.

Just Don’t Ever Give Up

Some anime are full of action-packed fun, and Demon Slayer is no different. However, it wasn’t all demon hunting; it also gave us some memorable quotes that deserve their own series of motivational posters. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we have a few quotes in mind.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

“It’s all right to cry. It’s all right to run away. Just don’t ever give up” is certainly in our top ten. Don’t worry, we’ll share some more with you as we go through the list. Brace yourselves because we have some more epic Demon Slayer cats and quotes to share.

Yare, Yare Daze

“Yare, Yare Daze” is a Japanese phrase that expresses boredom, impatience, and irritation. In America, you could compare it to someone haughtily saying, “well, well, what do we have here?” That’s how we felt when we stumbled across this cosplaying kitty.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

This cute cat is dressed up as Josuke Higashikata, the sailor who is the eighth Jojo in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. We doubt that this cat is as weird as Josuke, though, with only one tongue and no extra body parts.

Life Is A Series Of Decisions

“What you choose in that instant defines who you are.” Kyojuro Rengoku set some pretty high standards for other demon slayers. He believes that a warrior should have pure, single-minded dedication to save other people’s lives — not because of natural talent nor to earn special praise.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Sometimes, we can hardly believe that Kyojuro is only a supporting character. This significant key player must have encountered a series of obstacles on his own to adhere to such strict, moralistic standards. We’d love to follow his story more.

Sweet And Strong

Despite being a demon slayer, Mitsuri Kanroji is quite shy and soft-spoken. Dubbed as The Pillar of Love, this beauty queen expresses her thoughts with a gentle, yet passionate tone. That’s what makes her physical prowess all the more shocking.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

When she was only one year old, she was able to lift a ton of bricks that weighed about 120 pounds. So, you can only imagine how strong she became by the time she had become an official demon slayer.

The Weak Have No Rights Or Choices

The life of a demon slayer is tough, so the slayers themselves must be equally strong. Giyu Tamioka comes off as harsh and indifferent, but underneath, he’s a wholesome and heartwarming person. His personal mantra gives it away more than his stoic face does.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

“I must pass on what was entrusted to me. Never again will I let my family and friends die before my eyes.” What’s most admirable about Tamioka is that he imposes the same standards on himself as he does for others.

The Fight Isn’t Over Yet

When we first met the Ubuyashiki siblings, we were admittedly a bit freaked out. Okay, a lot freaked out. There’s just something about twins, particularly ones that finish each other’s sentences, that creeps us out. Or perhaps we’ve seen The Shining too many times.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

While this kitty doesn’t freak us out in the same way, we’d certainly be wary if we ever came across this cutie. Cats can look all poised and collected, but if you make them mad, it’s all claws. Just like anyone in the demon slayer corps, cats shouldn’t be messed with.

On The Hunt

We know that look. Crouched, eyes fixed on something in the distance, and a tense air that says “watch out.” This cat is clearly about to pounce on some poor unsuspecting creature…or laser pointer. There’s no doubt that this cat is a hunter.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Obanai Iguro’s costume is the perfect fit for this scene. The look of determination, perched above the rest, and ready to strike — who knew that snakes and cats had so much in common? We wonder why there’s no feline hashira in the corps…

Meow Meow

This is the ultimate costume-ception. A cat dressed as a cat. Is there a more perfect match? This cat is dressed as Chachamaru, Tamayo’s little messenger cat. Her job is to carry the blood Tanjiro collects and bring them to Tamayo.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Our first thought upon seeing animals showing up after a battle is a concern for their safety. Luckily, there’s no need to worry about Chachamaru. It shows up just at the right time and can navigate the harsh world of demon slayers with ease.

Friendly Neighborhood Totoro

Princess Mononoke isn’t the only Studio Ghibli that YagyouNEKO likes. Or, at least, we assume so, since he crafted another lovable Miyazaki character: Totoro! My Neighbor Totoro became an absolute sensation, even among people who have no idea what anime even is.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

What is it about My Neighbor, Totoro that appeals to everyone? If we had to guess, it’s the adventures of the two free-spirited sisters that lead them to meet the titular character in the first place. Everyone dreams of fantastical adventures, right?

Cat Treats

Twitter user YagyouNEKO sure knows how to make a costume. Imagine the hours spent scrutinizing every character’s uniform, and then painstakingly sewing it into a tangible piece. You would need to have nimble fingers to complete the task. And part of the job is to give the cats treats to keep them in place.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Any other cat would have gone ballistic with these beads dangling in its face. They would have torn the hat apart, swatted the beads, or pounce on it altogether. But instead, this cat bows his head slightly and peers past the string of beads in his face. He is on the hunt!

Care To Travel

Some anime really know how to capture the beauty that is Japan. From the landscape to the deep cultural history, we love it all. We’re jealous of these kitties that get to wander around in the stunning country…and dressed up, no less.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Every year, they make sure to enjoy the falling cherry blossoms leaves and roam the beautiful landscapes of Pines, Maples, and Junipers. Look closer, and you will see the sakura (cherry tree flower). Did you know that there are almost 200 varieties of them?

Food Over Flowers

Men should start taking notes from Obanai Iguro. This demon slayer only has eyes for Mitsuri. He saw her standing under a Sakura tree and was absolutely smitten. Ever since then, he wouldn’t leave her side, and when he did every once in awhile, he would make sure to grace her with gifts upon his return.

Image courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

Once, he had given her green socks. You bet she adored them. She would wear them with her standard uniform. And one thing we love about Obanai is that he’s got his priorities straight! Instead of giving a woman flowers, he took her out for umami-rich food! Food over flowers, boys. Food over flowers!

If You Can Only Do One Thing, Hone It To Perfection

Zenitsu Agatsuma is the perfect character choice for any cosplaying kitties. Zenitsu is the personification of the term “scaredy-cat.” At the slightest hint of danger, he bolts, letting his self-preservation instincts run wild as he tries to escape death’s nearing clutches.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

But no matter how many times he’s told otherwise, Zenitsu doesn’t seem to comprehend that he’s not going to croak any minute. Sure, being a demon slayer is a tough life, but turning tail is sure to get you killed quicker than trying to fight back.

Maybe, I Need To Find My Own Inspiration

Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of the most wholesome and heartwarming Miyazaki stories. The movie follows a young witch on her journey to finding herself. It teaches us that failure is a part of life, and you need to adapt to move forward.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Just like all of us, it took Kiki time to learn that setbacks are just temporary, and with determination and perseverance, you can overcome just about anything. The scene of her saving Tombo from the dirigible still gives us chills.

Use Your Head

Talk about an unlikely pair. We honestly can’t tell if Tanjiro and Zenitsu really go well together; the latter seems to be more of a hindrance. Then again, we’re glad he’s there because we get to hear so many inspirational speeches from Tanjiro.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

And, of course, Tanjiro sure has a way of getting under people’s skin. His determination and devotion to saving the people he cares about are downright contagious. Even when he’s annoyed at Zenitsu, you know Tanjiro will be by his side.

Cat In Boar’s Clothes

YagyouNEKO has some fantastic Studio Ghibli-inspired cats, but we’re sorry to say that there are no boars from Princess Mononoke on this list — spirits or evil humans in disguise. The character below is in fact Inosuke from Demon Slayer.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

As if the boar pelt didn’t give it away, Inosuke is one heck of an intense character. We’re glad the powerful fighter is on the side of good because we’d hate to be on the receiving end of that dead-eyed boar skin stare.

What Is The Gameplay?

These two look like they are up to no good. And that’s partly true. It may seem like one is grooming the other as an act of affection, but really she’s just whispering the gameplay in his ear saying, “After we sneak inside the room, we need to rip that cord to shreds. It’s undesirably chewy.”

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Not that there is anything wrong with how they look. But believe us, wearing this costume during a whole day’s worth of training can be unbelievably taxing. Imagine charging at a bunch of demons, and then tripping over these layers of clothing. It doesn’t seem like a glorious victory, doesn’t it?

If You Ask, Tell Me Yours (Name) First

Dororo has a peculiar way of seeing things. She is an orphaned thief who wanders on her own, causing mischief and trouble for anyone she encounters. She meets Hyakkimaru (below) after almost being killed by a demon, and then joins him for a renewed purpose of saving people.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

“We save people and get money doing it. Great huh?” Sure! If only Dororo had thought of this before. However, redemption became an option. Dororo is quite protective of the people around her. She kindly fetches Hyakkimaru his prosthetics, and she doesn’t mind his uncanny presence.

Ready For it?

The Attack on Titan fandom is as colossal as the tians themselves. You’re almost guaranteed to see at least a few AoT cosplayers at any convention. And humans aren’t the only ones that love it — YagyouNEKO’s cats are great corpsmen.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

As fans, we’re torn between wanting to join the survey corps — so we can use those cool rigs — but, at the same time, we’d probably be killed on our first mission. Thankfully, cats are quick and agile, so we’re sure this cutie will survive every mission.

Can’t Touch Me

Dogs are known for their love of attention and affection, whereas cats are either too finicky or proud to accept belly rubs. The look in cat Tengen’s eyes is our first and only warning to keep clear. Anyone that dares to try to pet him is gonna get the claws.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

He’s ready for a staring contest, but we’re already out the door. Although, if we had to be attacked by any of the legendary hashira, he’d be our first pick. You know it’d be flashy, in the best way, but not too painful.

“I Am Avenger, The Infamous Avatar Of Vengeance”

Inspired by the French novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, the anime Gankutsuou tells a story of a mysterious nobleman living in a luxurious hotel. He was slighted several years back by a Parisian General who had taken his fiancée, and framed the count for several misdeeds.

Image courtesy of YagYouNEKO/Twitter

Unlike the original story, this anime is set in the year 5053, and narrated through the eyes of Viscount Albert, the Parisian general’s son. If the style and flair of the costumes and visuals don’t astound you, then the plot should. The Count of Monte Cristo is secretly a blood-thirsty vampire.

Want Some Coins?

Chihiro’s naivety is both endearing and frustrating. When we first saw Spirited Away, we spent the first half of the movie yelling at our screens whenever she made a wrong choice. But, like every Miyazaki film, it’s all about the journey and how much the protagonist grows.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Her bravery in the face of the monstrous form of No-Face showed us just how far the whiny little girl had come since arriving at the bathhouse. When all the otherworldy spirits shrunk from the demon before them, she accepted her role in the disaster and set things right.

Care To Go On An Anime Pilgrimage?

Japan is the ultimate pilgrimage for any anime fan. You can visit a café, exhibition, museum, or event that’s dedicated to a certain manga or anime. And, if you would like to go a step further, then you can visit the real-world locations featured in your favorite manga.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

If you watched Your Name, try visiting Yotsuya, Tokyo, and have your friends take a picture of you on the stairs. These steps lead to the Suga Shrine, where you might just meet your own Taki. Or, try some local foods that are just as mouth-watering in person as they are on screen.

A Little Patience Goes A Long Way

What does a little patience guarantee you? Why, you should be able to master a skill, gain a number of followers on Twitter, and receive a collective appreciation for your works of art. We are so not shocked that Twitter user, YagyouNEKO, achieved all of this.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Just look at the detail that went into this costume. You can only imagine how difficult it was to stitch this Montsuki for a cat! It had to be comfortable to wear, otherwise, this feline would have sprinted off long before this photo was taken.


We have a love-hate relationship with anime characters wearing the same outfit all day every day. It’s unrealistic, but on the positive side, it makes cosplaying easier. Just make or buy that one outfit, and everyone knows who you are!

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

That’s also why we love it when characters get a costume upgrade. We love Tanjiro’s normal outfit, but Sakonji Urokodaki gave the former his own sky-blue kimono, we absolutely squeed like the true fans we are. At that point, there was no questioning whether or not Tanjiro had grown up.

Weeping Warrior

All of the hashira are honestly a bit weird. Okay, a lot weird. Take, for instance, the hulking brute that is Gyomei Himejima. We’d never want to be on the receiving end of one of his punches, but we doubt he could find his target with tears constantly in his eyes.

Image courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

It’s nice when any show gives a tough character a sensitive side, but Gyomei’s was a bit too much. We love this Gyomei costume, but there’s a bit of a problem with inaccuracy — there’s no way that cat will cry!

How Can You Feel Sorry For Something That Kills Humans?

Speaking of confusing hashira members, Shinobu Kocho is almost disturbing. Her light airy presence betrays her brutal killer instincts. She is the definition of “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” She literally flies like a butterfly, but in one swift move, her sword can pierce your skin and kill you.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

In any other context, we’d be rooting for her nonstop. Trying to keep a smile on your face while you deal with demons isn’t something everyone can accomplish. But, when she’s mean to Tanjiro, we just want those wings to falter.

Take Your Pick

If you are a brilliant designer like Twitter user YagyouNEKO, you should expect a lot of people to follow you. Cat owners, anime enthusiasts, and fellow designers — they’re all begging to know how YagyouNeko gets it done. And being proud of his achievements, the famed designer hangs up the pieces for everyone’s admiration.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Every costume is a single thread of a narrative of stories. Each unravels at a single point in time in Japanese culture. And each character who had worn these costumes tells us a truth that we can learn from any time we crack open that manga.

Calling It A Day

This cat can barely hold his eyes open. He yawns and then looks at his brother, whom he nudges with his nose. “Come on, how about calling it a day?” His brother looks unfazed. He saw a squirrel raise its head as it he muttered the sentence under his breath.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

But his brother just stares in the distance. As if by some miracle, his ears twitch. Finally his brother turns to look at him. His head turns to the Minka, but his body stays put. With some willpower, his brother was able to walk apace with his counterpart.

Just A Walk In The Woods

Every once in a while, demon slayers take a break from their duties. To them, rest is just as important as mastering a skill. On this particular day, Shinobu decides to stretch her wings and enjoy the majesty of Japan’s forests.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

She feels at home among the tweeting birds and scurrying woodland critters. Watching Shinobu interact with other humans makes us nervous, but watching her flutter about among the trees and soar with the birds gives us an overwhelming sense of calm.

Whatchu Lookin’ At

You won’t find one of these fur balls without the other. They eat, sleep, and dine together. Just today, they had expectedly spent the afternoon by the foot of the bridge. A little rest can award us some of the best luxuries — watching koi fishes and wondering what they taste like.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

One asks the other, “Whatchu lookin’ at?” He doesn’t hear a reply. But he can see his friend’s whiskers bristling in anticipation. They’re hunters! The fishes were more attuned than they were to the presence of hunters. So, if any of them wanted live bait, they would have to sit a couple more minutes in silence.

Loving The Tush

This one has no need for costumes. We were nearly blinded by its immaculate, white fur. And because YagyoNEKO put this costume on her, we couldn’t help but gawk even more. This kitty is absolutely stunning. Who wouldn’t stare? And look and the adorable heart at top of her tail!

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

In case you are wondering, she was born with that tush. This definitely not a product of some paint or spray. This was the right cat for the costume. Who better to dress as the hashira of love than a cat with a heart on its fur?

Come To Machi Asobi

If you haven’t heard of it, Machi Asobi is a special anime event for fans in Tokushima, Japan, and is held in the fall. Foodies have a great time, but so do the cosplayers who can strut their stuff during the Cosplay Fashion Show.

Image courtesy of Yagyou NEKO / Twitter

Recently, this cat entered the competition as Saber from Fate/Stay Night. We weren’t there to judge, but we think he should’ve won. Perhaps that loud meow is in frustration…or just leaving a wide open mouth to catch some yummy treats in.

The Conqueror

There is a good reason why demons like to stay clear from this one. He can make anyone vanish within a kilometer’s distance. Forget sending them to the underworld. There souls will turn into ash, and their whole being snuffed out in an instant.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

He’s out on the prowl. The second he heard that demons were terrorizing some townfolks, he grabbed his trusty weapon and sprinted toward the danger. We know he doesn’t do it for praise, but we’re happy to shower him with love and cat treats.

All Aboard!

This is probably our favorite cat costume so far. YagyouNEKO went above and beyond and dressed up one of his beloved felines as the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro. It’s a cat wearing a cat-inspired costume. What’s not to love?

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

We love My Neighbor Totoro, but every time the Catbus was on screen, we couldn’t help but cringe. We know that the film is supposed to be pure and wholesome, but there’s something about the Catbus that gives us the chills.

Sharp Shooter

Don’t let her blue eyes and pigtails fool you. This archer is ruthlessly competitive, and is set out to prove herself as a Magus. Rin Tohsaka is one of three heroines in the anime, Fate/Stay Night. She gets the mission done in no time without suffering from all the pain.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

She describes herself as broken, and believes this to be the prime reason to become a Magus. She is determined to live her life in the service of others. As much as she hates the contradiction, she believes this is what makes her fit to master the Magecraft.

Look Who Is Spirited Away

YagyouNEKO might favor Demon Slayer, given how many Demon Slayer costumes there are, but he makes sure to give Miyazaki fans plenty of cute cat costumes, too. We loved the solo photoshoots for No-Face and Chihiro, but having them both together is too cute to handle!

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

Thinking about it, cats are the perfect animals to dress up as No-Face. They’re temperamental, potentially highly destructive, egotistical, and aloof. Oh, and they’re extremely manipulative. We wonder if Hayao Miyazaki had a cat in mind when he designed No-Face.

Who Are You Calling Cute

Twitter user and costume creator, YagyouNeko, customizes each cat costume. If the cats are feeling particularly edgy, then that’s the outfit he’s going to get. Today, this cat put up quite a fuss after being forced to wear this costume. Its eyes narrowed into thin slits as people wanted to take pictures.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

“Who are you calling cute, hooman?” It knows better to still in order to receive a bag of treats. Besides, if you’re this good-looking, you might as well enjoy the attention. But hands-off. That might be the hashira of love, but those claws cut deep.

Perfect Picture

It’s hard to get any pet to sit still for the perfect picture, and cats are particularly tricky. They do what they want when they want. That’s one of the most impressive things about YagyouNEKO. His cats always manage to sit for that perfect picture.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

In fact, they’re such pros that they know how to add some flare. Licking her lips is the perfect touch to a Nezuko cosplay. Her instincts are telling her that there’s a tasty human nearby, but her love for her brother keeps those urges at bay.

We Have Reached A New Level

Artoria Pendragon is one of three heroines in the Anime, Fate/Stay Night. She is the female, Arthur Pendragon, the future king of this universe. She was able to wield her own sword, Caliburn, and then later remove the excalibur from the stone.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNeko/Twitter

Like the western stories, Artoria loves gymnastics and is secretly exceptional in all forms of gambling. She wears a one-piece dress to all battles, and despite her thin figure, she can carry the heavy steel spread armor. She can wield both sword and sorcery with her intellect.

In Full Gear

This is by far one of the best warrior costumes we have seen on a kitty. It is tailor-made to fit every nook, cranny, and curve, while allowing enough movement to strike an attack from the stone steps. This cat seems to agree too. It can knead its paws and bare its claws at the sight of danger.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

But today, this sorcerer didn’t need to summon spells or whisk anything out of thin air. All he had to do was wait for his hooman to get the can opener and tuna, and idly stay on the side. That is the least a hooman can do, given that this demon slayer has successfully kept the city safe.


Inosuke is another Demon Slayer character that is almost meant for cosplaying cats. He’s as feral as can be, something that some cat channel with ease. He’s always ready to fight and barely requires the slightest provocation to throw down with someone.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

We hope this cat is a bit more mild-mannered than Inosuke. But, even if it isn’t that would suit the cosplay just fine. It could be considered as acting in character. We wonder if these cats have ever LARP-ed. We bet they’d be good at it.

Call To Arms

We don’t know about you, but this cat is sporting some serious pecs. By conjuring spells and sparring with enemies all day long, it’s no wonder that this cat can barely fit his muscles inside that perfectly-tailored uniform. We can’t say the same for his companion. He doesn’t seem too happy to cross swords just yet.

Image Courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

He scans the crowd to see if there are any demons waiting for the opportunity to unleash the depths of the underworld. He should be able to at least smell one. He can sense some rotten eggs by the east wing. He sprints to catch the demon before he loses its scent.

The Power of One Man Doesn’t Amount to Much

If we were this dashing, we wouldn’t know how to deal. He is a superior officer and destined to be the next head of state. While his superficiality can thwart some people, he can be extremely beguiling. He has a knack for predicting how people will act and manipulates every one around him to do as he wishes.

Image courtesy of YagyouNEKO/Twitter

It should be no wonder how he managed to become a colonel at such a young age. The superficiality is an intentional façade to cause his enemies to underestimate him. At the heart of his core, he is a very devoted commander who seeks to protect his friends and subordinates.