10 Most Potent Attacks In Dragon Ball History

By Dragana S October 17, 2023

Dragon Ball, known for its thrilling battles and powerful attacks, has featured some of the most formidable techniques in anime. Here, we explore the ten most potent attacks in Dragon Ball history, showcasing their devastating impact on the series.

Devilmite Beam

This sinister technique amplifies an opponent’s negative thoughts, causing them to explode from the inside out. While theoretically deadly, it may have limitations against opponents with significantly more ki.

Destructo Disc (Kienzan)

Krillin’s versatile attack, the Destructo Disc, is a deadly energy disk that can be controlled and shaped, making it adaptable and lethal in battles.

Special Beam Cannon

Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, a difficult-to-execute move, can burrow through defenses and inflict fatal injuries, ensuring its place among the deadliest attacks.

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Human Extinction Attack

Super Buu and Goku Black’s devastating attack extinguishes countless lives with surgical precision, making it disturbingly deadly.

Dragon Fist

Goku’s last-resort technique, the Dragon Fist, delivers a powerful punch that shatters the defenses of formidable enemies like Omega Shenron and Super 17.

Sickle of Sorrow

Goku Black’s technique opens dimensional rifts and delivers swift, devastating strikes, causing absurd damage and showcasing his god-like power.


Tien’s Tri-Beam draws upon his life force, making it exceptionally powerful but risky, capable of holding back even Semi-Perfect Cell.

Spirit Bomb

Goku’s iconic Spirit Bomb gathers energy from living beings, contending against thousands of more powerful opponents and leaving a lasting impact on fans.

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Stardust Breaker

Gogeta’s attack combines Goku’s Spirit Bomb and Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack, targeting negative energy and disintegrating foes, as seen against Janemba.


Beerus’ Hakai is the most fearsome technique, erasing individuals across timelines from existence. Its potential use by Goku and Vegeta raises questions about its role in future battles.

These ten attacks represent the pinnacle of power and devastation in the Dragon Ball series, each leaving a significant mark on the franchise’s history.