3 Sci-Fi Games With Advanced Tech That Take Place Before 2022

By Francis Tunwase

A genre of science fiction games that is popular with many fans are those set in the future. Early futuristic games featured a time beyond ours and technology far beyond what man has achieved. The interesting thing is some of these futuristic games were made in the early 2000s and were set in or before 2022. Now that we are in the future, let’s look at some of these iconic games. 

Half-Life 2


The Half-Life game franchise went heavy on the science fiction element from the get-go, but while Half-Life was set around its release, 1998, its sequel was set approximately 20 years into its future, falling into 2018. The game’s view of the future isn’t bright at all. 



The sci-fi action game from Remedy Entertainment is set in October 2019. It features a lot of psychological and technological differences from our world. There is the federal bureau of control building housing an interdimensional gateway that seems to be sentient.

The protagonist, Jesse Faden, is equipped with a host of advanced weaponry alongside a strange power set for the game.



The time period of Portal isn’t as fixed as its counterparts on this list, but its community places its timeline around 2010. The game features several technologies that aren’t available to us yet in 2022 and a terrifying but humorous villain who thankfully isn’t also present in our timeline. There are also theories linking Half-Life and Portal to the same universe.

Now that we are in the future, we may say that most of these games predicted a beaker time than we have now.