Elden Ring Fan Creates Realistic Malenia Cosplay

By Kanyi M

Malenia is without doubt the hardest boss in Elden Ring. While she ultimately has to be beaten for you to clear the game, she’s difficult not only because of her many skills and spells but also because her attacks are quick, deadly and spread out. Her setup is also excellent for catching you off-guard with a cheap shot before you’ve adjusted to how she’s fighting.

Fans of dark and challenging RPGs – both old and new – have enjoyed the game and its challenges, while less masochistic players have suffered their way through. Vamplette from Reddit, a fan of the Souls games (and Dark Souls in particular) decided to take on the challenge of beating Malenia in a very different way to most – as a cosplay.

The idea was simple. She would be the ultimate cosplayer, putting in the hours to prepare for, and then enjoy the moment when she defeated Malenia. Vamplette is a cosplayer known for her Sith and Jedi costumes, as well as her work which includes dressing up as Black Widow from The Avengers, all of which she created herself using prosthetics and body paint.

Image courtesy of Vamplette/Reddit

That’s exactly what she did for Malenia here – she went all-out, building her entire costume from scratch including a prosthetic hand from Shapeways. The helmet took a week to create even when working with two 3D printers. She then painted it herself, before adding the weathering and crumbling effects to complete her costume. That work paid off, as she finally defeated Malenia after great perseverance both as a player and a cosplayer.