There Was An Attempt: 35+ Costumes That Prove Closet Cosplaying Isn’t For Everyone

By Jhoana C

Short for costume play, cosplay is when people dress up as characters from video games, manga, anime, movies, television shows, you name it! Cosplaying has become such a big thing in the last decade, and hobbyists are not afraid to spend hundreds of dollars just to look exactly like their favorite character when attending comic conventions.

Some cosplayers have perfected the art, making it quite difficult for regular people to tell where the character stops, and the real person begins. However, there are attempts that are downright sad and horrible that you can’t help but laugh even though you have no mean bone in your body. That’s exactly what we have here, some of the funniest cosplay attempts that make us giggle because they went horribly wrong.

We’re not here to laugh at anyone. We’re just celebrating the lengths to which people will go to put together their cosplay.

Robocop’s cheap cousin

One look at Robocop, and you’d have to think that he’s made of the sturdiest materials to withstand bullets and a lot of abuse from degenerates. This version, however, just wouldn’t cut it if he were to roam around the criminal-infested streets of Detroit.

Image courtesy of

We don’t think the protagonist’s cheap cousin, who managed to complete his costume with the help of baking trays and tape, will be hauling bad guys to jail anytime soon. But at least he’s probably somewhat comfortable in tin foil pants.

Haunting Blossom

Sugar, spice, and everything nice is supposed to be what the Powerpuff Girls are made of, but this version of Blossom doesn’t embody any of those qualities. If you ever wondered what a nightmarish version of Blossom would look like, here’s your answer.

Image courtesy of and Cartoon Network

We refuse to even get within a mile radius of this version of Blossom. The eyes alone make us want to run for the hills. Someone should tell this guy that you can use normal human proportions for these character features.

There’s something we don’t like about this Flareon

This looks like it came out straight from our childhood nightmares. Looking at this is like watching that flop of a horror film, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. Yes, someone tried to make a scary Winnie the Pooh movie and it was the definition of horrible.

Image courtesy of

Children won’t be happy to see this. Instead, they will be running for dear life and rushing to their parents’ side, eager to tell them to get rid of the monster. Whoever is behind this costume should have put more thought into it.

Hulk from a parallel universe

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s creation looks less like a superhero and more like a poorly-disguised villain in this photo. Take away the green color, and he looks more like a perverted version of Venom than the Avenger we’ve grown to love.

Image courtesy of

If you’re going to cosplay, you might as well go all-in, rather than putting on a half-baked version with amateur makeup and props. Heck, even buying stuff from a store would be better. You’d want to give people something to remember… for the right reasons.

Thanos — vegan version

Formidable, powerful, and decisive are just some of the things that come to mind when talking about the Mad Titan Thanos. However, vegan is never one of the things people would associate with the villain. But in this photo, it seems fitting.

Image courtesy of pashbrown/Reddit and Marvel Studios

We’ll ignore the lack of purple skin and just focus on the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet. It’s hard to replicate those stones, but it turns out that there’s a terrible way to make the prop. Worst of all, this guy didn’t even get all the colors right!

Son Goku would be proud

Truth be told, this is one of the better cosplay attempts on this list. In fact, we think the main protagonist of Dragon Ball, Son Goku, would be proud of this. He is looking fierce and ready for a fight and all we’re waiting for is someone to take him on.

Image courtesy of

This guy’s costume and hair are close to the character he’s copying, and he deserves a pat on the back for his work. This is something that will make people smile and sleep soundly at night. And who doesn’t like that?

Now this is scary

Aside from Halloween, one of our favorite events is conventions because we see people’s talents shine. Even small cons are filled with seas of cosplays, some of which give us a few good laughs while others scare us. This one, for example, is spot-on and creepy.

Image courtesy of Netflix

This is Ryuk, a shinigami from Death Note a manga/anime/Netflix special (depending on which medium you prefer). To say that he looks scary is an understatement. This is exactly what we picture lives in a haunted house; a spirit waiting to scare people to death.

Magneto without magnetism

A powerful mutant, once Professor Xavier’s best friend, and now nemesis, Magneto is a character that everyone recognizes. He has the ability to generate and control magnetic fields, but is against the possibility of humans and mutants existing together peacefully.

Image courtesy of Marvel

This recreation of Magneto is okay, but we do have a few things that we’d like to point out. Aside from the paunchy belly, the color of the helmet is wrong. The cape could have also been put on better and not just haphazardly tied around his neck.

Not even close

This has got to be one of the worst cosplays yet. Other than the green coloring, it is not even close to the inspiration—Mike Wazowski from Monsters University. He’s one of our favorites, both in the original and the prequel.

Image courtesy of

There are so many green-colored characters, it’s a challenge to recognize who this guy is supposed to be as nothing stands out from his costume. Take off the hat and this guy could be anyone. Shrek, the Hulk, Kermit the Frog, Grinch, Yoda, or Slimer. Take your pick.

No child should ever see this

It’s not unusual for people to dress up as famous cartoon characters. Everyone knows who they are, and you don’t have to explain what movie or show your cosplay is from. One cartoon character that needs no introduction is Bugs Bunny.

Image courtesy of GoatAndYourMum/Reddit and

But this take on the famous white and gray rabbit has us concerned, and we hope that no child ever sees such a thing because looking at it is worse than watching a gory slasher flick. This has all the hallmarks of childhood trauma that we don’t wish on anyone.

An insult to Star Wars fans

Star Wars has one of the biggest fanbases ever. Since 1977, fans have been watching, reading, and playing various pieces of the Star Wars universe. While there’s always mixed feedback on new movies, we bet most Star Wars fans would disapprove of this cosplay.

Image courtesy of

We have three theories here. One, this man is wearing a costume meant for children. Two, he’s too tall for the adult-sized costume. Or, three, the costume fits just fine but he didn’t think to kneel down for the photo-op.

Po has finally lost all that weight

One of our favorite cartoon characters is Po from Kung Fu Panda because he is not like your typical hero. He isn’t fit, he isn’t good-looking, and he isn’t popular. But at the end of the day, he came through when he was needed most.

Image courtesy of

That’s why we are a little disappointed that people would cosplay him looking like this. We understand that sometimes there isn’t enough time or resources to copy characters to a T, but more effort could have been put into this. No thumbs up from us.

You can’t get any angrier when you see this

Let’s face it. Not everyone has thousands of bucks to spend to create a perfect cosplay. Sometimes, we make do with the things we have on hand. This person must have thought that an Angry Birds cosplay would be hard to mess up, but he couldn’t be more mistaken.

Image courtesy of

He looks like the horribly wrong version of Angry Birds, and we’re not talking about the type that gets the children laughing. We’re talking about the type that makes them scared, unable to sleep, and has them calling for their parents at night.

Not fit for little girls

Ask any little girl today, and most of them will tell you that they like My Little Pony. And let’s not forget the millennials who went through a phase in the early 2010s. These ponies are all unique, with their luscious manes, colorful bodies, and unique symbols on their flanks.

Image courtesy of Drezoius/Reddit and

This version of Rainbow Dash is something we don’t recommend people show to little kids. Only let them see this if you want them to get over their pony phase in a quick yet disturbing way. This picture is sure to kill the magic.

This is just bad on so many levels

Some cosplay attempts are so bad that they are best forgotten; this is a good example. This should have never seen the light of day, and to the parent of this poor child, we have to say: why did you put your child through this?

Image courtesy of

If you only saw the photo on the left, you wouldn’t know that it’s supposed to be Ben Grimm, aka The Thing. Maybe if he shouted “It’s clobbering time,” the co-founder of the Fantastic Four’s catchphrase, you’d get a clue. Otherwise, it’s a waste of tape.

This guy’s arrow is not going to hurt anyone

Green Arrow has got to be one of the most kick-butt comic book characters. He first appeared in 1941 and audiences have been in love with him ever since. Although imperfect, Green Arrow is acknowledged to be one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe.

Image courtesy of

However, this Green Arrow won’t be taking down the baddies any time soon. Yes, he might be able to keep clothes from getting wrinkled and maybe cook a few dishes, but that’s about the only thing he can do. This is what happens when Oliver Queen’s money runs out.

Now all they need is pizza

The pizza-loving turtles Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello fight evil in the city of New York under the tutelage of their rat sensei, Splinter. These cosplayers have a long way to go if they want to emulate the beloved turtles.

Image courtesy of

Well, at least they’re green. Their take on the famous turtles probably took some effort. They must’ve gone through a lot of body paint. Yup, they have weapons and the mask, but that’s about it. It would have been a lot better if they made an effort to put on something that resembles a shell.

This Bender is cold

One of the main characters in the Futurama series, Bender is a metalworking robot known for snide remarks, the most famous of which is “Bite my shiny metal *ss.” Although he has an attitude, we wouldn’t expect a robot to have any feelings…

Image courtesy of

We wonder, however, if the real Bender would feel offended if he saw this likeness. The attempt isn’t half-bad, but we doubt the paper and tape will last through an entire day at a con. We give this Bender Bending Rodriguez a B+.

Batman is bankrupt

One of the founding members of the Justice League, Batman protects Gotham at night and funds heroic enterprises by day as Bruce Waye. But what happens when the money is gone and he can’t afford to repair that expensive Batsuit?

Image courtesy of Minifig81/Reddit and

Wearing an all-black bodysuit and a cowl wouldn’t be enough to tell people who he is. At least he has enough bats on hand to use as weapons when he can’t afford any more Batarangs. We bet he sold the Batmobile and bought a bike.

Chewbacca after his laser hair removal appointments

A legendary warrior and Han Solo’s co-pilot, Chewbacca wants nothing more than to restore freedom to the galaxy. He has a big heart which is buried underneath his fluffy hair. We can’t even imagine how much shampoo he needs to use.

Image courtesy of Annie LeibovitzLucas Film

Apparently, Chewbacca had a few laser hair removal appointments to clear up the fur near his eyes, and a bad dye job on his chin, too. Which do you like better? The before or after photo? Again, this is one of those costumes that’s difficult to identify without the inspiration photo.

Bane would be mad at this

A supervillain and one of Batman’s most dangerous adversaries, Bane boasts brute strength and extraordinary intelligence. He broke Batman in The Dark Knight, and although a lot of people said Tom Hardy was too small to play him, he proved them wrong.

Image courtesy of El_Dumfuco/Reddit and

But after showing the haters how amazing he is, we bet Tom Hardy wouldn’t approve of this cosplay. It gives the villain a bad name, and not in a good way. Surely this man wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a Bane mask online.

This Wolverine should really call it a day

Another popular character that makes a lot of appearances at conventions is Wolverine. What’s not to like about him? The tough antihero has bones made of indestructible adamantium, regenerative abilities we could only wish for, and retractable claws in each hand.

Image courtesy of

Wolverine in the left photo needs to call it a day, though. He looks tired, spent, and his claws don’t seem to work anymore. This is what happens when you go from one battle to another without taking any time to rest up.

Yoshi’s nose is a hindrance

Since his first appearance in 1990, Yoshi has gone from a side character to an iconic staple of Nintendo’s Mario universe. He even has his own games! His most defining characteristic is his huge bulbous nose, but he is also known for his huge appetite.

Image courtesy of

But there seems to be something wrong with this Yoshi’s nose, and from the looks of things, he didn’t go to the right surgeon for a rhinoplasty. We’re not here to judge people for their opinion on plastic surgery; we just feel bad seeing our beloved Yoshi look like this.

Tony Stark has been through really bad times

We never really thought about how many superheroes relied on their wealth. Oliver Queen, Bruce Wayne, and now Tony Stark? We’re used to the playboy, philanthropist, wise guy in his shiny suit that we have a hard time picturing him in penury.

Image courtesy of emanueledc/Reddit and JeffGrubb/Twitter

Gone is his expensive and high-tech suit of armor. Now he has to walk around with cloth and paper held together by cheap tape. Even the tape seems to have given up. We guess it’s time for Iron Man to call it quits, too.

We don’t want to I-majin

Dragon Ball has produced some of the most recognizable and unique characters in the anime world, and without a doubt, Majin Buu is one of those characters. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a pink, genie-looking character and is the final antagonist in the manga.

Image courtesy of

To many, he does not look intimidating and villainous, but we promise you he’s up to no good. In the photo above, we have to admit that he looks more accommodating and friendly, and he’s even lost some weight, too.

We doubt this Sonic can run fast

Japan really cornered the market on fantastic video games. We’re here with another creation, Sonic the Hedgehog. The anthropomorphic, vibrant blue hedgehog has made it his mission to defeat the mad scientist, Doctor Eggman, and we never get tired of seeing him win. Aside from his blue color, what people remember most about Sonic is his speed.

Image courtesy of Shakeittillumakeit/Reddit and

We doubt that the Sonic seen above is capable of running faster than average. Those shoes don’t look like they can handle more than a light jog, and he could probably use some practice anyway. Perhaps he should call on Usain Bolt for training.

The Death Note we want

If these pictures make you want to cosplay, but you’re struggling to think of something within your financial and crafty means, we have the solution for you. This is the costume we want and need—something that our limited creativity will love and thank us for.

Image courtesy of Madhouse

Nothing can be as simple and as easy as this. This only goes to show that no matter how bad you are when it comes to making costumes, there’s always a solution. If you want to make a mark at conventions, get creative, just like this person did!

This is the time to doubt Thor

We’ve always been big fans of mythology, be it Greek, Roman, or Norse, so it follows that we love to see and learn more about various gods and goddesses. This includes, of course, the god of thunder, Thor. But this Thor makes us want to put down our Prose Edda.

Image courtesy of

Seriously, though, what happened to his hair? Couldn’t he just borrow a long blonde wig from someone? It’s quite difficult to respect the all-powerful and mighty Thor with a plastic bag on his head. We know you agree with us.

C-3PO out in the desert for too long

We said it before and we’ll say it again: Star Wars is a huge franchise with a massive fanbase. And with over 45 years of movies, TV shows, games, books, and more, there are a plethora of characters to cosplay. That being said, certain characters will always remain fan favorites…

Image courtesy of Disney

This C-3PO looks like it has been left out in the desert for so long that the elements have given the robot quite a beating. Some polish and WD-40, and he should be working fine, looking like new, and feeling like his old self again.

We’re 50-50 on this

You have to give it to people who are creative enough to replicate costumes without spending too much. After all, there are people who don’t have any idea what they’re doing (and it shows), even if budget is not an issue.

Image courtesy of Squiggledog/Reddit and imalittleb****gorl/tumblr

We will let you decide which group this person belongs to. Granted that he may not have all the resources required, but what’s with the water gallons tied to the legs? Are they really necessary, and aren’t they tripping hazards?

This is closer to the real Sonic the Hedgehog

Out of the two Sonic the Hedgehog costumes on this list, this is the better one. But just by a hair. It looks like this guy bit the bullet and bought a costume from the store. Though judging by his face, it’s not very comfortable.

Image courtesy of

As we said before, there’s nothing wrong with a store-bought costume. But if that’s what you choose, you gotta own it! Still, we have to give him style points for bringing his own golden ring, or, should we say, giant yellow hula hoop.

What a Bowser!

Also known as King Koopa, Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario franchise and the leader of the Koopa race. There might be a few elements missing from this Bowser, but overall, it’s not one of the worst takes on a video game character we’ve seen so far.

Image courtesy of Nintendo

However, there are two things that stand out. First off, that wig, though accurate, gives off “creepy clown” vibes more than “villainous turtle.” And he needs to work on his facial expression, too, because he looks far more creepy than menacing.

D for effort

We’d give this duo C for effort, but a D goes to the person trying to cosplay Sully. One of Sully’s distinguishing traits is his fur, and the only part of their outfit that comes close to that is their fluffy hair.

Image courtesy of AchtungMaybe/Reddit and Disney

If we had to guess, we’d say that this was a last-minute cosplay The purple circles were a nice try, but they’re placed so haphazardly, it feels like they gave up halfway through. And let’s not ignore Mike’s permanent smile as the cosplayer stretches out their shirt.

Save us from Rita Repulsa

Looking at this picture has us wishing that somebody else better save us from Rita Repulsa because this Power Ranger who’s morphin’ but not mighty might not be up to the job. That piece of cardboard right there has got us questioning everything.

Image courtesy of

This person has us so confused. We might have simply scrolled past this as a half-hearted Blue Ranger cosplay, but the cardboard made us do a double-take. That piece belongs to the Green Ranger. We have some questions for this cosplayer.

Will Ferrell IS Megamind

We’ve always known Will Ferrell to be a consummate actor, but we weren’t aware that he was also dedicated to cosplay. We’re not saying this because he is a celebrity, but this is one of the best on this list.

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore Wiki commons CC BY-SA 3.0 Megamind – diego/Pinterest

From the bulging huge head to the blue skin color, the cape, and even the logo, he copied everything. We bet fans at SDCC went nuts when the actor stepped out on stage, even if it wouldn’t come close to winning in a cosplay contest.

What’s with the plastic bags?

Here’s another cosplay attempt that could have looked better with just a few minor changes. For those not in the know, this character is Finn Mertens, or Finn the Human, one of the protagonists in the American animated TV show Adventure Time.

Image courtesy of

What’s with cosplayers using plastic bags as hairpieces? To be fair, he got the rest of the outfit right, but we can’t get over that bag. Surely there are other ways to get the headpiece. White balaclavas are a thing, right?

SpongeBob after he got stung by bees

One of the most popular residents of Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob SquarePants, has a childlike innocence and optimism that can make you think that there is goodness in the world even on the most difficult of days. As a cartoon character, he has some less-than-flattering frames, but we never envisioned this.

Image courtesy of Nickelodeon

He looks like he’s been stung by hundreds of bees, and his face is so swollen that his eyes are no longer visible. Good thing the cosplayer is witty enough to think of this spongey SpongeBob, otherwise, we’d be terrified if we saw him at a convention.

This Sub-Zero has no chill

The movie version might have bombed at the box office and might have been lambasted by critics, but you can’t deny the fact that Mortal Kombat has a huge fan base, and is well-loved all over the world. We bet there are plenty of Sub-Zero costumes available online.

Image courtesy of imtinyricketc/Reddit and

Sub-Zero is one of the most memorable characters from the video game, but the version on the left in the photo above has no chill. Granted, this recreation is creative, but we can’t help but laugh at the jeans on his chest.

When there’s not enough time to put on makeup

This is what happens when you decide to cosplay at the last minute and don’t have the time to put on makeup. Or, worse, you didn’t bring makeup and need to improvise. Without the comparison photo, it’s difficult to pin down which character the boy was trying to be.

Image courtesy of eliasrichter/Reddit and rdog24/Reddit

When you first look at him, it’d be understandable if you thought he was cosplaying a wall of children’s drawings. Good thing mom told everyone who her son was dressing up as, otherwise, we would be concerned about his makeover.

Johnny has stopped going to the gym

This is one of the more decent costumes on the list, although Johnny is looking like he hasn’t been going to the gym religiously and has been ignoring his fitness regimen. Oh, wait, that’s just the ridiculous cartoon proportions you can only get in an animated series.

Image courtesy of Prime video

Just like his freakishly large torso, Johnny’s hair is nearly impossible to get right. We have to give this cosplayer some style points, even if Johnny’s blonde mane is more boxy-looking than we’d expect. All he needs to do now is practice some of Johnny’s pickup lines.

Steve Rogers needs more of that miracle serum

Without that super soldier serum, Steve Rogers might never have become Captain America. He went from zero to hero with a little help from military scientists. Along with his physique, his wardrobe got an upgrade, too. And we’re not just talking about the vibranium shield.

Image courtesy of

It seems like the US Army cut back on its wardrobe budget if Steve had to resort to using tape and cardboard to dress up in his iconic suit. And we know Tony can’t lend a hand because his funds have also dried up. Poor Avengers.

The Bubbles nobody asked for

This Powerpuff Girls cosplayer must’ve seen the previous one on our list and taken a hint: don’t try to use cartoonish proportions in your outfit. Then again, this Bubbles mask isn’t much of an improvement. And the buff arms really don’t match Bubbles’ vibe.

Image courtesy of kingsludge/imgur and Cartoon Network

Don’t get us wrong, people should be able to cosplay whoever they want, but there should be limits. Just like we wouldn’t want a scrawny He-Man, no one wants a buff Bubbles. Buttercup would be better here; she is the toughest fighter, after all.

No budget but still want to cosplay

Having a budget shouldn’t be a qualifying factor for cosplaying. Even if you’re strapped for cash, you should be able to put something together. This fellow certainly didn’t let his tight finances stop him. Instead of spending time at the store, he scoured the house for things that he could use for his costume.

Image courtesy of

Again with the plastic bags! This could be a half-decent cosplay, with a little cleanup on the cardboard. What really gets us, though, is the apparent lack of eyeholes. This has to be the most dangerous cosplay on our list yet.

When Darth Vader shops at Ikea

Nothing says Darth Vader more than deep breathing or the phrase “I am your father.” The character from the Star Wars franchise is one of the most iconic villains in popular culture and is a timeless favorite among cosplayers and trick-or-treaters alike.

Image courtesy of

As such, it’s not that hard to find a Darth Vader costume. This cosplayer skilled Spirit Halloween and went right for Ikea for all his Darth Vader needs, primarily the helmet. Thankfully they had that black plastic garbage can still in stock.

Look away, Homer

When cosplay goes well, it goes really well and you can’t even tell the difference from the inspiration. But when it goes wrong, it tends to go horribly wrong. In other words, you might end up with something like this cosplay…

Image courtesy of KateMeon/Reddit and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The yellow sleeves and blue pants look too shiny; we wonder if they’re made of tape. And, speaking of tape, let’s not ignore the yellow elephant in the room. Homer’s head is a health hazard both for the wearer and whoever sees it. We nearly had a heart attack!