EVO 2022: Player Used A Simple Yet Unbreakable Spell To Hide Moves

By Kanyi M

We’ve all been there before. It’s time for penalty kicks in FIFA, and we don’t want our opponents to know how we will take the next one. Some of us bring the console out of sight or angle the screen away from prying eyes. Others, like pro gamers, try to be more elaborate about it and build something.

It turns out that big esports events are no different than your local FIFA tournament when it comes to secrets. Except that in this case, the pros are playing fighting games instead of soccer. An unnamed player used a cardboard box on a Street Fighter 5 match to prevent his opponents from seeing what he was about to do next.

It’s not stupid if it works…right?

Credit: @classicbts / Twitter

The only downside? The cardboard box isn’t available yet, sadly. Maybe Razer – or even Amazon – will want to make a new peripheral for this. It’s not the first time we’ve spotted such contraptions at these events.

After the image was posted on Reddit, commenters had a field day with it, calling it the “Razer Stronghold” and even writing a mock press release for the product. Fans described it as a great tool to prevent opponents from seeing your moves and ensuring your victories – especially in the world of esports.

Credit: @elladon / Unsplash

Back in the days of LAN parties and split-screen multiplayer titles, there were a lot of creative ways to hide your screen from others. We’ve all angled the console, sat behind desks and monitors, or even played with the lights off. Nowadays, it’s more about ensuring that others can’t just look at your screen and see what you’re doing.