30+ Calm, Creative, and Chaotic Fictional Worlds We Wish We Could Call Home

By Jishnu B

Adulthood is hard; you have to worry about things like paying bills and taxes. You need to prep your own food, and chores don’t magically get done. As we grow up, we start seeing the uglier side of life. Sure, there are beautiful moments we can only appreciate as adults, but even the gorgeous moon has a dark side.

We long for the days when we believed in magic and anything seemed possible. When life gets overwhelming, that’s when we log in to Crunchyroll or turn on our PlayStation. Even though we know better, logic doesn’t stop us from wanting to jump through our screens into those alternate universes.

We know where we’d like to go. So, which fictional world would you jump into if you had Rick’s portal gun?

Animal Crossing

Therapy is expensive. One session can easily cost you about a hundred dollars. However, Animal Crossing will cost you about $60 dollars, and it’s worth every penny. Why spend money on therapy when you can enjoy the calming ambiance of the game and forget all your hardships.

Image credit: Nintendo

Animal Crossing offers you a lifestyle that many urban adults are tempted to take on. The player moves into a village and lives a simple, relaxed life. They have to farm and hunt for food—certainly better than the hustle and bustle of a city.

Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Caroll was a magician with his words. It has been more than a century since he passed away, yet his literary works are still highly celebrated. Though he had other achievements, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has withstood the test of time.

Image credit: Disney

Let’s ignore the controversies and appreciate the fantastical Wonderland. From the devilish Cheshire Cat to the kooky Mad Hatter, the story of Alice and her time in Wonderland has delighted kids and adults for over a hundred and fifty years.


We did not know we had it in us to shed tears for two robots. However, if there is one Pixar knows how to do well, that is to make people cry. Wall-E (2008) undoubtedly had a better love story than Twilight. 

Image credit: Pixar

The trashed, dystopian Earth isn’t exactly our dream destination, but that spaceship is a whole other story. An endless cruise where you can relax in luxury without needing to move a finger? It’s the perfect place for a professional couch potato like us.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Fantasy fiction works are called fantasy for a good reason. They are the amalgamation of an artist’s creativity (dialed to the maximum) and splashes of reality to give us a foothold into that world. The Chronicles of Narnia is a prime example of that.

Image credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Four orphaned siblings step into a wardrobe, but instead of being met with coats and mothballs, they walk into a magical world with talking animals and witches. We do not care much for Aslan, but we’ll gladly go to Narnia to taste those Turkish Delights.

Dragon Ball

Old is gold. This generation may be raving about Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer, but the OG anime fans remember the phenomenon that was Dragon Ball. It’s a cult classic and one of the most famous shounen anime ever.

Image credit: Toei Animation

Son Goku, the wholesome and skilled martial artist, goes on a quest to collect the mighty Dragon Ball that can grant wishes. Every kid in the ’90s wanted to be Goku. Who wouldn’t want to be a powerful fighter who goes on epic adventures?


Are you tired of your life? Do you wish to have endless riches and a good social life? Do you want to have a wife and four children in three weeks? The American dream may be dead, but you can live your life the way you want in Sims

Image credit: EA

The game lets you be in control of your simulation life. Your world could be in shambles in real life, but you could be the president of a country in Sims. Though, with the endless chaos players can cause, it makes us glad that our world is a simulation…probably. 


Futurama was produced by Matt Groening, the same man who created the legendary sitcom series The Simpsons. It’s no wonder we fell in love with Futurama. That man knows how to create entertaining worlds we wish we could live in.

Image credit: Fox Broadcasting Company

As the title suggests, Futurama is set in the future, where the world is far more technologically advanced. Some of us dearly wish to be like Fry and get cryogenically preserved for centuries and wake up in the future where no one knows us. 

We Bare Bears

The joy of fiction is that the world isn’t bound by rules like physics and biology. It’s not fair that bears look so cuddly yet we can’t even give them a boop on the nose. Can someone take us to the world of We Bare Bears, please?

Image credit: Cartoon Network

Call us Goldilocks, because we are about to shamelessly invade their home. These bears are begging for a hug, and we are here to deliver. Ice Bear especially requires our cuddles. Not that we could ignore Grizzly and Panda. There’s enough love to go around.


Yes, you heard us right. We want to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know it is not the safest or the wisest option; normies like us would definitely be culled out when the next invasion on planet Earth happens. However, that’s the charm.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Knowing there are mighty celestial forces out there that are greater than life as we know it is exhilarating, to say the least. And we’re not the only ones. Just ask 700k Redditors who joined r/thanosdidnothingwrong for a real-life Snap in 2018.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The concept of demi-gods isn’t original to Percy Jackson, but the modern-day take is refreshing. If you haven’t read or seen it, the story is about mighty Greek gods having children with mortals and disappearing like our dad who went to buy milk ten years ago.

Image credit: 20th Century Fox

The demigod kids are left behind, but as a parting gift, they have some supernatural abilities from their divine parents. We would love to visit this world of gods and monsters, especially because our high school crush Percy, son of Poseidon, is there. 


Grand Theft Auto is considered royalty in the world of gaming. And although the concept itself is fun, we think the fifth edition is the best version of the series. Therefore, if we had to visit GTA, we would definitely go for the San Andreas from GTA V.

Image credit: Rockstar Games

In the game, you can live the life of a thug. You could visit the malls and clubs and get there in someone else’s car that you may have stolen at gunpoint. You could do that in real life too, but you’d end up becoming a felon.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Every series, no matter how beloved, has its flaws… except Avatar: The Last Airbender. Millennials and older Gen Z kids who watched Nickelodeon most certainly have fond memories of the show. And they’ll tell you about that one kid who shaved their head to look like Aang.

Image credit: Nickelodeon

Of course, everyone dreams of being Aang, but being able to manipulate even one element would be enough to make us feel complete. Just imagine riding around on Appa and exploring the fleshed-out world Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko created.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

We suggest having an inhaler by your side when you watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. People might think you are having an asthma attack from laughing too much. This anime is so funny it will make your sides hurt and your eyes tear up.

Image credit: David Production

The anime follows the journey of the Joestar family who combats various supernatural forces. While watching martial artists fight aliens creatures and magicians is fascinating, we want to go to there because we want to be painted in their hilarious art style. 


This is not our smartest idea, but please hear us out. We promise we are not as dumb as you think (we are way dumber than you think). If you didn’t know, Fallout is a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

We are basically shooting ourselves in the knees by going there voluntarily, and we can confidently say that we will die within ten minutes of the game. However, we are determined to shoot a Fatman before we leave the world.

Rick And Morty

Well, this certainly puts us in a tough spot. We know we need a capable scientist who can create a machine that can transport us to fictional universes to make our dreams come true. We can’t deny that Rick most certainly fits the description…

Image credit: Cartoon Network/Adult Swim

However, the problem is that if we want to contact him, we’ll need the dimension transporter. Sadly, we cannot get it unless we get to Rick. For now, we can only watch the show enviously from the other side of the screen. 

Adventure Time

If you are looking for an adventure, look no further than Adventure Time. It might be a silly pun, but truer statements had never been spoken before. This fictional universe has kings of ice, princesses of fire, and a funny yellow dog that can stretch like a xylophone.

Image credit: Cartoon Network

Most importantly, they have people made of candy. Even Willy Wonka would be jealous of the Bubblegum Princess and her confectionery of subjects. You already know what we will do if we go there. If Finn does not kill us, diabetes will. 


It is every child’s dream to travel through the world of Pokemon. Personally, it is our life goal to catch Pikachu and give them some cuddles and kisses. We might get electrocuted, but it’s worth it. For now, we’ll settle for our cat—an equally dangerous creature.

Image credit: OLM, Inc.

You have literally nothing to lose if you go into the world of Pokemon. There are adorable Pokemon for you to catch and tame. The people are also kind. The supposed villains, Team Rocket, are comically hilarious and inept, so there’s really nothing to fear.

Harry Potter

Technically, we already live in Harry Potter since we are considered muggles. However, we cannot prove the existence of magic or wizards. Please do not be swayed by men who accuse women of being witches. That’s not magic; that’s misogyny.

Image credit: Warner Bros.

The Harry Potter world is not perfect. There is racism and classism towards muggles in the wizard community. However, that’s not too different from the world we already live in. We will tolerate the bigotry of pure-bloods if we’re allowed a day in Hogwarts. 


The older you get, the more you start seeing the appeal of a Hobbit lifestyle. They are probably the most relatable yet humble creatures of all fantasy writings. Hobbits like to relax and live a mundane lifestyle. They farm their food yet find time to socialize. 

Image credit: New Line Cinema and WingNut Films

They are pacifists who love to eat. At this point in life, we are tempted to become a Hobbit. We are tired of deadlines and the constant pressure of urban life. We just want to buy a barn in the countryside and raise some cows and chickens. 

Any G-Rated Show

We love watching thrillers and action shows that are filled with gore, bloodshed, and psychological trauma. However, just because we love watching these shows does not mean we’ll ever try going there. As much as we worship Attack on Titan, we have no desire to visit Eldia.

Image credit: National General Pictures

However, you will definitely see us trying to crawl into any wholesome slice-of-life anime or simple and straightforward Saturday morning cartoon. It can be the most boring show ever, and we will still go there. Sometimes mundanity is better than excitement.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If we can’t get a machine to transport us into another world, we’d like a way to erase our memories. That way, we can rewatch some shows that gave us the highest level of serotonin and adrenaline. We’d give anything to have that first experience again.

Image credit: Bones

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is at the top of the list of shows that we want to watch after our mind-wipe. The visuals are mesmerizing, the world is intriguing, and the scientific spin on fantastical abilities is all we could ever want. We’ll die if we ever go there. Even so, it’ll be an honor. 

How To Train Your Dragon

We love dragons. These fictional beasts are the personification of power and regality. Game of Thrones might have the best dragons on any TV show, but we’re obviously not going there because we [surprisingly] have some brain cells left. We’re also no Targaryen. 

Image credit: Dreamworks

Besides, there’s no better dragon companion than Toothless. He’s basically a cat with scales and we’re here for it. Plus, what’s not to love about being a dragon rider exploring islands near and far and coming home to a loving Viking community?

Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise has no lack of extraordinary concepts. They have spaceships, Jedis, and Light Sabers. However, nothing has entranced us as much as Naboo, the most beautiful planet in the galaxy. To us, this is the closest thing to paradise. 

Image credit: EA

The Naboo people are good-hearted yet firm, and their economy and weather are excellent. We cannot talk about how beautiful the country is without mentioning its abundance of waterfalls. If we had the option to permanently settle down in a functional world, we’d go for Naboo.

Mister Roger’s Neighborhood

This beautiful man is the face of our childhood. Our preschool teachers did their best, but the one adult (aside from our parents) was the man on our TV screen every week. We never met him in person, but he felt so familiar.

Image credit: CBC

He taught us the alphabet in his soothing voice that always felt like home. He was the second father figure of every millennial kid. Mister Roger also taught morals and ethics. We don’t just want to go to his neighborhood; we want to become a child and enjoy his company again. 


Anything made by Disney is magic. We could spend our whole life exploring the wonderful world created by Walt Disney. Of course, going to Disney World is always fun, but would it not be more wonderful if we could actually go to these magical places?

Image credit: Disney

Of course, we could get the feeling of visiting Agrabah if we went to India or the Middle East. But as beautiful as these places are, they sadly do not have a wish-granting genie nor a magic carpet that could fly you anywhere in the world. 


We are not even sorry for this. We genuinely wish we were made of Lego blocks and could live in the world of Minecraft. It is such a shame that we spend so much time and effort building the structures in Minecraft yet can never actually touch them. 

Image credit: Mojang Studio

VR gear might offer you a realistic sensation of walking through your Minecraft creations, but to us, it’s still not enough. What is even the point of doing all these if we cannot pet our beloved Minecraft cow or cats?

Lord Of The Rings

What’s not to like about this series? J. R. R. Tolkien is a genius writer and the vast world he built is appealing to whoever read his books or watched his movies. They have many fight scenes and plenty of bloodshed (if you like a little more action than adventure).

Image credit: New Line Cinema and WingNut Films

However, they also have beautiful scenery and wholesome moments. We would love to live in the Shire country and spend the rest of our days in peace. We cannot go there for obvious reasons. The best option we have is New Zealand, where the movies were shot (we cannot go there either because we’re broke). 

Bob’s Burgers

We feel that, somewhere in the world, there is indeed an Ocean Avenue. We just have to find it and buy a house in the neighborhood. We have no doubt that there will rarely be a dull moment if we lived in that area.

Image credit: Fox

We could sip coffee in the morning and watch Bob fight with his rival pizza shop. We could also try out the burger of the day from this restaurant. Overall, all the shenanigans of this place will keep us entertained for a lifetime. 

The Legend of Zelda

Kids these days may be obsessed with games like Genshin Impact, Fortnite, and Among Us. However, the OG gamers remember the charm of The Legend of Zelda. The game stemmed from arcades of the mid-80s and reached its modern form after standing the test of time. 

Image credit: Nintendo

No matter what time it is, every kid wants to transport themselves to the world of The Legend of Zelda. Hyrule is especially appealing as a home. It is a beautiful kingdom that houses gorgeous landscapes and temples. It’s pretty much heaven on earth. 

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Oh, how we wish the premise of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends could become a reality. The show is an appreciation of children and their power of imagination. In the show, whenever a child made a friend in their mind, it actually gained physical form.

Image credit: Cartoon Network

It’s sad though that, like our world, kids in the Foster’s universe leave their imaginary friends behind when they grow up. Good thing Madame Foster is there to care for those abandoned souls. We’d love to visit all of the fantastical creatures living under that funky roof.

Dungeons & Dragons

Gamers and moviegoers all have their favorite fictional world, but they all have to bow down to the legend that is Dungeons & Dragons. It’s hard to explain the appeal unless you’ve played it, but we’ll warn you: it’s addictive!

Image credit: dndbeyond.com

Honestly, out of all of the entries on this list, it’s the closest we’ll get to making our dream come true. Unlike movies and TV shows, players have agency and can explore the world within. Too bad we’re stuck with dozens of dice and no Bag of Holding to store them in.


We have so many fond memories of watching this anime. It holds a special place in our hearts as our gateway anime—and we regret nothing! Watching the hyperactive protagonist go from a lonely orphan to the mightiest shinobi in the five lands was heartwarming and inspiring.

Image credit: Pierrot

We’re not ashamed to admit we practiced the hand signs and tried to cast justu. After all, who wouldn’t want to have Kage Bunshin to help out doing schoolwork, chores, or going to dull meetings? Konoha was basically our second home.

The Sonic The Hedgehog

If we could pick anywhere to visit, this might not be our top choice, but the world of Sonic is the go-to for many gamers. And we won’t judge. You are your own master, and you are free to do whatever you want.

Image credit: Paramount Pictures

After all, the last The Sonic The Hedgehog movie was a blockbuster hit. And this universe has many positive sides. Nothing is ever slow there. Come to think of it, we wouldn’t mind living in a world without long lines and endless waiting rooms.

Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet

But If you could only pick one Disney world to visit, we recommend Wreck-It Ralph (2012) and Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) because it is the melting pot of everything you have ever loved in your childhood. Think of it like a cheat code for this universe jump scenario.

Image credit: Disney

The movie is an amalgamation of cameos from famous video game characters and Disney movies. They break every single fourth wall that exists, and we are here for it. If we go there, we will immediately try to visit the Disney princess crew and have a sleepover.

The Jetsons

There is no reason for us not to love The Jetsons. The show portrays the typical American family—well, in 1960s standards, anyway. It’s set in the future, where everything is highly advanced. This adds to the wholesome chaos of the Jetson family.

Image credit: Hanna-Barbera Productions

The show visualized the typical imagination of futuristic flying cars along with flying buildings. The car can be folded into an office briefcase. Children can be dropped to school with little spaceships. There is also Rosie, the robot maid. Of course, you’d want the future to look like this.

Star Trek

We don’t want robot maids or flying carpets. What we really want is for the world of Star Trek to actually become our future. TOS is set in 2265, so we still have some time to make that dream a reality.

Image credit: Paramount

Exploring alien worlds in a scientific and ethical way is our dream. And we’d give anything to mind-meld with Spock and have a front-row seat to one of Kirk’s fantastic adventures. All we need to do is throw out all of our red shirts and we’ll be safe.

Steven Universe

This is possibly the most wholesome yet fun animated series. They have no business being so adorable. The show is worth watching because it broke several stereotypes in children’s shows and introduced the new generation to a more inclusive and positive life view.

Image credit: Cartoon Network

Also, Steven and his relationship with his three gem guardians are perfect. Watching him grow up feels like watching your own son grow up and stand on their feet. We would go to this universe just to give Steven a warm hug. 

Parks And Recreation

Most of the entries on this listicle are animated series set in science fiction and fantasy worlds. But there are simple universes we’d like to visit, too. Parks And Recreation is a sitcom that will make you crack a smile every five minutes.

Image credit: NBC

If you had watched this show, you would definitely want to visit the characters and make friends with them. They are just so likable and relatable. The show raises many existential questions but makes sure to balance them with a joke to keep you going.

My Side Of The Mountain

It took us decades and adulthood to finally get sick of urban life and people. However, the 12-year-old protagonist of My Side Of The Mountain was way ahead of his time. He was not even a teenager when he decided to leave the city.

Image credit: Paramount Pictures

The hustle and bustle of New work was not for him. So he took his animal sidekicks, a peregrine falcon and a weasel, and moved to a cabin in the woods. We should do the same and take our cat to the countryside.

12 Monkeys

We were about to say that this is a dumb idea—no one with a sane mind should ever enter 12 Monkeys—then we realized, “oh wait. Nevermind. We are already in 12 Monkeys.” We are not being dramatic just for the theatrics. 

Image credit: Universal Pictures

The premise of the movie is a dystopian world. A deadly virus struck the planet and caused nearly all of humanity to be wiped out. Does that sound familiar? This movie was made thirty years ago. This makes you wonder if the creators knew something that we didn’t.

Elder Scrolls

This is not our opinion. However, some netizens apparently think that Elder Scrolls is a good place to live in. We were mildly offended by this comment as there are many games with far superior living conditions. Why would anyone choose this wasteland?

Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

However, the netizens think that despite the harsh living conditions of the Elder Scrolls universe, it is a good place to live in if it could provide some basic things. We agree—Elder Scrolls has excellent visuals. However, we wouldn’t want to live there. 

Monster Hunter: World

This is not the best place to go. However, it is not the worst either. We have far worse additions in this listicle—this is nothing. The monsters are a bit on the grotesque side. But other than that, everything’s okay. 

Image credit: Capcom

You do not die in the game. All you have to do is defeat the monsters and sell them later for rewards. You could also have delicious foods served by adorable cats. Actually, since they have cats, we have nothing to complain about.

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

It is literally an anime about food. How can we ever complain about this? It is also set in Japan—therefore, it’s a win/win for those who appreciate Japanese culture. Therefore, we highly recommend that anyone visit this fictional world if given a chance. 

Image credit: J.C.Staff

Food Wars is a comedy anime set in a culinary school. The students have to combat each other with their recipes. Interestingly, if the food is too good, the clothes of the tester will fly open. We were tempted to become professional food tasters; however, we’re not fond of public nudity.


As somebody who has too much PTSD from stepping LEGOs during our childhood (and adulthood), we were about to run for the hills when a LEGO universe was mentioned. However, thinking about it now, this is probably a good place to live in.

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The LEGO universe is probably the only place where body image issues do not exist since literally everyone is a block of yellow plastic. We could also send our enemies into this dimension and have them impaled by countless LEGOs. Bonus points if we can meet Emmett.

One Piece

We saved the best for the last. One Piece is arguably the king of shounen anime, and it is for good reason. The show has many likable characters and a hilarious protagonist. Luffy and his friends are on a quest to find the treasure called one piece.

Image credit: Toei Animation

We would not choose to be a pirate had it been The Pirates of the Caribbean. However, if it is One Piece, we will gladly say yes. Who wouldn’t want to go on a sea voyage with their childhood idol?