DnD 5e School of Enchantment: The Best Wizard build

By Kanyi M

If you like playing a spellcaster, it can be hard to pick what class you want. And, even then, you need to pick sub-classes. With Druids, it’s circles, but for Wizards, you have to pick a school. No, we’re not talking about Hogwarts. We mean, Transmutation, Evocation, Necromancy, and so on. If you have a certain character build in mind, it may be necessary to pick a certain school. If you’re considering the school of Enchantment, here are a few pointers:

Greg Rutkowski/Artstation


Intelligence is the stat that affects all enchantment spells, so it’s the core ability for this class. It affects the DC, and even how many targets you can have at once. And don’t forget Wisdom. Since wizards need to learn their spells, unlike sorcerers who “inherit” the knowledge, you should put some thought into Wis, too.


Surprisingly, a gnome is the best race for creating an optimal wizard from the School of Enchantment. Gnomes are naturally crafty and this complements the wizard’s intelligence. They get a +2 bonus to all enchantments that affect objects. Charisma and wisdom are the other important modifiers for enchantment spells, and Gnomes already have a +1 for these two stats.



Choose feats that will pair well with a high Intelligence modifier. Alert, Inquisitive, Keen Mind, Linguist, Observant, and Resilient all boost Int.


Friends and Encode Thoughts are great cantrips to choose. Modify Memory and Charm Person, as well as similar spells that rely on influencing others, are good for School of Enchantment wizards.