Innovative Or Inane?: Problematic PC Setups That Give Us Anxiety

By Saptargha D

Get ready for a blast from the past as we take you on a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most unusual computers of yesteryear. From chunky beige boxes with multiple floppy drives to futuristic designs that look straight out of a sci-fi movie, these computers are guaranteed to make you ponder their designs. Some might make you laugh at and question the minds who made them, while others might surprise you with their ingenuity.

Here we have handpicked a collection of the most bizarre PCs on Earth from a popular Twitter page. This online community shares the most absurd computer designs that will surely make you wonder about their existence. So, if you don’t want to miss out on the top offbeat picks from the page, stay tuned!

All images in this article are courtesy of f***eduppcs on Twitter

“Yes Professor, I Have a Laptop”

Wow, this guy has got a real “Snackbook!” Its keypad must have got true hotkeys for easy access and quick operations. We’re impressed that all the other students are able to focus on their work, rather than their clearly confused classmate.

The guy must have messed up with his laptop last night but had an urgent computer practical exam to attend the following day. So, not having any alternative to the laptop, they resorted to this last option to trick the professor into thinking they had a functioning system.

Classy Case

Say goodbye to clunky, plastic monstrosities and hello to this advanced glass CPU that doubles as a piece of art. This stunning piece of technology boasts an outer body made of designer glass and wood, giving it a chic and sophisticated look.

This design proves that technology can be both functional and fashionable. Along with looking aesthetically pleasing, this computer packs a powerful punch and can handle all your computing needs effectively. Thus, it is the ultimate fusion of style and substance.

Edible CPU

We all know that potatoes are good conductors of electricity as they are enriched with electrolytes. But this person took this fact too seriously. From an HMDI cable to a RAM and remote access PC card, they packed this potato with every crucial component of a computer setup.

It is not only comical but also absurd to see how a big fat potato can serve as a CPU. However, this image is a prime example of the desperation and ingenuity people resort to when their technology fails them.


This keyboard design is an eyesore with its multicolor backlighting. Each row is integrated with a different colored LED, making it look like a rainbow threw up on it. But that’s not what earned it a spot on our list.

We can only hope that it’s just the keys that are rearranged and not the internal components. If it’s the former, then good luck typing on it if your style is hunt-and-peck. Overall, the keyboard design is not just bad; it’s a disaster.

Ancient CPU

The image below features a Russian case mod that truly defies all standards of good taste. The entire exterior is coated in garish, glittery golden paint, with a bright red LED light inside that could put any neon sign to shame.

This case mod is not for the faint of heart or those who prefer subtlety in their computer design. This is the ultimate computer case for lovers of steampunk and is perfect for those who dare to stand out and embrace their wild side.

Pizza Box Laptop

Creativity knows no bounds, and sometimes the most unexpected materials can spark inspiration. This laptop, housed inside a pizza box, is a prime example of that. While many buy expensive clamshell laptop cases made of premium materials, this arrangement proves that pricey products aren’t always necessary to protect your device.

By using a humble pizza box as a casing, this person has not only saved money but has also created a one-of-a-kind setup that is sure to turn heads. Thus, it’s evident that limitations can be a great driver of creativity, leading to the creation of something unique.

Cardboard Processing Unit

This toy cardboard CPU is quite a sight to see. Every part is marked with respective names, like “Graphics Card,” “Power Supply,” etc., for easy identification. But let’s be real; it’s just a plaything for kids. Despite its impressive, cute design, it’s just for show and a cardboard replica of a CPU.

It’s funny to imagine a child proudly constructing this fake computer, thinking they’ve built the next big thing. However, this post is a gentle reminder of our early childhood days when we made cardboard replicas of things we wanted but couldn’t get…yet.

Chocolate PC

This computer is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. The keyboard is arranged with chocolate cubes, while the mouse and monitor are designed with whole chocolate bars. The design might seem crazy, but the PC clearly explains the creator’s love for chocolates.

The guy has used a mix of milk and dark chocolate in the entire setup to create a unique and eye-catching look. They have even attached a cord to the chocolate mouse to make it look more realistic. Thus, using this PC will be not only fun but also delicious!

Desktop Stranding

This PC is a perfect set if you’re planning to play Death Stranding. The user has formulated this spooky yet crazy CPU utilizing the concept of a Bridge baby from the video game. When lit, the CPU truly resembles the aforementioned infant in its pod.

Thus, rendering a perfect, uncanny ambiance in reality, this spooky PC design adds to your virtual gaming experience. You never know; this real-life mimicry of the game’s features might help in your gameplay. Hats off to the creator for such a unique thought and developing this attention-grabbing computer!

Hot Wheels Gaming PC

This old Hot Wheels gaming PC was one of the most popular computers in the ’90s. But in terms of modern setups, it’s a prime example of an awkward design in computer hardware. The worst element of this PC is its large, clunky CPU that takes up most of the desk space.

Thus, owing to its poor design and massive size, this computer is not desirable for those who prefer a sleek look and modern technology. Despite its outdated appearance, this Hot Wheels PC set has impeccable gaming capabilities. The powerful processor and graphics card can easily handle even the most demanding games.

Horrifying PC

Some twisted mind decided to show the internet what it really looks like when someone gets that cutesy science fiction stuff. Just pure nightmare fuel. The owner of this horrible PC is probably a lonely person who needs someone to look at them.

Maybe they find it comforting, but for a common man working in a dark room, two eyes looking continuously at them is a horrifying experience. No doubt, this set of three desktops can be used to play a foolproof horror prank.

Cool CPU

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a key component of a computer system responsible for executing and processing instructions. It’s essential to keep it cool to maintain your system’s performance. So, in the earlier days, a small motor fan was externally attached to the back of the CPU to blow off the hot air.

This desperate attempt to cool down a PC is clunky at best. The presence of a motor fan can’t cool down a big CPU so easily. In today’s age of smart and silent technology, this outdated cooling method serves as a reminder of the importance of staying ahead of the technological curve.

Cyborg Leela

Technology is always associated with the future and science fiction, and what better way to represent that than Leela from Futurama? Although she’s pretty tech-savvy, this 31st-century gal is possibly the worst casing for a CPU. And, clearly, this was a custom build!

In a bit of bizarre detail, the creator even used a cloth tank top to cover her. In a way, though, it’s sort of poetic. Using the effigy of a human to house a CPU perfectly encapsulates how we’re becoming integrated with technology.


This young boy seems to be a true PUBG lover. So, to maximize his gaming experience, he got a giant touchscreen for the best results. But it’s clear from the image that, even though he’s desperately trying to play the game, the big screen is actually problematic.

It’s comical how he is trying to show off his gaming skills yet is unable to get the screen to work properly. But the saddest part is that he spent all his funds formulating this PC and now doesn’t have enough money to buy a t-shirt. Poor guy!

Deserted Computer

What do you expect to find when hiking through the woods? Some interesting plants, maybe some scat, or perhaps beautiful butterflies. Well, someone stumbled upon a lone work desk that somehow worked despite being in an area so remote, there were no outlets in sight.

Whoever set up this workstation in the wilderness took the “remote work” option too seriously. We can’t get over their whole setup, featuring Hatsune Miku and even a Minato mug. Oh, and let’s not forget the all-important desk plant. Wait, what?

Graphic Cat

It looks like we’ve got a feline invasion on our hands! Introducing the new custom “Graphic Cat” on the market—a real kitty that has taken up residency inside the computer’s CPU. Instead of a standard graphic card, this PC is equipped with a full-on furball.

Imagine the confusion of the computer technician trying to fix this thing. They will be baffled, wondering if it’s a problem with the CPU or the cat. It’s amazing how cats find a cozy place in the smallest corners, cracks, and now, even in CPUs.

Woolen CPU

Where do we even start? Here’s a CPU covered in white woolen fabric, with its interior illuminated by colorful contrasting lights. However, the slots peeping through the cover give the appearance of a creepy face, making the overall design horrifying yet attractive.

The wooly cover not only adds a unique touch to the otherwise mundane piece of technology but also protects it from dirt and spills. In contrast, the intricate LED display within the CPU renders an eerie appeal, creating a sense of mystery and wonder.

Piles of Files

The person in the image is overwhelmed with work, as evidenced by the numerous files cluttering his computer screens. It’s a daunting sight, with two full-sized computers and a laptop all filled to their capacities. Although it’s unclear what kind of work he does, it seems to be a high-volume task.

His undoubtedly hefty job necessitated him to have access to multiple screens. But the sheer amount of data and information being processed is staggering; it’s no wonder this person looks exhausted. We feel empathetic for this guy who is struggling to keep up.

Computers Do Grow On Trees

The image depicts a seemingly impossible scenario—a laptop stuck in a tree with the trunk piercing directly through the device. The laptop is positioned at an awkward angle, and one can only imagine the force it took to get it stuck in such a manner.

This scenario evokes questions about how it even got there. Did someone throw the laptop in frustration? Or did it fall from a great height? Whatever the case, this image reminds us of those post-apocalyptic movies where nature grows through the now-defunct technology.

Microwave PC

This image is both humorous and tricky to understand. The man sitting in front of a microwave with a wireless keyboard in hand is apparently using the appliance as his PC. The digital screen of the microwave serves as the monitor, displaying all files and folders.

Compared to usual devices, the only feature this microwave PC lacks is good quality resolution. But apart from that, it is so similar to a real computer that it can easily fool anyone…if they don’t look too hard. Kudos to the playful concept of the person and the way he executed it!

Tire CPU

A car tire integrated with computer parts is not only one of the most terrible PC designs but also unimaginable. We have seen various types of casings for a CPU, but a tire is in a league of its own. The creator of this device must be an environmentalist who prefers upcycling.

Integrating technology and vehicles is one thing, but this approach is a disaster waiting to happen. This CPU design is a prime example of poor decision-making and lack of practicality. The only thing it’s good for is a hearty laugh.

Mushroom-Infested CPU

You might be fond of mushrooms, but you don’t want to see them grow in your CPU. This image of mushrooms sprouting out of the computer’s CPU indicates a lack of proper maintenance. Although this scenario is rare, it characterizes the horror that can befall an unmaintained machine.

So, with a quirky and humorous take on computer problems, the image deserves a place in this list dedicated to portraying terrible computers. The absurdity of a fungus invading a machine, combined with the unmistakable damage it represents, makes this entry stand out in the world of computer mishaps.

Mini Screen

With three tablets trying to form a complete desktop, this setup is an inadequate solution that fails to meet even the needs of the most basic user. Besides, the cramped and cluttered desk makes it more difficult to get any real work done.

The design of this setup is nothing short of horrible. With innumerable cables strewn about and a lack of organization, this PC is sure to cause frustration and annoyance. It is a prime example of why people need to invest in quality computers that can help them be more productive and efficient at work.

Dust Filter

We equip PCs with dust filters to prevent dirt build-up in the CPU. But we often forget that even these covers accumulate dust over time and must be cleaned regularly for optimal device functioning. This image is such an instance where the dust filters of the CPU are badly overflowing with debris.

These dust bunnies are clogged so tightly that they took the exact hexagonal shape of the filter, almost resembling a fuzzy mattress. This hefty amount of dirt indicates clear neglect in proper maintenance and cleaning of the computer, potentially harming its performance and longevity.

Hot Pocket

It should go without saying that mixing food and technology is not a good idea. Food particles and oils can easily mess up any piece of tech, but what’s really troublesome is when people try to blend the two. Just look at how this person carelessly stuffed their Hot Pocket.

Technology is now everywhere. Hence, different hardware manufacturers are trying to integrate it with anything and everything they can. This Hot Pocket-turned electronic device is a dark side of such an attempt. Some things are best left as is—aka, sans modern technology.

Computer In A Bottle

Here’s another weird setup for a computer. Instead of a traditional case, this individual has placed their CPU inside a plastic water tank. It’s hard to imagine how they even managed to fit all the components in there, let alone how they accessed the ports and fan.

The sight of wires and circuits peeping through the top of the tank is a bit of a head-scratcher. It seems like the person was trying to create a DIY fish tank for their computer. In other words, the whole setup looks awkward and out of place.

Gaming Mall

While others are busy shopping for their essentials in the grocery store, this person is absorbed in playing Minecraft on the self-checkout (SCO) system. With a focused expression on his face, this guy is all ready to fight creepers in the virtual world instead of paying for his goods.

Retailers equip stores with SCOs to lower labor costs while facilitating efficient and easy transactions. But if customers like this guy stay glued to the device for gaming and block others from using the machine, it would cost retailers a hefty amount, much larger than their usual labor expenditure.

Flush the Technology

The sight of a CPU built into a toilet tank is so unbearable that it could make any technology lover cringe. It combines two completely different worlds, colliding and causing utter chaos. We wonder what kind of “brilliant” mind even considered developing such a thing.

The thought of using a toilet and a computer in the same space is a nightmare for anyone with a basic understanding of hygiene. Thus, the only words that could perfectly describe this PC design are bizarre, filthy, and outrageous.

The CPU of Damocles

Here’s an entirely weird and dangerous computer setup. To save precious desk or floor space, this person decided to suspend all the CPU components from the ceiling. Instead of a PC setup, it looks more like a power distribution center.

Besides, the design is also hazardous for the computer and its users. The open, hanging cables can lead to a short circuit if not handled carefully. Also, an exposed CPU can draw in dust and cause damage to the hardware components, adversely affecting your system’s efficiency.

Only Fans

This CPU defies all logic and reason with its bizarre design. Instead of the standard heatsink, its entire surface is covered with numerous fans. It seems that the person tried to create a Frankenstein monster of a CPU case as an homage to OnlyFans.

This contraption is a prime example of what not to do when building a PC and a reminder to prioritize functionality over aesthetics. So, this brainchild of madness deserves not only a round of applause for its creativity but also a stern warning to others not to follow in its footsteps.

Clean But Crashed

This person has taken his love for cleanliness to new heights by washing his CPU motherboard with soap and water. Clearly, they misunderstood what it means to “clean your computer.” Not only is this a complete no-no in the world of electronics, but it’s also a recipe for disaster.

Water and electricity don’t mix, and the motherboard is integrated with delicate components that are definitely not water-resistant. This poor soul is about to experience the ultimate computer crash and will regret not just dusting the board off with a soft cloth.

Paper Computer

This is a creative and humorous way of showcasing a complete PC set. Pictures of a keyboard, CPU, monitor, and mouse are all printed on separate pieces of paper, all placed in the proper spot to resemble a real computer. This is the way to go if you want a PC on a budget.

Technological advancements strive to make things faster and easier, and this paper-based PC model has achieved this goal effectively. The person was too desperate to have a computer set up at home. So, with the help of technology, they created one for themself.

Battery Bust-Out

These laptop batteries are so swollen that they have lifted the case right off its hinges. It seems like the batteries thought they were the next big thing and decided to break free from their mundane life inside the laptop.

Talk about an identity crisis! This laptop has a taste of its own medicine, which is just too funny to handle. The device probably wanted to show off its new muscles, but instead, it just ended up making a fool out of itself.

Wire-Less Mouse

This gives us anxiety just thinking about it! The person responsible for this act of computer carnage must have either been in a hurry or just lacked the patience to unbox their new mouse properly. Though it does make us question the practicality of the packaging design.

Either way, it’s a prime example of why people should always take their time when setting up their computers. By following just a few simple steps, the individual could have easily avoided this tangled mess and ensured their mouse was up and running in no time.

Open CPU

This CPU is a total disaster waiting to happen. Although the steel-wired casing might look cool, in terms of functionality, it is a bad idea. Due to its open framework, you can clearly see all its delicate inner parts waiting to be touched and snapped.

The netted structure easily allows dust and debris to get stuck in there and cause a host of problems. Undoubtedly, this CPU design is an ideal recipe for a tech disaster and a testament to the importance of investing in a solid computer case.

Overheated Gaming Laptop

Although the way this person tried to cool their laptop down looks innovative, we wonder if it even works. Usually, placing a desk fan on one face doesn’t provide enough hot air on its intake side to expel adequate cool air on its other end. Instead, it can heat the fan motor, raising the laptop’s temperature.

This setup idea likely came from a teenage user who was in a hurry to cool down their overheated laptop so that they could resume their game. However, this type of approach showcases people’s desperation and lack of technical knowledge in solving computer issues.

Compute Bed

This computer setup is admittedly unique, although a bit questionable. The complete setup requires the full use of a bunk bed. The main components of the computer are haphazardly placed on the top bunk of a bed, while its accessories lie on the lower bunk.

This setup is perfect for those obsessed with their bed and reluctant to stay away from it yet have work to do on their computer. To top it off, the user has even placed the chair on the upper bed, adding to the absurdity of the design.

Thermal Colgate

This guy has replaced the traditional thermal paste with Colgate toothpaste. Although it seems to be a groundbreaking discovery, Colgate is not a suitable substitute. Since toothpaste solidifies quickly, it cannot conduct heat effectively to cool the CPU, which is the purpose of a thermal paste.

Besides, toothpaste contains several chemicals and minerals that may corrode or damage the hardware components in your motherboard. Thus, this post is a prime example of people trying to save money or find a quick fix but failing to realize the drastic consequences of their actions.

Caveman Laptop

This laptop haphazardly placed amidst a pile of cans gives us the chills. The contrast between the advanced technology of an electronic appliance and the primitive setting the device finds itself in highlights the ubiquitous presence of technology in our lives.

The laptop placement amongst the clutter and disarray is a testament to the careless and thoughtless ways we treat our devices. It reminds us of the many instances when our computer setups lack adequate organization and care, rendering poor performance, yet we blame the device for it.

Hungry Mouse

Who would have ever imagined using a flatbread as a mouse pad? We didn’t, but this person implemented his creativity and resourcefulness to curate such an idea. Probably, they were bored of having the same flatbread every day, so they thought of utilizing it somewhere unique.

However, once you provide food to this computer mouse, be aware! You never know; you might find a fried flatbread next to your hungry mouse the following day, too. Jokes aside, using food as a mousepad is not only impractical but also a testament to the innovative ways people try to fix their computer issues.

Bean Ready!

Most employees incorporate healthy snacks into their work life for instant energy and increased focus. So, this unique CPU integrates with a bean machine, enabling users to enjoy quick snacking while working. Rich in essential nutrients, beans boost concentration and memory, helping you maintain a steady workflow throughout the day.

Although the idea of having a snack readily available with your PC is unique and innovative, this combination of technology and food is a bit strange. Using baked beans with a computer is not a common sight and thus raises questions about the practicality of the setup.

Cushion Computer

Since kids are basically born with a phone in hand, toy companies are marketing technological products to younger kids. But when they can’t be trusted to handle real electronics yet, companies have to find a way to let kids experience the tech they see their parents using.

The smiley face is equally cute and creepy. If it was just the monitor or CPU, we could imagine this as a trendy throw pillow, but the mouse makes us wonder why this monstrosity was ever made. We’ll pass on this Etsy project, thanks.