Critical Role’s Finest Guest DMs: Unveiling The Top Three

By Martin B

Over the years, Critical Role, a widely acclaimed web series showcasing a cadre of gifted voice actors engaging in Dungeons & Dragons adventures, has welcomed a diverse array of guest Dungeon Masters (DMs). These guest DMs have brought their unique storytelling styles and creativity to the show, adding exciting twists and memorable moments to the campaigns. Here are the three best guest Dungeon Masters on Critical Role.

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Matthew Mercer: While Matthew Mercer is typically the show’s main DM, he occasionally takes a break from behind the screen to step into the role of a player. His guest appearances as a player character have been some of the most anticipated and entertaining moments in Critical Role history. His deep knowledge of the game and his ability to create engaging characters make his appearances a true highlight.

Ashley Johnson: Ashley Johnson, one of the core cast members, has also taken the DM seat as a guest. Her one-shot adventure “The Night Before Critmas” was a delightful and heartwarming holiday-themed episode that showcased her creativity and storytelling skills. Ashley’s charismatic presence and enthusiasm for the game shone through in her DM role.

Liam O’Brien: Liam O’Brien, another core cast member, is known for his intricate and dramatic storytelling style. When he stepped into the role of DM for the Honey Heist one-shot, he brought his signature flair to the game, creating a hilarious and unforgettable adventure where the players portrayed bears on a heist. Liam’s ability to balance humor and drama made this episode a fan favorite.

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These guest Dungeon Masters have demonstrated their deep love for Dungeons & Dragons and their dedication to creating engaging and immersive experiences for the players and the audience. Their unique perspectives and storytelling talents have added diversity and excitement to Critical Role’s campaigns, showcasing the collaborative and ever-evolving nature of tabletop role-playing games.