DC Comic Skins That Have Made It To Fortnite

By Kanyi M

There’s no shortage of skins in Fortnite and thinking about it, Epic Games took a rather clever pricing approach where you could spend huge sums in-game purchases on a free game. This can lead to some insane combinations of characters and costumes – or, as the case may be, skins – but it’s not always easy to keep up with what’s new. There are still many awesome DC comic skins that have yet to make their way into the game, so let’s take a look at who we think deserves more love.



Besides Superman, who was released as a pretty early game patch, there have been few notable DC comics skins that have made it into Fortnite. Some DC heroes are just too busy for the time being and others just aren’t fit for battle in this exclusive online shooter.

Aquaman The King of Atlantis would have been an excellent addition to Fortnite with his water-based abilities.

The bow is usable in Fortnite, and EA Games has announced that Green Arrow is in Fortnite, so you could use him to hunt down some unsuspecting players and loot them for epic skins.

The Flash is another member of the Justice League who brings much more to the table than his solo appearance. Lots of power and a chance to steal all your hard work are just some of the things that he brings with him.



Harley Quinn is a strong character who could replace the Scavenger skin and have a whole array of weapons at her disposal.

Together with Joker, they could have a very fun duo that could roam alive in the underworld.