45 Gaming Setups That Surprised Us With Their Chaotic Vibes

By Jishnu B

If you are an avid gamer, we are one hundred percent sure that you would jump at the chance of having a perfect gaming setup. It doesn’t matter whether you are a casual gamer, professional streamer, or anything in between; your gaming setup really makes a difference in creating an immersive gaming experience.

From unbeatable gaming rigs, flashy battle stations, multi-colored LEDs, and killer peripherals, your gaming setup truly exuberates your gaming aura. However, it turns out that even gaming setups are not immune to giving out chaotic energy.

Yes, you read that right.

Some of the gaming setups that we’re going to show you will either excite you, confuse you, make you laugh, or perhaps even disgust you. Get ready for our list of 45 gaming setups with a chaotic aura.

It’s Time To Clean

We were irked by this image from the moment we saw it. It’s obvious that the owner of this PC overlooked the fact that it also requires cleaning. It appears that whatever microbes are growing on this PC have developed their own civilization.

Image Credit: ???? ????/Facebook

We are truly disgusted by the pile of dust that has accumulated on this PC’s coolers, which appears to be an amalgamation of fur. Although exhaust fans are notorious for becoming filthy quickly, regular cleaning would have resolved the issue.

A True Hoarder

At first glance, we can tell that the person who created this setup is a true hoarder. We can see a room full of empty milk bottles. This suggests that the person who caused all of this mayhem is a big fan of milk.

Image Credit: ??? ?????/Facebook

On the other hand, we are genuinely concerned about the individual’s mental health. This person may be going through a difficult time in their life and may have given up the responsibility of cleaning up their room. At least they have something to make their life a little better; gaming, of course.

A Smart Move

If you’ve ever played chess, you know that it’s a game played by two opponents on a checkerboard with specially designed pieces of contrasting colors, most commonly white and black. It appears that the person who established this gaming “setup” has taken it to the next level.

Image Credit: Sean Kernighan/Facebook

This is chess without borders! This game would undoubtedly have interesting gameplay. The king can move beyond the normal 8×8 board, which probably makes for a very exciting game. We think that it is a very ingenious setup – if you ignore the fact that it’s a bathroom floor, of course.

The Joystick Setup 

Joysticks are typically used to convert your hand movement into an array of electrical signals. These devices also include a convenient set of buttons for greater control over your gameplay. However, we haven’t seen an impeccable joystick setup like this before.

Image Credit: Ry Taylor /Facebook

A game typically takes hours to complete. As a result, we don’t think it’s a very ideal setup to be sitting on the floor for hours trying to control the joystick from the chair. On the other hand, the Victorian-style furniture is something we like in this scenario.

An Intervention

In our opinion, this gaming setup is more adorable than chaotic. This appears to be an intervention. It looks like the owner of this cat spends more time gaming than he does with the kitty. As a result, the cat had to interrupt and request some quality time.

Image Credit: Goha Dune/Facebook

It’s about time that the gamer admits defeat and focuses on the cat. We’re actually surprised that the computer is cooperating with the situation. It seems like the PC is aware that he has been gaming more frequently recently than playing with the kitty.

The Underground Arcade

Arcade games can be really fun and engaging to play, so it’s no wonder they were once so popular. As a result, coming across pictures of arcade games never fails to fill our hearts with nostalgia. However, what we haven’t encountered is an underground arcade setup. 

Image Credit: Kay Beeler /Facebook

This setup looks like it has seen better days. As you can see, the walls are likely to tumble at any moment. This seems like a dance club, and the first rule of clubs is to keep it a secret. This makes sense why it is set up in an underground environment.

Setup In A Prison cell

Gaming can be a very interesting activity. Sometimes it can be so completely immersive that the surroundings of the room become irrelevant. Because of this, the person in charge of this arrangement doesn’t even care that they are in a confined basement.

Image Credit: Adam Pecchia/Facebook

To be honest, if prisons were set up like this, they would not be miserable places for anyone. Also, the microphone appears to have been “borrowed” from a local radio station as it passed by. This dungeon-like gaming setup gives the impression that the gamer is unbothered by his surroundings.

When In Bathroom

Although this image does not appear to be disgusting at first glance, it emits the most chaotic energy. We’re sure most of us enjoy spending some extra time in the bathroom while doing our business, but that doesn’t make it an ideal location for a gaming setup.

Image Credit: Toby Anderson-Grant/Facebook

It seems like the bowel movement for this individual hasn’t been good lately. As a result, they made the ultimate decision to move their gaming setup to the restroom. This instance is similar to killing two birds with one stone. 

The Chronicles Of Loose Ends

There’s no doubt regarding the fact that, in order to set up a gaming station, endless wire connections need to be made. However, there is always a neat way to get the job done. In this case, what we are looking at is a network of wires that are completely tangled.

Image Credit: Alex Ross Smith/Facebook

For a person who prefers to maintain their belongings neat at all times, this scenario would be a nightmare. Furthermore, we believe the wires in front of the monitor would hinder the gameplay. Therefore, it is more admissible to take some time and rearrange the setup as it could lead to hazards as well.

A Ghibli Fan

At first glance, you might wonder how this could possibly be a chaotic setup. This appears to be the most serene gaming setup of the bunch. The inclusion of the small houseplants along with the Ghibli character dolls screams “cuteness” to us in all languages.

Image Credit: Richard Weiland/Facebook

It does, however, have one serious disadvantage. Because the computer’s components heat up quickly, this could quickly become dangerous. In the even that this be supposed to be a gaming setup, it is clearly cursed. However, if it’s supposed to be a terrarium for plastic creatures, it’s great.

A Man Of Simple Needs

It is true that in order to set up a robust gaming scene, you need to purchase some additional furniture, like a table. This is one of the most basic requirements when it comes to stationing your monitor. This picture gives us the idea that not everyone can afford a wooden cable spool table.

Image Credit: Joel Grosso/Facebook

This also screams college vibes to us. Most college students have limited funds and would go to great lengths to mount the TV and consoles on a plywood board stretched over cardboard boxes. This is a true example of not giving up on your passion, even if there are limited resources.

They Never Left

The saying goes, “once a gamer, always a gamer,” and not the other way around. And that’s what we can see in this image. These couple of friends have been gaming buddies since 2002. It appears that things have just evolved around them, but they didn’t move quite literally. 

Image Credit: Cameron Palleson/Facebook

However, one thing that has perplexed us is the strength of the duck tape that has been holding the person for all these years. This is a heartwarming example of a close friendship. Can you imagine how much effort it takes to rig up enough duct tape to hold a full-grown human?

Airflow 100

A CPU’s (Central Processing Unit) job is not an easy one. It is in a constant cycle of processing information every nanosecond. It hardly ever gets tired of its job, but it does overheat. As such, it is crucial to maintain it free of dust accumulation.

Image Credit: David Campbell /Facebook

This CPU appears to be constructed without a complete exterior. Even though the overheating problem would be resolved here, it would become far more dusty than usual. Because there is no clear intake and exhaust, the airflow is terrible in this setup.

A Two-Tier Situation

Some places have extremely compact apartments. As a result, installing your gaming setup at the top of your bed might not be such a bad idea if you want to save some space. However, if there is one thing we’d like to differ in this case is that the mattress should be on top.

Image Credit: Emily Mason /Facebook

We are hoping that the top cardboard is strong enough to hold the setup. Otherwise, imagine sleeping beneath it only to be injured by a top-tier collapse. One rage quit could easily result in a quick trip to the ER.

In Need Of Gaming Buddies

Discord has recently become popular, particularly among gamers. It supports video calls, voice chat, and text messages, allowing users to communicate in whichever way they prefer. It also has search functions that allow you to find other people and add them to a friends list for easy communication.

Image Credit: Ian Cobb /Facebook

If you’re trying to play PC games, Discord is especially helpful. This user appears to be looking for friends to join his Discord server. In our opinion, it’s an ingenious way to look for people. We are wondering how many people actually joined following the link. 

A Sad Scene

This is a truly tragic scenario, and we can only hope that the person responsible for it is doing well. It might start with laundry piling up, maybe dirty dishes. It’s depressing just to look at the mess. That leads to clutter. Clutter accumulates and feeds depression. It’s a vicious cycle.

Image Credit: Steve Robert /Facebook

It is natural to experience strong emotions, and incidents like this occur more commonly than we realize. Furthermore, hoarding can become a serious problem for many people. This setup feels like if you gently moved something in that mess, a million cockroaches would run up your leg. 

Driving And Gaming

They say don’t drive while texting. However, after looking at this scenario, people will say not to drive while gaming as well. This instance has to be the most hazardous out of all. It appears that the user is busy with their gaming controller while driving at the same time. 

Image Credit: Brett Grimshaw/Facebook

We understand that, for some, gaming is a passion. But that doesn’t mean that they should literally put their life on the line to pursue their passion. We hope that the individual is only playing while stuck in traffic or when the car is parked. 

The More, The Merrier

This person has created a robust setup by installing two large monitors for multipurpose use. The individual appears to be an avid programmer. It seems like he prefers to program on a flat screen while playing video games on a taller screen.

Image Credit: Kyle Cooke/Facebook

If you have poor vision, this monitor setup will undoubtedly assist you in spotting details. They can, however, be severe because they emit extra radiation. As a result, your vision will deteriorate even further. In our opinion, it is both a blessing and a curse.

New Water Cooling System

If you’re not aware of how a water cooling system works, let us enlighten you. The cooled gas in the water pipe is forced through a valve to make it even colder. It seems like this individual is trying to make a similar premise by crafting their own cooler. 

Image Credit: Deepak RajReport/Facebook

As we can see, the bottled water is placed right in front of the motherboard circuit. This scenario couldn’t get any more hazardous. One bad move could result in a really grave situation. Apparently, this method of cooling is known as DICE cooling. 

A Futuristic Setup

Just when you thought gaming setups couldn’t get any more chaotic, we present you with a futuristic take on one. At first glance, we were left both mesmerized and perplexed. This is a setup for maximalist individuals that want the best things in life without considering the consequences.

Image Credit: Stephen Brown /Facebook

However, one of our main concerns is that electronic objects do not mix well with water. While we understand that the user prefers to relax in a jacuzzi-like environment before entering the gaming scene, one wrong move could electrocute them.

An Outdoor Setup

The graphics card in the CPU is a critical component of the computer. It aids in the display of information presented by the computer to the user via the monitor. Furthermore, it is an important component in gaming because it aids in the display of intricate graphics.

Image Credit: Brandon Rose /Facebook

Someone has, as we can see, placed their graphics card outside their window. Although it is an excellent method of recycling heat, its safety cannot be guaranteed. Any unscrupulous human or curious raccoon who enjoys the chromatic may get their hands on this.

Combat Ready

It’s no surprise that when the time comes to serve his country, a soldier’s first priority is to return to duty. But what if he happens to be a big gamer? That means he’d bring his gaming setup with him.

Image Credit: Brandon Rose /Facebook

This user appears to be in some kind of guerrilla battle hiding shelter. We’re not sure if he’s actually on the field or if he’s just staged a combative atmosphere. However, this is a one-of-a-kind setup, in our humble opinion.


If you’re familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this shouldn’t surprise you. The MCU has given us three of the most amazing Spider-Man iterations, each of which has given birth to an iconic meme. There is a scene in the comics where multiple versions of Spider-Man are pointing at each other.

Image Credit: Andrew Ryan/Facebook

Fans have been requesting for years that this iconic scene be included in the respective live-action version. That goal appears to have been met with Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, it appears that this user created his own version of the meme using his monitors, which we think is brilliant.

School Bathroom Core

If you thought you’d seen enough chaotic gaming setups in bathrooms, here’s another one. This complex setup consists of two medium-sized basins, a monitor, a controller, and a tangle of wires. This setup appears to be extremely uncomfortable, in our opinion.

Image Credit: Ryan Gallagher/Facebook

Everything would be thrown away if one bad move was made. Someone appears to have far too much time between class breaks and decides to set up their own gaming zone in the school bathroom. Aside from the sanitary concerns, we believe you are more likely to get electrocuted in places like these. 

A Fully Loaded Game Boy

Even if you don’t enjoy gaming, we’re sure you’re familiar with Game Boys. They’re basically the face of handheld gaming devices. Even though they’ve changed over the years, everyone can recognize the classic Game Boy devices—so much so that new flip phones are basically Game Boy Advance SPs.

Image Credit: Gavin Knauer /Facebook

This picture brings up so many questions. For starters: why was this picture taken in a car? And how was there no bean juice leaking out everywhere? We can almost smell the Game Boy from here. This took some time and dedication to set up.

The Shrek TV

Shrek has become a cultural phenomenon in the entertainment industry. The titular character is still popular. It has also created an oddly ubiquitous online fixation for millennials and Generation Z alike. As a result, it stands to reason that a Shrek TV would be released as merchandise to capitalize on the franchise’s success.

Image Credit: Swastik S /Facebook

Even though this product was designed to appeal to children, it appears that adults have found a way to work around it. The Shrek TV is clearly being used as a monitor in this gaming setup. We think it’s a really cute set-up.

Barely Surviving

As we talked mentioned before, gaming setups can range in a variety of aesthetics. It could be a completely chaotic arrangement or so simple that some parts of it are barely present. This is a perfect example of “as long as it works.”

Image Credit: Camille Tnz/Facebook

As we can see, the monitor is barely supported by a wood arrangement beside it. It almost appears to be restrained by an electric chair. It’s an ingenious way to make the monitor work because it’s both secure and usable.

The Worn-Out Mouse

Mouses are simply controllers for the monitor, and they happen to be very handy tools. This instance is a usual scenario of a mouse that belongs to the Logitech company. They tend to wear out pretty quickly and not in the most appealing way. 

Image Credit: Mathieu de Lafond/Facebook

Many Logitech (and other) mouses are covered with a thin rubber-like layer to make them more comfortable to hold. If you have sweaty hands, this will happen over time. However, it is important to note that this is not due to a lack of hygiene.

Poor Thing

This CPU appears to have seen some rough times in its life. To be honest, a wrecked CPU should have been considered dangerous to begin with. We don’t know what happened to it to cause it to end up like that.

Image Credit: John Dempster/Facebook

The CPU case appears to have been salvaged from a fire. It’s barely hanging on for dear life. It’s definitely time to replace it. We don’t recommend using this one because it could pose serious safety risks. People shouldn’t be negligent regarding these things.


This CPU appears to be having a bad day at work and requires some extra attention; perhaps a chai tea latte will suffice. The back of this CPU appears to be severely damaged, with wires seen sprawling out of it uncontrollably.

Image Credit: Frazer Brennan/Facebook

One positive aspect of this situation is that your friendly neighborhood cat is on hand to provide technical assistance. The cat is taking its job seriously and will see to it that the CPU is revived. We can only hope for the best in such dire circumstances.

Gaming Toilet

From what we have gathered from this list, gaming enthusiasts surely have an uncanny obsession with setting up gaming zones in toilets. Although we are not here to judge, we are curious as to why this is even a thing. 

Image Credit: Erika Smith /Facebook

It appears that technological advancements have reached absurd proportions. If you’ve ever wondered if you could play your favorite games while using the restroom, your queries have been answered. These futuristic toilets not only help you get relieved but also entertain you through gaming.

A New Modification

Out of all the gaming setups, it seems like it’s the CPUs that have undergone the most drastic changes. Whether being slashed in fire, busted with sprawling wires, or had GPU installed outside the house, they have seen quite the days.

Image Credit: Amberly Peyton/Facebook

Although this setup isn’t particularly weird, it is worth mentioning. As we can see, the GPU is protruding from the CPU case. This configuration could benefit by reducing the overheating problem. However, it is not visually appealing in the slightest.

A Man Of Simple Needs

If you look at it simply, a gaming setup requires only a few devices: a monitor, controller, keyboard (preferably), and a processor. On the other hand, what if you don’t have a monitor? You replace it with your phone, of course.

Image Credit: Randy Stinnett /Facebook

A phone screen serves the same function as a monitor screen. As a result, if your connections are correct, you should have no trouble playing these games on your phone. It’s a clever and cost-effective way to set up an effective gaming zone, in our opinion.

It Hurts Our Eyes

It’s quite common for gaming zones to have a colorful setup, which includes the installation of neon and fluorescent lights. It completely enthralls us as well. However, having too much of anything is never a good thing. This gamer appears to have overdone the vibrancy.

Image Credit: EL Greco/Facebook

To be honest, just looking at this picture hurts our eyes, so imagine what would happen if we slept in this room or spent the whole day and night playing video games here. The only thing we like about this setup is the cloud imprint on the ceiling.

On The Edge

Although most gamers prefer a comfortable leather chair while playing for hours on end, some have different tastes. For example, this user appears to prefer using a stool while gaming. They also went out of their way to raise the table above the drawers.

Image Credit: Ashleigh Weyermayr/Facebook

The fact that the table is right on the edge of the drawers makes us nervous. To solve the issue, the user could easily purchase a taller table. When entering a room, it appears to be a very unsettling scene. This is beyond normal.

A Smart Setup

When it comes to having an aesthetic CPU setup while also being chaotic, this setup takes the prize. Unlike most people, who prefer to use bright chromatic colors, this person chose this color. The green fluorescent light it emits is ethereal and soothing to the eyes.

Image Credit: Ashleigh Weyermayr/Facebook

This user appears to be using a high-end graphics card, the Geforce RTX. On top of that, the CPU appears to have a strong air cooling system to combat overheating. Furthermore, the HDD storage is quite massive. This is perfect chaos. 

In The Trunk

This is an extremely unique location for establishing a gaming scene. As we can see, the setup’s components are kept in the trunk of the car. We’re not sure how the person who did this thought about playing in such conditions.

Image Credit: David Campbel/Facebook

This setup will undoubtedly require a larger space. Furthermore, in this day and age of sleek monitors, we haven’t seen a fat monitor in a long time. Aside from that, the color of the car is truly entrancing and gives us 80s nostalgia. 


Because gaming is primarily an indoor activity, some gamers may feel as if they are gradually losing touch with nature. Thus, if you are a gaming enthusiast who misses outdoor activity but prefers to play indoors, your prayers have been answered.

Image Credit: Nikolai Retamal/Facebook

As we can see, this keyboard is more than just a keyboard; it is also covered in grass. But we are unsure whether the grass is real or fake. Real grass would almost certainly make this into a muddy situation. How can the gamer see the keys anyway?


This setup suggests that the individual has recently left a toxic relationship and lost everything. As a result, the lack of furniture in the room makes sense. However, whether or not there is a bed in the room for comfort is unimportant as long as the gaming zone is present.

Image Credit:Zander Swart /Facebook

This is one of the better examples we’ve seen so far on this list. It’s a little empty, a little improvised, but it’s clean and tidy. The placement of the tennis ball under one leg of the rolling chair, on the other hand, has us concerned. 


To be honest, given the state of these CPUs, it appears that these devices are extremely difficult to manage. Perhaps the avid gamers like to think of themselves as doubling as engineers and want to exert some of their creativity on it. 

Image Credit: Richard Rogers/Facebook

In our opinion, gamers should stick to what they do best, which is gaming. Thinking of themselves as part-time engineers clearly causes havoc in these CPUs’ lives. We should simply let the CPU do its thing and not hamper the process by putting our own spin on it. 

Chaos Confirmed

When you notice that one computer is placed directly above the other, you know this scenario is completely chaotic. One bad move or even a slight breeze can have disastrous consequences. We’re curious as to what the person was thinking when he did this.

Image Credit: Chase Keeler /Facebook

Aside from that, the CPU to which the computers are linked is completely chaotic. The wires protrude out in an uneven pattern. This is causing us great concern. We can only hope that the monitor does not fall on the person’s head any time soon.


This image appears to be of an office space rather than a gaming setup. But we don’t know if this is an actual office or if it’s just a random room in a gamer’s house. The items in the room appear to be tightly grouped together.

Image Credit: Michalel von Sk?epinský/Facebook

Even if the environment is not completely chaotic, it may cause people to feel claustrophobic. A little cleaning and space management could easily solve the problem. If the need arises, we would be delighted to assist in the process of cleaning up.

A Messy One

The only thing we like about this image is the anime poster. Everything else in this room appears to be lifeless, and the person who frequently uses it appears to have forgotten that it, too, requires cleaning. The carpet especially needs a deep cleaning. 

Image Credit: Dylan Wilson /Facebook

The room’s gray and dull color palette is extremely depressing to look at. We’re not sure how anyone could be cheerful after spending time in this room. Furthermore, we can see a fuel can on the left that has been left open, which is extremely concerning.

The Curious Case Of Busted CPUs 

This CPU is not unlike its siblings on the list. Perhaps it’s a little cracked. It appears to have undergone a difficult surgery and is now in an unsalvageable position. It appears to be a life-or-death situation, and we honestly feel bad for the CPU.

Image Credit: Richard Rogers/Facebook

Gamers should definitely keep their curiosity about tinkering with the CPU to a minimum. A CPU includes a number of expensive components, including a graphics card. Changing these parts will result in a significant loss of money and time. Gamers should definitely limit their activities to video games.

Computer From The Great Depression

This laptop has clearly been sitting in the garage for a long time and requires a thorough cleaning. Some of it appears torn as well. However, we believe that it is still salvageable, which is a common case when it comes to laptops.

Image Credit: Will Russell/Facebook

Laptops, like humans, can experience downtime. At the very least, it is faring much better than some of the CPUs on this list, which are nearing the end of their lives. All we can hope for now is that the laptop works after a brief recharge.