DnD Now Has A Trivial Pursuit Version

By Stephen M

Dungeon & Dragons enthusiasts and players can now take their knowledge of the game to the next level with the release of Trivial Pursuit: Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Edition. This new version assesses players’ knowledge of the game’s history, rules, and experience.

Source: @_staticvoid / Unsplash

Can you imagine going to a competition of this nature? You can literally make money using the knowledge that has already been stored in your beautiful brain for years now.

The version has six categories: Magic & Miscellany, Monsters, History, Dungeons & Adventures, Cosmology, and Characters. It also comes with questions from all five editions of Dungeons & Dragons. In other words, you will truly need to be an expert in all editions.

The Trivial Pursuits board game requires players to answer trivial questions from six categories, shown on the board with different colored spaces. Every correct answer gives the player a different color. When the player collects all six pieces successfully, it takes them to the center to answer a final question. Here, other players choose a question from a category for the player to answer.

Source: @cafera13 / Unsplash

Hasbro owns Trivial Pursuit and Dungeons & Dragons. However, the OP is licensed to come out with new versions of the game, but for different TV shows, brands, and movies. This is not the first time as the OP previously made versions of other Hasbro games. Some popular ones include Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Clue. 

The Dungeons & Dragons Yahtzee game has a dice tower that may be used when playing D&D games. You can purchase the game on Amazon.