Among Us: The Game That Made 2020 Bearable

By Kanyi M

Can you spot the impostor in a squad of 4 to 10 players? The game Among Us is about finding the murderer among your friends. Everyone starts the game in a spaceship and has to do tasks while they try to find out who is the impostor. It’s a great game to play if you want to test your social skills with friends or even more fun if you know them well and want some good laughs! Throughout the game, a member will die and everyone will have to vote to kick someone out. At the end of each round, it gets easier as there are fewer players on the spaceship.

Image courtesy of AmongUsGame/Twtitter

What Makes Among Us an Amazing Game?

The game came out in 2020 when we badly needed some fun in the new year and it was fantastic! It’s full of deception and some of the best jokes you could find. Plus, the game gets harder as time progresses which means you have to stack your lies having to kill one member of a team before they tell the truth.

Image courtesy of AmongUsGame/Twtitter

Plus, it’s playable on mobile or PC, making it accessible to everyone. You can play it anywhere you go. You don’t need anything special just like in all online games. There’s even an option to host private games with your friends or join random games with strangers if you want. At the end of each round, everyone gets a chance to vote and vote the impostor off the ship.

But apart from all those facts about the game, it’s simply hilarious. If you want to play with your friends and have some fun with them, this is the best game for you! You can play as an impostor and use your lies to cheat them in any way possible, so what are you waiting for?